Dancing to the heat of the beat

Jane Bowron says if there is a big quake, her tank, which resembles, and is affectionately called the giant chocolate ...

OPINION: A friend phoned for what we describe as a much needed 'ketchup' (catch up) and asked: "When do you break up?"

The pesky truths of the Film Museum

Sir Peter Jackson letter to the Wellington City Council about the project was leaked.

OPINION: Peter Jackson's Film Museum was a civic love fest. It stopped us all asking the embarrassing questions.

Importing stoats and weasels popular at the time


By 1920, 18,333 ferrets, stoats and weasels had landed in New Zealand.

Peters: From lion to pussycat

Winston Peters has some new thoughts.

OPINION: What sunshine does for humans, power does for politicians. Look at Winston Peters.


Water report describes a health crisis

Havelock North residents march for clean drinking water in 2016.

EDITORIAL: The drinking water crisis is too serious for Kiwi casualness.

We need the movie museum

Film-maker Peter Jackson.

OPINION: The proposed Wellington film museum is too important to lose.

The many failures of Chai Chuah

Director-General of Health Chai Chuah jumped before he was pushed.

OPINION: Man in charge of NZ's health system jumped before he was pushed, and rightly so.

Hard politics over dole scheme video

Regional Economic Development Shane Jones

OPINION: Tensions rise in the Government as the coalition's differing values over the dole come to light.


The commuter furnace

Slowly toasting on a slow-moving bus.

OPINION: High petrol prices should drive people to public transport. But public transport can be painful.

The true, degrading and spiteful

Barry Humphries

OPINION: There are always people jealous of another's joy who claim to have special knowledge of them.

Hometruths of humble house fly

The humble house fly - "a miracle of engineering assembled by the slow blind drive of evolution".

OPINION: Humans are just as vulnerable as the house fly.

Harry, Meghan have diplomacy trumped

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce their engagement at The Sunken Gardens ...

OPINION: New royal couple may help heal strained relations between the US and UK.

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