Richard Long

Richard Long's parting shots

Richard Long

OPINION: In his final column for The Dominion Post, Richard Long gets a few things off his chest.

Homer Simpson may doom Obama

Homer Simpson

OPINION: Forget about Superstorm Sandy. President Barack Obama should be more concerned about Homer Simpson.

So much for our quarter-acre paradise

house sale

OPINION: The Kiwi dream of owning a house is now out of the question for lower-wage earners.

Someone needs to be sacked over Winz bungle

OPINION: The mess over the security flaw at Winz demands sackings of those who bungled, rather than a ceremonial hara-kiri by the chief executive.

Dotcom saga lacks sex and romance

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: The trouble with the Dotcom security saga is that there is no clearly defined good guy, fighting for liberty, freedom and the Western way of life.

Skip the reshuffle, Mr Shearer

david shearer

OPINION: Why on earth would Labour choose this time to start a civil war in its own ranks with a reshuffle, which is bound to aggravate the factions.

Banks survives donation drama

John Banks

RICHARD LONG - The Dominion Post

OPINION: Rarely have so many politicians and commentators fulminated at such great length to so little avail.

There's no going back to the 70s

John Clarke

RICHARD LONG - Wellington

OPINION: Hands up all those who remember the sheep retention scheme? Or maybe the John Clarke parody, the black singlet retention scheme?

We need balanced books, not boat people

A boat carrying 160 people has been intercepted by Australian authorities north of Christmas Island today.

OPINION: I am getting increasingly grumpy about how the Greens and Lefties insist that we should be nice to people smugglers.

Peters wins via key dog whistles

Solid Energy HQ

OPINION: Let's blame the Greeks. Ultimately, we can hold them responsible for the sudden, unforeseeable collapse in value of the gilt-edged state enterprise Solid Energy.

It's time to bury ACT

John Banks

OPINION: Most would acknowledge that ACT, as a political force, is destined for the knacker's yard.

Is this country losing its marbles?


RICHARD LONG - Wellington

OPINION: Our economy is going to hell in a handcart, with Government policies not nearly strong enough to halt the precipitous decline.

Why the Nats are smiling

John Key

OPINION: The continued popularity of Mr Key and his Government must be a frustrating mystery to the Opposition.

Moral panic hits the mainstream

Branch River

RICHARD LONG - Wellington

OPINION: It would have to rank as the best political dog whistle since Don Brash's "one law for all" Orewa speech.

'Not proven' needs consideration


OPINION: It was inevitable, after the verdict in the Scott Guy murder trial, that there would be calls for the "not proven" option.

The things that worry voters

ballot box

OPINION: Forget the sell-down of state assets. Voters are more likely concerned about hip-pocket issues: rising prices and, most of all in Wellington, huge increases in insurance and rates.

Gully no 'unproductive motorway'

transmission gully

OPINION: It does not seem to occur to Transmission Gully critics that inefficient roads clogged with goods and commuters would be the real loss of production.

NZ courts own Greek crisis


OPINION: As Mr Key pointed out after his European trip, his Government and the Germans are the only ones likely to survive an election in the continuing world economic crisis.

Kick the tyres before driving policy


OPINION: Some of Parata's party colleagues are probably secretly delighted to see the rapidly promoted high-flier get her comeuppance.

Craig last thing Key needs

john key and colin craig

OPINION: It was Prime Minister John Key's response to the claim that we lead the stakes for the world's most promiscuous young women that gets my political award for the week.