Craig Cliff

Ruins and remembering

Christ Church Cathedral

OPINION: Our notion of what came before us is not set in concrete.

All hail urban invaders


Some may just see weeds, but Craig Cliff sees another example of nature's wonder.

Nowhere to hide

Southland Times photo

OPINION: Everything he said circled back to the point that his time in the Beehive was ending. It was like he was dying.

Better luck next time

Back to the future

OPINION: Craig Cliff indulges in a brief history of time travel.

The daycare blues

child sleeping

OPINION: Having a kid makes you long for the strangest things. 

Things I've learnt in my 30s

birthday cake

OPINION: Craig Cliff has only been in his 30s for 17 months, but his fount of wisdom is filling fast.

Wrest in peace


OPINION: Craig Cliff finds a sense of community in a hall filled with brute force and painted faces.

The adjustment bureau

Open plan office

OPINION: A work move has Craig Cliff fondly revisiting ghosts of offices past.

No place like home


OPINION: A wedding puts the fate of the nation in Craig Cliff's hands.

Keep calm and worry on

St John's Ambulance

OPINION: We were just about to break for lunch when I got the text. "At hospital with Lia. She had a seizure. Came in ambulance so it would be cool if you could get the car and meet me here."

The voice in my head


OPINION: Craig Cliff listens to the voice in his head and finds out what it's like to be Liam.

Hunger games a fat buster

baby food

OPINION: Craig Cliff unveils an ingenious new diet inspired by his toddler. Eat as if you only have six teeth.

Dealing to the man card

alcohol generic

Male or female, it's tough being young - and it seems manliness is under attack from tired old myths, again.

Age by association

birthday cake

OPINION: If you are feeling your age, Craig Cliff's advice is to look for distractions.

Not-so-grand designs


OPINION: In the post-Christmas haze, Craig Cliff dreams small.

Collector's edition childhood

wwf wrestlers

OPINION: Accumulating desirable items staved off the boredom of pre-internet childhood, writes Craig Cliff.

Monumental fun in Washington

washington monument

OPINION: We're on a bus tour of Washington DC when someone asks, 'So, the government shutdown ended, right?'

A Wellingtonian in Iowa

hawkeyes tshirt

OPINION: The people of Iowa City are a welcoming bunch. People of all ages wear T-shirts with "IOWA" printed in the front to help weary travellers who might become confused about where they are.

Escape that Winter feeling


OPINION: I don't believe anyone who says winter is their favourite season. Not in New Zealand.

A clip around the ears


Male grooming has come a long way in the past 20 years - but not for everyone.

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