Dave Armstrong

Let troops out for takeaways

Willie Apiata

NZ is sending military advisers, who won't see combat, to combat the threat of Islamic State.

Service lets good coffee down


Wellington has many great eating places - those I frequent do great coffee, but are let down on service.

Public need the truth


OPINION: How do you eat without coming down with some ghastly food-poisoning bug?

Sad state of state housing

Generic housing

OPINION: Once upon a time in New Zealand, state houses really were joyous places.

Longer runway: who will pay?

wellington airport runway

OPINION: A million-dollar-per-metre airport runway extension would allow flights from Dubai and Dallas and open up our economy.

Strange bedfellows

David Cunliffe and John Key at leaders' debate

OPINION: One of the first things a victorious PM John Key promised in 2008 was to reform MMP.

Is this a taxing time to be rich?

house for sale

OPINION: Labour's tax policy will lead to higher taxes for the wealthy, though not nearly as high as when those famous Marxists Keith Holyoake and Jack Marshall ruled.

Cycleway could start network

bike mayor

OPINION: The first stage of the Island Bay cycle way will proceed, but can it lead to a more cycle-friendly city?

Fear of lost votes hurts reo

Dave Armstrong

OPINION: My employer doesn't reprimand me for Maori greetings, unlike the boss of a woman in Whangarei.

How easy it is to subvert democracy

Hager strap 2

OPINION: The reaction to Nicky Hager's latest book, Dirty Politics, reads like something out of a Nicky Hager book.

Right to call out claims of Maori privilege

tdn sue strap

OPINION: Susan Devoy kept rather quiet during the first months of her job and, by her own admission, underwent a 'learning curve'.

Sky to fall in over flyover

Basin Reserve flyover

OPINION: Howzat! The umpires have rejected the dodgy pitch of the NZ Transport Agency for a Basin Reserve flyover.

NZ First an MMP survivor

winston peters

OPINION: You could be forgiven for not noticing that NZ First had turned 21.

Whangarei kills reason to visit


OPINION: In declining to fund the planned Hundertwasser Arts Centre, council has delivered a major blow to Whangarei.

Shifting of allegiances over UN

John Key and Helen Clark

With his clear resolve to stay out of Iraq, John Key is sounding like Helen Clark - has the Government had a philosophical change of heart?

Game offers a wave of hope

Football World Cup

GOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!! screamed the television commentators as Brazilian defender Marcelo scored the first goal of the 2014 World Cup. Admittedly his goal was for Croatia, but it was good to see the game get off to a dramatic start.

Verdict on Banks raises many questions

John Banks guilty

OPINION: Some may argue that John Banks mellowed in later years. I'm not sure.

Bucks trump talent for immigrants

coins money new zealand kiwi

OPINION: Immigration criteria have changed: how good a citizen you will make doesn't matter as much as your bank account.

Te Papa should look locally

LTOR exhibition

OPINION: Te Papa has been incredibly popular with many overseas visitors and critics, as well as ordinary Kiwis.

Departure a painful blow for Labour

Shane Jones

OPINION: Yet again, Labour last week found itself making the news for all the wrong reasons.