John Hartevelt

Pitfalls in government openness

Paula Bennett

OPINION: An instinct for transparency is making things a little more difficult for Government.

National in need of some big hits

John Key and Paula Bennett

OPINION: The Key-led Government finds itself in a rut, with polls indicating a drop in support.

Key must press on to fix spy agency

John Key

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key deserves some credit for his handling of the GCSB's illegal spying, but work still must be done.

National's asset drive accelerates

John Key

OPINION: The John Key Government turned a corner this week - its mild murmuring in favour of foreign investment became an out-and-out cry for more.

The chaos of the conscience vote

David Shearer

OPINION: There's a wonderful chaos about a parliamentary conscience vote. Backbenchers hitherto unworthy of much interest are suddenly the equal of their leaders.

Aussie spectre for Key despite growth

John Key

OPINION: Some ministers just couldn't contain a spot of gloating when almost unbelievable quarterly growth figures emerged this week, writes John Hartevelt.

Little to stop kingmaker Winston

Winston Peters

OPINION: What's Winston up to?

Path to power far from clear

Russel Norman

OPINION: After success at last year's general election, the Green Party's next big thing must be the local body polls next year.

Class-size not to be sniffed at

Education Minister Hekia Parata.

JOHN HARTEVELT - The Dominion Post

OPINION: Yet another education minister's political aspirations now lie shredded on the floor of Parliament's debating chamber.

'Zero' Budget accounts for nought

tdn bill

OPINION: An austerity Budget? Don't be silly, Finance Minister Bill English says.

Greens thriving despite lack of influence

Green party

OPINION: The apparent proximity to National that won the Greens some popularity last year has virtually evaporated, and yet their support is stronger.

Targets worthy but both leaders vague

John Key David Shearer

OPINION: We've seen the what. Now voters are entitled to ask, what about the how?

Govt swagger meets opposition


OPINION: It's going to take more than angry diplomats and the threat of a citizen's initiated referendum to knock this Government from its course, writes John Hartevelt.

NZ struggling to scratch up capital market

Bill English

OPINION: As we know, since it's still being so thoroughly picked over, the country had a rough year in 2011.

Clear-cut case of the pot and the kettle


JOHN HARTEVELT - Sunday Star Times

It's a bitter charge. Being labelled a liar must be the most sinister tag a politician can carry.

PM's rare error of judgement

OPINION: John Key is over-exposed on a number of fronts, but nowhere more so than at Pike River.

On-field loss not the worst risk


OPINION: Forget about the impact of an All Blacks loss on polling day. There's a lot more risk in fiscal failure.

No rankling expected over new list


OPINION: Is there a secret National Party plan to bore the electorate into handing it a second term?

Key misses mark on alcohol reform


OPINION: If ever there was a time that voters could accept increasing the tax on something "bad", it's now.

Nats need more than rhetoric


OPINION: National's rhetoric has been effective, but rhetoric won't placate voters forever.