Tracy Watkins

Nats try to keep things normal

National party

OPINION: National's campaign launch this weekend might be the time to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Dirty tactics, or just politics?

Nicky Hager

OPINION: For press gallery journalists frantically skimming through Hager's book, its revelations seemed less surprising than they may to the rest of the public.

Bulletproof Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee

OPINION: Is PM's refusal to accept Gerry Brownlee's resignation a sign National thinks it's bulletproof? | In through out door

Internet-Mana creates a crowded Left

Internet Mana Party

OPINION: What's next on the comeback trail? Los Del Rio and the Macarena?

Internet leans to Left with Laila

Laila Harre

OPINION: To say that Harre's appointment came as a surprise to some of her former allies is an understatement.

Pragmatic English eases Budget belt

Budget 2014 Bill English

OPINION: . Over the last six years, National has managed to implement surprisingly sweeping reforms in most of those areas, and - with the exception of asset sales - with surprisingly little fuss.

The ground has moved now surplus sussed

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: After preaching belt-tightening for six years, Finance Minister Bill English opened his wallet yesterday for an election-year Budget pitched squarely at middle New Zealand.

Tracy Watkins: Kudos for English

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: New haircut, smart blue tie - Bill English was even cracking a big smile ahead of today's Budget.

Does money talk in politics?

maurice williamson

OPINION: Money may not buy you love or happiness, but there's not much dispute that it buys you friends in high places.

Labour needs sense of urgency

David Cunliffe

OPINION: It speaks volumes about David Cunliffe's bad week that on the day John Key delivered his pre-Budget speech, it was the Labour leader who copped it on the street over the Government's failure to make a big dent in unemployment.

Labour needs sense of urgency

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Labour's economic counter so far under Cunliffe has been low-key and delivered largely from the regions.

The Dotcom factor's heavy toll

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Social media, smear campaigns and now Kim Dotcom ... our election will be frantic and chaotic, says Tracy Watkins.

Will Key forgive this breathtaking disaster?

Hekia Parata

How long before Prime Minister John Key decides Hekia Parata is a liability in Cabinet?

Sorry is the hardest word

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Sorry is the hardest word when your name is Judith Collins.

Debating flag change is bold move

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Whether it's a silver fern or a koru, a debate over the design of the flag always had potential to be divisive.

Campaigns that border on kamikaze

Jamie Whyte

TRACY WATKINS - The Dominion Post

OPINION: There are some things you shouldn't have to state on the campaign trail.

Greens faith is dangerous

Russel Norman

OPINION: It doesn't get much bluer than the blood that runs through the veins of former National Cabinet minister Philip Burdon.

Once were worriers

Shane Jones

OPINION: Labour MP Shane Jones wielded the barbecue tongs at Waitangi Day this year.

Once were worriers, now warriors

Shane Jones

OPINION: Since his reinvention during the Labour leadership race, Shane Jones has had a new lease of life.

Key tiptoes around Aussie rules

Tony Abbott, John Key

OPINION: Given our relative sizes, a game of one-upmanship with Australia would be difficult to win.

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