Rosemary McLeod

The new Dowse dips out


I'm glad I didn't buy one of the fundraising bricks offered by the new Dowse gallery.

Evil capitalist baby-boomer

house for sale

OPINION: It's a stain on my character that I don't totally sympathise with people who moan that they can't buy a house.

Nothing new in children having multiple parents

Baby on board pregnant generic parent

OPINION: Senior international scientists are warning of the dangers of creating "three-parent embryos".

Why the fuss? Chelsea's body just did its bit

	 Chelsea Clinton

OPINION: In America they rejoice this week because Chelsea Clinton has had a baby, which makes Hillary Clinton - amazingly - a grandmother. You'll understand my confusion.

Lots left to be desired


OPINION: It's not the Labour Party it used to be, but, like a stray kitten on a cold day, I felt sorry for it.

Making out the Dotcom circus


OPINION: Are they bad guys masquerading as good guys, or the other way round?

New etiquette for the elite

Miley Cyrus

OPINION: They used to have debutante balls, and now they have strip-a-thons.

Hacking awful, plastic bananas worse

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: So they opened Pandora's box, and creepy-crawly things gushed out.

Why spin when a wobbly works

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery managed to turn the tide on to herself last weekend and make Crusher Collins look dainty.

Politics' sick soap opera


OPINION: And so the sky fell in. Whatever you think of Nicky Hager, you've got to admit he's slick.

Sutch paranoia way back then

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: Some of us remember the paranoia about the government security service, the SIS, in the 60s and 70s.

Fighting the combat zones at home

domestic abuse

OPINION: A skein of violence runs through this country like a madwoman's ball of wool. Well, what else would you do with your time?

Gaza craziness

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: I had a kosher breakfast after the Berlin Wall came down, in a former synagogue that was now a bistro.

Patting himself on the back

David Cunliffe

OPINION: I doubt very much that rapists and violent offenders will respond to Cunliffe's battle cry of "stop this bullshit!"

Wallowing in war memories

Dominion Museum

OPINION: A war museum sounds great - but do we really want to wallow in the memories of our military embarrassments and stuff-ups?

Really so heinous?

John Banks guilty

OPINION: Many people like John Banks don't buy the view that welfare would have been good for them.

Leave my tea alone

cup of tea

OPINION: Of all the nasty ways we've invented to avoid life's simple pleasures, the subverting of real tea, in trembling dread of caffeine, is among the least forgivable.

The worst of womankind

Kerry Buddle

OPINION: I reluctantly use the B word – it's unkind to female dogs – but at times I mutter it. Some women, defying all soppy stereotypes for our gender, can be shockers.

Bane of the ageing woman


OPINION: Beards. They tell you soothing lies about being an ageing woman, but they give that one a swerve.

A turning of the tables

Silvio Berlusconi

OPINION: The dirty old man chasing a pretty young girl is a figure as old as men, but there's an update happening.