Rejuvenation, growth and investment

Opening day of the revamped Avalon Park in Lower Hutt.

OPINION: Mayor says his council is about major issues, not petty squabbles.

Spring a welcome respite

The swallows arrived, a sure sign of spring.

OPINION: There's only the one subject. You can't fail to have noticed.

Road v rail not just Nats v Labour

Labour wants to see commuter trains running between the so-called 'golden triangle' of the upper North Island.

OPINION: The contrast is simplistic. Labour would also build more roads if elected. All governments do.

Gareth Morgan's generation wars

It's pathetic isn't it? All that matters is policy. Jacinda should be required to show she's more than lipstick on a ...

OPINION: If Morgan is serious about wanting to shake up the political landscape, he needs to start talking to young voters in their language.


This is not what leaders do

The Defence Force declined three years of interview requests for Stuff Circuit's The Valley.

OPINION: Silence from the Defence Force reeks of a lack of accountability.

Flats a blot on the Wellington landscape

The rundown Gordon Wilson flats in Wellington.

OPINION: Pull down the Gordon Wilson flats, they are truly an eyesore.

Tired boot camp plan

The Government wants to set up a 'boot camp' at Waiouru Military Camp on the Central Plateau.

OPINION: National is re-treading the tired boot camp idea - and it won't work, it's never worked.

Mental health money late on arrival

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has said there is no need for a mental health review.

OPINION: Is the new money towards mental health more than a drop in the bucket?


Council makes a meal of complaints

Last election saw popular Lower Hutt mayor Ray Wallace re-elected for a third term, but some new blood was also voted in.

OPINION: Stoushes around the Hutt council table suggest a group of people who can't hack robust debate.

Brickbat for Turei, bouquet for Ardern

Metiria Turei's implosion from a poorly judged and executed political campaign was the worst I've seen, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Winners and losers, the buffoons and the brilliant: the best and worst of the last Parliament.

Let's ignore nutjobs, numpties and Trump

If the media and Washington had treated Kim Jong Un like a naughty child while keeping a sharp eye on the knife drawer, ...

OPINION: Attention for extremists is like oxygen. Let's starve them of it, suggests Martin van Beynen.

A question of courage

What man hasn't dreamed of a Batman moment.

OPINION: What if I heard the call to heroism and didn't rise to meet it?

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