Flats a blot on the Wellington landscape

The rundown Gordon Wilson flats in Wellington.

OPINION: Pull down the Gordon Wilson flats, they are truly an eyesore.

Tired boot camp plan

The Government wants to set up a 'boot camp' at Waiouru Military Camp on the Central Plateau.

OPINION: National is re-treading the tired boot camp idea - and it won't work, it's never worked.

Mental health money late on arrival

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has said there is no need for a mental health review.

OPINION: Is the new money towards mental health more than a drop in the bucket?

Tough talk on youth crims

An ex-military instructor teaches students during their military-style close-order drill class at the Qide Education ...

OPINION: The overwhelming weight of research into military-styled corrections programmes shows that they don't reduce reoffending rates.

Here's Turei, gone tomorrow

Metiria Turei's career as an MP appears to be all but over after she quit as Green Party co-leader.

OPINION: This was to going to be a Turei-free column. Honest. But how can anyone ignore what has been arguably the most tumultuous fortnight in politics since 1984?

The return of nuclear terror video

US President Donald Trump has threatened a defiant North Korea with "fire and fury".

OPINION: Donald Trump's Twitter recklessness has now become genuinely threatening.

Should we pay smokers to quit?

About 15 per cent of women smoke during pregnancy, putting 9000 unborn children at risk.

OPINION: The rate of pregnant women still smoking is stuck at 15 per cent which means 9000 unborn children a year remain at risk.

Labour's Here to Ardern-ity moment video

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy Kelvin Davis.

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern's appointment made Gerry Brownlee, Steven Joyce and Bill English looked old-fashioned and out of touch.

Turei and future of Greens video

Metiria Turei was looking quite the heroine until Jacinda-mania came along.

OPINION: Just when Metiria Turei was looking quite the heroine, along came Jacinda-mania.

What is the Jacinda effect?

Jacinda Ardern holds her first press conference as Labour leader on Tuesday.

EDITORIAL: There is substance behind the new Labour leader's personal appeal.

Resignation better late than never

Martin Matthews was chief executive of the Ministry of Transport, then moved on to the position of auditor-general.

OPINION: Martin Matthews's resignation was inevitable, but slow in coming.

Ability trump card in leadership

New Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy Kelvin Davis.

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern deciding to have children is her business alone, and if it happens it's not like a government would topple.

Ardern's rise, Little's brutal demise

Jacinda Ardern was voted in as the new leader of the Labour Party, with Kelvin Davis her deputy.

OPINION: The key for Jacinda Ardern is how to transfer personal popularity into cold, hard party votes.

Police policy on antidepressants makes no sense

Chris Renwick has been denied the chance to enter the police force because he was taking antidepressants.

EDITORIAL: A flawed policy encourages would-be police officers to not seek help for depression.

Need for vigilance follows foiled plot

Police at the scene of terror raid in Surry Hills

EDITORIAL: Foiled plot to bomb an aeroplane in Australia brings terror threat very close to home.

Fighting 'sickness in a bottle'

Rob Beaglehole says the evidence is overwhelming that taxes on sugary drinks deter their purchase.

Rob Beaglehole wants photos on soft drink cans of kids with tiny rotten teeth, like cigarette packs show smoking damage.

Wilson and the parkers' lot

A campervan owned by Shane Leach has been ticketed by Wilson Parking twice in an area the company does not have ...

OPINION: Wilson Parking has taken the parking wars to a whole new level.

Synthetic highs and lows

A police photograph of synthetic cannabis seized during a drug raid in Auckland.

OPINION: A mismanaged drugs market has led to a health crisis.

Love must forfeit knighthood

Former Tenths Trust chairman and Te Puni Kokiri chief executive Sir Ngatata Love is serving a jail term for obtaining by ...

OPINION: Ngatata Love should certainly lose his knighthood following his conviction for fraud. But the Government might not decide to take this step.

The British connection

Boris Johnson and Weta's Sir Richard Taylor beneath the twin trees of Britain-New Zealand.

OPINION: British foreign secretary Boris Johnson is on an international campaign to sell post-Brexit Britain to the world.

Auckland not the only game in town

Kaitangata District Promotions member Evan Dick was behind the scheme to offer affordable house packages to encourage ...

EDITORIAL: Initiatives designed to help Auckland don't do much to help businesses, growth and people in the regions.

Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

Help for the whistleblower

Former MoT manager and fraudster Joanne Harrison.

OPINION: The habit of blaming the whistleblower occurs everywhere, in government and in private organisations.

Clear choices are on offer

Labour leader Andrew Little, left, and finance spokesman Grant Robertson unveil the party's fiscal plan in Wellington on ...

OPINION: This election will offer clear choices in economic approach.

Politics and the police

Todd Barclay in happier times. The new Clutha-Southland National candidate with with Caroline Trewhitt, Mary English and ...

OPINION: There is a disturbing contrast between the police investigation into Todd Barclay's secret taping of a staff member and a similar police investigation into the secret taping of John Key's tea-party meeting during the 2011 election.

The downside of referendums

Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians like Winston Peters.

OPINION: Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians.

Greens help Peters go blue

Kingmaker Winston Peters.

OPINION: The Greens' attack on Winston Peters' "racism" has an air of desperation about it. The Green Party is haunted by the possibility that once again Peters will shut it out of a left-of-centre coalition, just as he did in 2005.  

Drowning in plastic

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at the Wellington landfill.

The globe is drowning in plastic and NZ is no exception. The evidence suggests a simple levy on plastic bags will drastically cut usage.

The importance of China

ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann described Trump as an "uneasy, awkward, lonely figure" at the G20 summit.

OPINION: NZ diplomats will need to tread carefully if a more isolated US leaves China and Russia to jostle for world leadership.

Between China and Trump

ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann described Trump as an "uneasy, awkward, lonely figure" at the G20 summit.

OPINION: NZ diplomats will need to tread carefully if a more isolated US leaves China and Russia to jostle for world leadership.

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