Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

Drains: Not sexy, but needed

When the drains block, fixing them isn't pleasant.

Forget fancy council projects, most Kiwis just want the country to not turn into Atlantis every time it lightly drizzles.

Offer tax cuts for the childless

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has opened a can of worms.

OPINION: It's not just cows who are gross producers of waste. The Greens should realise this, writes Jane Bowron.

Momentum with Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters is pulling out all his old trusty policies and tricks in his bid to secure the leverage ...

OPINION: In the dance of the desperates, Winston Peters is whirling the fastest.


Clear choices are on offer

Labour leader Andrew Little, left, and finance spokesman Grant Robertson unveil the party's fiscal plan in Wellington on ...

OPINION: This election will offer clear choices in economic approach.

Politics and the police

Todd Barclay in happier times. The new Clutha-Southland National candidate with with Caroline Trewhitt, Mary English and ...

OPINION: There is a disturbing contrast between the police investigation into Todd Barclay's secret taping of a staff member and a similar police investigation into the secret taping of John Key's tea-party meeting during the 2011 election.

The downside of referendums

Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians like Winston Peters.

OPINION: Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians.

Greens help Peters go blue

Kingmaker Winston Peters.

OPINION: The Greens' attack on Winston Peters' "racism" has an air of desperation about it. The Green Party is haunted by the possibility that once again Peters will shut it out of a left-of-centre coalition, just as he did in 2005.  


Turei's middle-class hand wringing

Hands up if you are a welfare fraudster.

OPINION: Metiria Turei's benefit fraud disclosure shows lot of middle-class hand-wringing about a social group from which she is completely divorced.

Crimes of fashion

Fashion contrasts: The presidents' wives -  Brigitte Macron, left, and   Melania Trump.

The good and the bad of celebrity fashion.

Light returns, six years after quake

The miracle of electric light.

OPINION: Joe Bennett gets down to the wire when fixing a lamp.

Dirty truth about Welly buses

The new Wrightspeed electric hybrid prototype for Wellington - but how green are they really?

OPINION: Choking and spluttering in the wake of a sooty bus exhaust is something Wellington cyclist or pedestrian knows well.

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