The accidental prime minister video

Jacinda Ardern's government is promising big.

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern has 100 days to show her Government is no accident, or accident waiting to happen.

South Island voice weakened

Capitalism? Well I certainly know how to capitalise on a situation.

OPINION: The South Island's leverage has been weakened by having NZ First in Government, writes Martin van Beynen.

Democracy Peters out

NZ First leader Winston Peters has been a egotistical ringmaster making a circus of the media and democracy.

OPINION: The kowtowing to Winston Peters by the major parties is an affront to democracy.

Democracy at risk over housing

Hutt City councillor Chris Milne lives in a large property in Normandale. He favours changing the rules around housing ...

OPINION: A Hutt City councillor offers support for generation rent in the housing debate.


Peters plumps for change

Winston Peters chooses Labour.

OPINION: Winston Peters brings a welcome change.

Meth industry's smoke and mirrors

The industry testing for meth and cleaning up any contamination has surged in the last few years.

OPINION: Here's a wee task for you. While you're sipping that first morning coffee or flicking through the news, google 'meth testing in New Zealand'.

Lowering the barrier

NZ First leader Winston Peters arrives at Wellington airport on Monday morning to meet with his board as coalition talks ...

OPINION:The five per cent barrier is too high.

Struggling with forensic science

Mark Lundy during his 2015 retrial. His case is before the Court of Appeal.

OPINION: The veracity of forensic science will also be under scrutiny during Mark Lundy's Court of Appeal proceedings.


Sleaze and shame

Amazon's Roy Price has taken indefinite leave of absence over sex allegations against him

OPINION: If your body is treated as a mere, grabbable thing, what are you?

Self and singularity

Will humans be the ones being patted in the zoo by 2045?

OPINION: Once we've created a self-conscious machine with the power to reproduce, will it want us around anymore?

Peters and The Twelfth of Never

Winston Peters missing his October 12 deadline reminds Jane Bowron of a song.

OPINION: Winston Peters missing his October 12 deadline reminds Jane Bowron of a song.

Logic out, limbo in with Winston

Will he go Right or Left? Applying logic is pointless  when it comes to working out what Winston Peters will do.

OPINION: In the midst of the absurd theatre called Waiting for Winston, it's fatal to think logically.

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