Job Market

Weaving a new career

Blanket strap

Monique Neeson has a cutting-edge company in the back blocks.

Precision optics light up the world

jin strap

Jin Zhang shines light for all to see.

A sweet-as business

Kreft strap

Grace Kreft left the law for flour power.

Farmer Doug Avery has come through all the hard times.

avery strap

Farming is never easy, but Doug Avery has picked up a few tricks along the way.

A career built on clever design

ellis strap

Adam Ellis designs with the environment in mind.

Hypnotherapy designed to help

rowney strap

Nick Rowney has been using his head in all sorts of ways from a young age.

Helping people become stars

Cara rYAN strap

Cara Ryan has been giving would-be stars a helping hand.

The 'gift of the gab' pays off

Blair hill strap

Blair Hill's personal comms skills have paid off nicely.

Student Job Search goes large

Bing strap

Jessica Bing is helping SJS get even bigger.

Creating the magic

Stables strap

Wayne Stables works with some of the biggest names in modern cinema.

Designing a teaching career

Nick Webster is helping students start off in their creative digital careers.

Big care for little babies

Neonates need a special type of care.

Party business is child's play

cat thumb

Catriona Tipene combines her love of acting and being a big kid in her children’s party business.

Healthy snacking is here

Muollo strap

It's baking, with a big helping of protein

Looking for leaders

These guys are out to find top people.

A close look at what we get rid of.

Horswell strap

Jacqui Horswell knows just what goes into waste.

From combat missions to Internet connector.

cotter landscape

The Dominion Post

STEVE Cotter is determined to help Kiwi innovators be as competitive as they can be on the global stage.

Becoming seismic-safe

Nel strap

Graham Nel's idea was sparked by Christchurch’s quakes.

Ready to energise

Quinn strap

The Dominion Post

For Jenn Quinn, it's all about trying what grabs her interest and ignites her passion. It's lead to a very varied CV.

A lifetime of making great things

Colston thumb

Fifi Colston can make cleverness out of almost anything.

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