Read all about it

Ian Grant, a former newspaper editor and National Business Review founder, has published Lasting Impressions, a history ...

OPINION: Once, people couldn't get enough of newspapers.

Say no to Big Marijuana

While dope shops in Colorado have forms of marijuana buds to smoke, almost half of the business is now in highly potent ...

OPINION: Legalised dope is not working in Colorado, and it won't work in NZ.

'Dirty politics' hair-trigger

OPINION: Causing embarrassment to politicians by holding them to election promises isn't dirty politics. It's our civic duty.

The apprentice comes up trumps

210418. News. Photo: DOUG FIELD/STUFF
Nathan Rathgen from Timaru competing in the apprentice challenge to build a castle ...

OPINION: Work-based training provides skills, but also more money than a university degree.


Teachers test the Government

Striking teachers march through suburban Auckland on Monday.

OPINION: The offer is generous but the teachers are still on strike.

Charity and boxing do not mix

Kain Parsons died after he was knocked out at a charity boxing event. It's time such events were consigned to history.

OPINION: The acceptability of charity boxing matches is a collective failure in judgement.

Jackson brings the war to life

Sir Peter Jackson's innovations have made World War I more immediate and even more devastating.

OPINION: This will be an Armistice Day with a difference.

Dollars and sense of drug law reform

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub found that 'wishing drug use away' does not work.

OPINION: Drug law reform would pay for itself, economists find.


An infinity of dropped peas

There are infinite peas in a packet. When dropped they go to every place there is.

In the supermarket. I was not guilty but I looked guilty. I was standing alone amid a sea of peas.

Fonterra's empty chair

Fonterra chairman John Monaghan quickly opted to settle the case against Guiney.

OPINION: A protest and a voting quirk means shareholders backed an empty chair as a director.

Lest we not learn

OPINION: There are parallels between Gallipoli and our recent efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Any hero will do

Jeff Sessions: "Never underestimate the US heroism industry – any excuse of a man will do," writes Jane Bowron.

OPINION: Times are so desperate in the US that Jeff Sessions can pass for a hero.

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