Sean Plunket

Let kids make their way

Lake Hawea playground

OPINION: The Green Party came up with a really interesting policy this week. One that is plain, old-fashioned sense.

Royal roadshow back in town

Prince william Kate Middleton royals

OPINION: Break out the Buzzy Bees – Kate, George and William are on their way.

A transgender 8-year-old

Sean Plunket

OPINION: I met an interesting family in Glen Eden on Thursday night.

The supermarket scuffle

Do you care about where you shop?

Supermarket in NZ

OPINION: OPINION: Until this week, this was pretty much all I thought about supermarkets: big garish places with parking spaces and lots of stuff I need all in one place.

Shifting house a relocation of clutter

moving house

OPINION: Moving house is commonly believed to be one of the most stressful life experiences one can have.

Keep up the good work, minister

Chris Finlayson

OPINION: To Culture Minister Chris Finlayson, writer of a memo on clear communication, I say "chur".

Internet party amateur and vain

KIM DOTCOM: Internet entrepreneur plans mega bash to announce details of his new political party, and drop a new album just in time for his 40th birthday.

OPINION: The imminent but aborted birth of the country's newest political party this week has been one of the most bizarre non-events in recent political history.

Grateful for no smart phones in days of youth

smart phone mobile

OPINION: I am not sure whether to laud or loathe Bradley Goudie, who videoed a drunken 9-year-old boy.

Sticky subjects at the table

Fancy, elegant dinner, table setting

OPINION: There is supposed to be a rule about never discussing sex, religion or politics at the dinner table.

Avatar deal first step to prosperity

Avatar Strap

OPINION: Christmas came early for Wellington this past week with the announcement that the next three Avatar movies will be made here.

Pike River tragedy will never rest in peace

Pike River

The Dominion Post

OPINION: It will be another tough Christmas for the families of the 29 men who died in the Pike River mining disaster.

A lightning rod for racists

Fabian Jessie Mika

Tattoo removal would be a better use of money than a court case to reduce a man's sentence due to his ethnicity.

Rapists are the problem


OPINION: I hope this is the best and most influential column I ever write.

No room for Halloween

Halloween pumpkin

It seems fashionable these days to be anti-American and given world events one can understand why.

How to put capital on map

Celia Wade-Brown

Sean Plunket writes an open letter to Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

Arctic activists knew the risks

Greenpeace Arctic arrest

OPINION: I've never been held in a jail cell but it is, I imagine, not a very pleasant experience. I also imagine Russia would be one of the worst places to find yourself incarcerated, along with North Korea, Myanmar, El Salvador and China.

NZ squeamish over breasts?


OPINION: After the America's Cup, the contents of entirely different kinds of cups caused some controversy in our media.

Raft of ideas for Cup

America's Cup fans

OPINION: I don't know how many Kiwis actually sail but I'm picking there are fewer than the America's Cup watchers.

Party primary vs Fashion Week

Labour leadership

OPINION: I have never been a fashionista so I was well outside my comfort zone when I accepted a generous invitation from a good friend to attend the Trelise Cooper show at Fashion Week in Auckland on Wednesday night.

West must act on Syria


OPINION: I, like most of you, have never been to Syria, and if I'm honest would be hard pressed to locate it precisely on a map if asked to do so at short notice.