Vernon Small

Key must walk the talk on child poverty

Child poverty

OPINION: So far Key has given only general hints about the direction he might take in tackling child poverty.

Opening is about symbolism


OPINION: Credit where it's due, our politicians certainly got into the spirit of pomp and pageantry that marks the opening of Parliament.

Slim pickings for Labour leader

Vernon Small

OPINION: Labour desperately needs something - make that someone - to spark public interest in its leadership stoush, writes Vernon Small.

Eye on the prize

winston peters

OPINION: There has been a sea-change in New Zealand politics during the past week.

Campaign capers with Cunliffe

Vernon Small

OPINION: As quick as you can say "photo opportunity" something unexpected can turn vote-winning gold into crimson embarrassment.

Needs must when deals wrought

Vernon Small

OPINION: Memo to voters: look less at what they say they will do and more at what they may need to do to win power.

Liu saga hits hard

Donghua Liu

OPINION: Not all scandals are created equal. But sometimes in politics a sort of wisdom of the crowds meets a schoolyard bully effect.

Mana and Internet Party. Why?

Vernon Small

OPINION: Struggling to make sense of this baffling political mash-up? We're here to help.

Migration one-election wonder?

Vernon Small

OPINION: While the issue of housing supply will endure, migration issue may be a one-election wonder.

Bill's cash stash handy on the hustings

OPINION: It's restraint, Bill, but not as we knew it. The Budget is back in the black, but behind his shopfront $372 million surplus Bill English is loosening the purse strings in preparation for the election.

Blue sky Budget or hard calls?

Vernon Small

OPINION: Most years, and notably in election years, a budget is a cash-based manifesto for re-election.

A crushing time for Collins

Vernon Small

OPINION: It would be extraordinary, in the absence of a seriously smoking gun, for Key to sack Collins now.

Labour launch sails with fair winds

Vernon Small

OPINION: After weeks with faces as long as a wet weekend, there were finally some watery smiles around the Labour camp on Tuesday.

He was not Labour's messiah

Shane Jones

OPINION: Shane Jone's departure was perhaps the killer punch to Labour's chances of an unlikely election win.

Dotcom party lacks vital guest

Vernon Small

OPINION: D is for desperate and dateless and Dotcom.

Labour tweaks its relationships

Vernon Small

OPINION: Labour has shown a nuanced approach to the Greens and NZ First, but what will it mean after an election?

Minister caught with milk on her face

Judith Collins

OPINION: Justice Minister Judith Collins is one strike short of being out.

One more strike for Collins

Vernon Small

OPINION: Justice Minister Judith Collins is one strike short of being out.

Rejuvenation tough for Labour

Vernon Small

OPINION: In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as "a good thing".

Minister of loud ties and safe hands

English, Sowry, Smith and Ryall

The Dominion Post

Health Minister Tony Ryall politically anaesthetised a tricky portfolio for the Government, writes Vernon Small.