Auckland not the only game in town

Kaitangata District Promotions member Evan Dick was behind the scheme to offer affordable house packages to encourage ...

EDITORIAL: Initiatives designed to help Auckland don't do much to help businesses, growth and people in the regions.

Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

Help for the whistleblower

Former MoT manager and fraudster Joanne Harrison.

OPINION: The habit of blaming the whistleblower occurs everywhere, in government and in private organisations.

Clear choices are on offer

Labour leader Andrew Little, left, and finance spokesman Grant Robertson unveil the party's fiscal plan in Wellington on ...

OPINION: This election will offer clear choices in economic approach.

Politics and the police

Todd Barclay in happier times. The new Clutha-Southland National candidate with with Caroline Trewhitt, Mary English and ...

OPINION: There is a disturbing contrast between the police investigation into Todd Barclay's secret taping of a staff member and a similar police investigation into the secret taping of John Key's tea-party meeting during the 2011 election.

The downside of referendums

Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians like Winston Peters.

OPINION: Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians.

Greens help Peters go blue

Kingmaker Winston Peters.

OPINION: The Greens' attack on Winston Peters' "racism" has an air of desperation about it. The Green Party is haunted by the possibility that once again Peters will shut it out of a left-of-centre coalition, just as he did in 2005.  

Drowning in plastic

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at the Wellington landfill.

The globe is drowning in plastic and NZ is no exception. The evidence suggests a simple levy on plastic bags will drastically cut usage.

The importance of China

ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann described Trump as an "uneasy, awkward, lonely figure" at the G20 summit.

OPINION: NZ diplomats will need to tread carefully if a more isolated US leaves China and Russia to jostle for world leadership.

Between China and Trump

ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann described Trump as an "uneasy, awkward, lonely figure" at the G20 summit.

OPINION: NZ diplomats will need to tread carefully if a more isolated US leaves China and Russia to jostle for world leadership.

Nuclear free dream still way off

The Rainbow Warrior lies sinking in Auckland Harbour in July 1985,  after French secret service agents sank the boat.

Opinion: The nuclear-free future envisaged by the rainbow warriors of a previous generation is still far away.

When 'sorry' isn't enough

Justice Minister Amy Adams.

OPINION: It is right that Parliament should apologise to the gay men afflicted by laws which forced them to deny their nature.

A question of trusts

The leak of the Panama Papers led to concerns about New Zealand's role as a tax haven.

OPINION: The numbers suggest that New Zealand was indeed a tax haven.

Petrol price action needed

Are petrol prices too high?

EDITORIAL Wellingtonians have long suspected they were paying too much for petrol. Now they have been backed up by Minister of Energy Judith Collins and, more tentatively, by an economists' report.

Transparency needed

Peter Thiel was one of the very few people – fewer than 1 per cent of new citizens – allowed to receive their ...

OPINION: The public should know more about those granted citizenship despite not meeting normal criteria.

Lions likely to battle again

Sonny Bill Williams walks off the pitch after being shown the red card by Referee Jerome Garces.

OPINION: The All Blacks' loss to the Lions on Saturday makes it more likely the four-nation army will invade our shores again in future.

Editorial: Housing test still to come

Wellington mayor Justin Lester and deputy Paul Eagle announce new council housing at Wellington's Arlington Apartments.

OPINION: Can Wellington City Council match its own rhetoric and turn the city's housing problems around?

Digital catch-up in schools

New Zealand children and their teachers must be prepared for the brave new world of coding and robotics.

OPINION: The Government has seen the future and it is digital.

Begging and free speech

Cases in the US have come down on both sides of the question of whether begging constitutes free speech.

OPINION: Begging is troubling, but forcing those who do it from the streets is worse.

Party hard, and get Burling

Team New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling, left, and skipper Glenn Ashby dominated their Oracle Team USA rivals.

EDITORIAL: Peter Burling is yachting's hottest property. Team New Zealand need to sign him up, and quickly.

New Zealand not immune to cyberattacks

A survey last year showed the disruption of information technology systems is near the top of Kiwi company directors' ...

EDITORIAL: We cannot afford to be seen as a soft target and, like Airways, we need to take potential threats very seriously.

Editorial: Don't water down Wellington's rapid bus system

News of Wellington's much-ballyhooed bus rapid transit scheme has been scarce for two years.

OPINION: Wellington, a city of public transport users, deserves an excellent bus service.

Labour's unhappy interns

Former Labour fixer Matt McCarten

OPINION: Labour has made a hash of its scheme to import young interns to help run its election campaign, and its timing was exquisite. Just when it was making serious trouble for National over the de-Barclay, as it's now called, Labour reveals its own scandal. Thanks, Matt McCarten. Once again you've raised doubts about your reputation as a fixer and campaigner of genius.

Youth crime surge has side effects

Police have warned of a wave of youth crime in Christchurch.

OPINION: A high tide of youth crime has caught social workers off guard.

Tim Groser and the spies

Former diplomat and trade minister Tim Groser, now ambassador to the United States.

OPINION: It's official: Government spies were entitled to help the cabinet minister's campaign to become head of the World Trade Organisation.

Bad day for National Party

Todd Barclay Clutha Southland MP Todd Barclay eventually fell on his sword after Prime Minister Bill English had all-but ...

OPINION: The spat over an obscure National backbencher has caused serious damage to the reputation of Prime Minister Bill English.

Wagner's disability? Being tone-deaf

Minister for Disability Issues Nicky Wagner is copping criticism after tweeting she'd "rather be out on the harbour" ...

EDITORIAL: Nicky Wagner's actual words were so off-key that it's hard to see how she would not know they would offend.

Recycle and re-use

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at the Wellington landfill.

OPINION: Recycling might seem an unstoppable wave which will grow and grow as society becomes greener. In fact, there are obvious problems that are holding recycling back.

Making peace with Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump bonds with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

OPINION: New Zealand and Israel's smoothing over a a co-authored masterpiece of diplomatic ambiguity.

Police and liquor licences

Aro Fruit Supply, which owner Manjula Patel has applied to convert into a bottle shop.

OPINION: Police know the misuse of alcohol causes great harm. But does that make it okay for them to lobby against liquor licences?

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