Firearms fear and loathing unneeded

A snapshot of some of the items for sale at a Militaria Auction.

OPINION: Our laws are among the best in the world, recognising the risk is the person, not the gun.

A feminism of sorts

Activist Linda Sarsour regards head-covering as a perfectly normal and non-oppressive practice.

OPINION: Progressive voices on reform and gender equality in the Muslim world are being drowned out, says Ali Shakir.

Struggling with forensic science

Mark Lundy during his 2015 retrial. His case is before the Court of Appeal.

OPINION: The veracity of forensic science will also be under scrutiny during Mark Lundy's Court of Appeal proceedings.

Ngaruroro needs protection

Forest & Bird Freshwater Advocate Annabeth Cohen

OPINION: WCOs can go hand in hand with thriving agricultural economies, says Forest & Bird.


Govt must be decided today

The least Winston Peters can do now is stop playing the waiting game and take up his place as a junior partner in a ...

OPINION: The least Winston Peters can do now is stop playing the waiting game and take up his place as a junior partner in a ruling coalition.

The price of political promises

"Show us the money," National leader John Key demanded. We need an expert body to cost political promises.

Voters are rightly cynical about politicians' election promises. Scepticism, however, is not always a good shield against the political parties' blandishments.

No easy solution to obesity

Obesity is growing in New Zealand and elsewhere but experts and industry bodies struggle with solutions.

OPINION: New Zealand is fat and getting fatter, but what are the answers?

Getting rid of plastic bags

Expensive and eco-unfriendly food packaging ends up in landfills.

OPINION: It's excellent that both big supermarket chains will ban single-use plastic bags.


Logic out, limbo in with Winston

Will he go Right or Left? Applying logic is pointless  when it comes to working out what Winston Peters will do.

OPINION: In the midst of the absurd theatre called Waiting for Winston, it's fatal to think logically.

'King' Winston before country? video

Almost 93 per cent of New Zealand voters rejected Winston Peters, but he has all the power.

OPINION: PetersĀ faces weekend from hell, with career potentially defined by one call.

Peters suddenly goes consensus

Look, I never said Thursday and frankly you should be ashamed of yourselves.

OPINION: We are seeing Winston Peters rebranding himself as a team player. He has good reasons.

Stealing hard-won roots

Syrian refugee Khaled Al Joujam, who was a victim of vandals on his Lower Hutt nursery, with his new plants after a ...

OPINION: Gardening gives back so much - so why do some people treat it with contempt?

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