Change is coming

Jacinda Ardern  continues to challenge history with her performance,

OPINION: The election campaign has forcibly revealed that generational renewal is happening across society.

On the waterfront

Construction workers at Site 9 on Wellington waterfront.

OPINION: As the inner-city population grows, the waterfront more than ever requires open spaces to be retained.

Kissing social justice goodbye

Bill English, right, campaigning in Lower Hutt with Simon Bridges, left, and local candidate Chris Bishop. No animals ...

OPINION: What is that grotesque practice of politicians kissing kids about, who started it, and why isn't there a law against it?

Rip 'em up

The Island Bay cycleway is a dangerous mess, says daily bike rider Graeme Tuckett.

OPINION: Don't rely on 'international best practice' for cycleway designs, just ask daily bike commuters.


Collins comes off second-best

The look that sank 1000 ships - and the odd career. Energy Minister Judith Collins now has the petrol companies in her ...

OPINION: Judith Collins is not known to be a shrinking violet. Even when she's off the mark.

Fuel crisis an embarrassment

The pipeline that supplies the nations oil and fuel supplies from the Marsden Point refinery was breached on a farm near ...

OPINION: The rupture of the pipeline carrying Auckland Airport's fuel is not our first infrastructure fail.

Synthetic drugs an epidemic

A confidential report found most of the synthetic cannabinoids used to make synthetic cannabis ends up at addresses in ...

OPINION: The increased use of dangerous synthetic drugs has become a public health crisis.

Colourful Cup goes monochrome

Audiences were drawn to the excitement and jaw-dropping speeds of the foiling multihulls at the America's Cup in ...

OPINION: The next America's Cup in 2021 will feature foiling monohulls. The explosive cats have been neutered. Is the competition sunk?


Twitter storm in a chamber pot

A malicious tweet was sent out from an account labelled as the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.

OPINION: This fascinating fable of online panic has a message for all organisations – be vigilant and take all social media very seriously.

Blue Dragon down in flames

Two-term National list MP Jian Yang, right, gives his maiden speech in Parliament. He has been caught up in awkward ...

OPINION: We spy a problem for Jian Yang's aspirations in the National Party, and the party's hopes of re-election.

Ardern's tax radar AWOL in stardust

Jacinda Ardern's just learned a harsh lesson, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Let's not do this: Ardern singed by tax captain's call, but escapes being badly burned.

A cuddle-free election campaign

It's all smiles in this picture, but out there on the campaign trial things aren't so cuddly.

OPINION: Bill English and Jacinda Ardern are two of the nicest people you will meet in politics. So how did this campaign get so nasty?

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