A question of courage

What man hasn't dreamed of a Batman moment.

OPINION: What if I heard the call to heroism and didn't rise to meet it?

111 for ambulance funding

Fifty minutes to get an injured footballer to hospital less than a kilometre away. What funding situation has led to this?

OPINION: This was no time for semantics. "Just get an ambulance here asap."

Ardern lining up poll position

Principal John Inger greets Jacinda Ardern at Morrinsville College, her former school.

OPINION: Labour is surging, but they will still need to rely on Winston if they are to govern, says Duncan Garner.

Pretty, but where's the passion?

MasterChef Australia's judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris.

OPINION: There's always the chance you'll stick your head out the door and find the world has gone weird on you.

Electrifying our future

Very suddenly, the electric motor is in vogue.

OPINION: There's no need to dread the future - the electric engine's come to save us.

Ardern's sunny ways not enough

Jacinda Ardern was elected unopposed as new Labour leader on August 1.

OPINION: Jacinda Adern's "sunny ways" are persuading young NZers to cast a vote, but will they be enough?

Garner: Ardern resuscitates Labour

Jacinda Ardern has put Labour back in the game, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: The terminally ill Labour Party has come off life support and is in remission.

Education policy set to be Arderned up video

Jacinda Ardern has given herself till Friday to mull over how to put her stamp on the campaign.

OPINION: 'Jacinda' is as much a new brand for Labour as it is a new leader.

Thrills amid the chills

Italian ragu make life good during winter, Joe Bennett writes.

OPINION: A little bit of pleasure goes a long way in the depths of winter.

Bumper immigration's not the answer

Some immigration is good, but we are a tiny country of not even 5 million, which is being swamped by the highest numbers ...

OPINION: How many more migrants can Auckland take?

How dare a beneficiary buy Toffee Pops?

Toffee Pops should be nowhere near a beneficiary's grocery bag.

SATIRE: Beneficiaries just shouldn't be allowed any pleasures.

Harden up - it's an election

Winston Peters thrives on being polarising.

OPINION: Expecting the tweedledum-tweedledee election? Think again.

Driver testing system a ripoff

The odds are stacked against young Kiwis when sitting their driving licence.

OPINION: Nervous teenagers are pawns in a farcical driving test game.

We should love rich folks

Peter Thiel is a very rich Kiwi.

OPINION: There is nothing wrong with rich folks. New Zealand actually needs more billionaires, writes Martin van Beynen.

The price of 'progress'

Parents pay attention to their cellphones, not their kids.

OPINION: Some people fret about climate change. I worry about the threat posed to humanity by technology.

A story of two cheats

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

OPINION: Whether you want to be defined by a lie can depend on the kind of lie, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Finally, something to argue about

Prime Minister Bill English is pulling out all the stops to avoid being in thrall to Winston Peters

OPINION: The campaign has blown in like a gale thanks to Metiria Turei, writes Vernon Small.

It's good to be belittled

The lashing and the bucking, the sheer marine ferocity of a storm.

OPINION: We exist by grace of the climate and we forget it at our peril, Joe Bennett contends.

Drains: Not sexy, but needed

When the drains block, fixing them isn't pleasant.

Forget fancy council projects, most Kiwis just want the country to not turn into Atlantis every time it lightly drizzles.

Offer tax cuts for the childless

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has opened a can of worms.

OPINION: It's not just cows who are gross producers of waste. The Greens should realise this, writes Jane Bowron.

Momentum with Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters is pulling out all his old trusty policies and tricks in his bid to secure the leverage ...

OPINION: In the dance of the desperates, Winston Peters is whirling the fastest.

Turei: Mad, bad or bold?

Metiria Turei said she had to cheat on the DPB to feed her child.

OPINION: Greens co-leader gets praise for coming out as a DPB cheat - but what about all the women who fed their children on less?

Turei's middle-class hand wringing

Hands up if you are a welfare fraudster.

OPINION: Metiria Turei's benefit fraud disclosure shows lot of middle-class hand-wringing about a social group from which she is completely divorced.

Crimes of fashion

Fashion contrasts: The presidents' wives -  Brigitte Macron, left, and   Melania Trump.

The good and the bad of celebrity fashion.

Light returns, six years after quake

The miracle of electric light.

OPINION: Joe Bennett gets down to the wire when fixing a lamp.

Dirty truth about Welly buses

The new Wrightspeed electric hybrid prototype for Wellington - but how green are they really?

OPINION: Choking and spluttering in the wake of a sooty bus exhaust is something Wellington cyclist or pedestrian knows well.

Greens go nuclear over Winston

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

OPINION: Just when you thought it was all quiet on the western front, or rather the Left front, the Greens broke ranks.

Well aisle be damned

Kiwi consumers are getting creamed in the supermarket aisles.

OPINION: Duncan Garner is astonished at how much cheaper basic food items are in Australia.

Western values under attack

US President Donald Trump gives a public speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument at Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, ...

OPINION: Do we have the courage to defend our Western values? Maybe, but from what?

Angry Left add fuel to the fire

An anti-G20 protester waves a flag in front of burning garbage in Hamburg.

OPINION: Political violence used to be associated with the far Right; today it's a problem of the Left, writes Karl du Fresne.

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