We should love rich folks

Peter Thiel is a very rich Kiwi.

OPINION: There is nothing wrong with rich folks. New Zealand actually needs more billionaires, writes Martin van Beynen.

The price of 'progress'

Parents pay attention to their cellphones, not their kids.

OPINION: Some people fret about climate change. I worry about the threat posed to humanity by technology.

Synthetic highs and lows

A police photograph of synthetic cannabis seized during a drug raid in Auckland.

OPINION: A mismanaged drugs market has led to a health crisis.

Addicts are people too

OPINION: Fiona Hutton has seen close hand the pain drug use and addiction can cause. Marginalising and criminalising users is not the answer, she says.


The British connection

Boris Johnson and Weta's Sir Richard Taylor beneath the twin trees of Britain-New Zealand.

OPINION: British foreign secretary Boris Johnson is on an international campaign to sell post-Brexit Britain to the world.

Auckland not the only game in town

Kaitangata District Promotions member Evan Dick was behind the scheme to offer affordable house packages to encourage ...

EDITORIAL: Initiatives designed to help Auckland don't do much to help businesses, growth and people in the regions.

Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

Help for the whistleblower

Former MoT manager and fraudster Joanne Harrison.

OPINION: The habit of blaming the whistleblower occurs everywhere, in government and in private organisations.


A story of two cheats

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

OPINION: Whether you want to be defined by a lie can depend on the kind of lie, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Finally, something to argue about

Prime Minister Bill English is pulling out all the stops to avoid being in thrall to Winston Peters

OPINION: The campaign has blown in like a gale thanks to Metiria Turei, writes Vernon Small.

It's good to be belittled

The lashing and the bucking, the sheer marine ferocity of a storm.

OPINION: We exist by grace of the climate and we forget it at our peril, Joe Bennett contends.

Drains: Not sexy, but needed

When the drains block, fixing them isn't pleasant.

Forget fancy council projects, most Kiwis just want the country to not turn into Atlantis every time it lightly drizzles.

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