Letters to the Editor

Building boom boosts glass maker

MetroGlass opened a $21.5m new factory in 2015.

Metro Glass made a record volume of glass last year.

A little hour of joy

Delaney Davidson, Tami Neilson, Barry Saunders and Marlon Williams are The New Sound of Country.

REVIEW: The New Sound of Country is entertaining stuff. It looks pretty and the music is good.

Patience will be rewarded

Our Little Sister is a beautiful family drama that unfolds at a languid pace.

REVIEW: A tender, thoughtful, impressionistic and occasionally flat-out gorgeous film.

Whanau ora can be fixed

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has been a fierce critic of whanau ora.

OPINION: Whanau ora has problems but they are not insurmountable.

Letters to the editor, April 14, 2015

John Campbell's show, Campbell Live, is under review.

OPINION: TV shows shouldn't just be about profit

Letters to the Editor - April 13, 2015

Wellington Town Hall is closed while it is undergoing earthquake strengthening.

OPINION: Wellington Town Hall, a "yellow stickered" building, has now been closed to the public for over two and a half years. Buildings with that notice are under 34% of current code for earthquake resilience, but owners have 10-15 years to strengthen them. 

Letters to the Editor - April 11, 2015

OPINION: Three things would solve Wellington's airport to city traffic problems.

Letters to the Editor - April 10, 2015

Police are closing 30 stations across the country.

OPINION: Closing police stations to save money is shortsighted.

Letters to the Editor - April 9, 2015

Ben Hana, often known in Wellington as "Blanket Man", sitting on the corner of Tory St and Courtenay Place in 2011. Hana ...

OPINION: Wellington's "warm" view of its "street people" is likely due to the low numbers involved

Letters to the editor - April 8, 2015

We have more shopping days available than ever before.

OPINION: It’s not all that long ago since every shop was closed on Saturday and Sunday – that’s 102 no shopping days a year.

Letters to the editor - April 7, 2015

A truck on its side at the Otaihanga roundabout on the Kapiti Coast.

OPINION: Readers are worried about Otaihanga's troublesome roundabout, the housing situation, and council democracy.

Letters to the editor - April 6, 2015

Wellington Airport is poised to become home to the new leaning control tower of Rongotai.

OPINION: So the Airways New Zealand public servants want to build a leaning tower.

Letters to the editor - April 4, 2015

The Capital Connection train service runs from Palmerston North to Wellington and back each weekday.

OPINION: The Government continues its unbelievable retrograde rundown of the railways with its plan to remove electrification from the Hamilton-Palmerston North section rather than complete the North Island Main Trunk Line electrification from Auckland to Wellington, by filling the gaps.

Letters to the editor, April 2, 2015

Is there a way we can alter Easter trading laws?

OPINION: Easter is upon us and the usual quagmire of trading hours arises.

Letters to the editor - April 1, 2015

Black Caps batsman Grant Elliott exchanges a few words with Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin during the Cricket World ...

OPINION: It would be easy to see Winston Peters' victory in Northland as a big vote of confidence in the old warhorse and a huge hit for National, but the reality lies elsewhere.

Reinvest money into more social housing

What right has any government to even consider suggestions by developers that they should qualify for income-related rent assistance to develop properties for social housing?

Work crucial for rehabilitation

Over the past 18 months I have been going through Hawke's Bay Prison outer to inner security areas as access-security-cleared co-ordinator of inmates support.

Temporary limits for improved motorway

Karl Oliver (Letters, March 30) is correct to say our removal of the road shoulder, and narrowed lines on Wellington's urban motorway, have potential safety implications. That's why we've reduced the speed limit and put in a free vehicle removal trial during peak times in April and May.

Cup lurches from one farce to the next

Once again the America's Cup challenge is turning into a farce.

Prescription drugs not 'easy way out'

I find it very interesting that Barry Millage was disturbed to read of the number of young people who are prescribed anti- depressant drugs (Letters, March 27).

Festival a super success

The CubaDupa festival was a super-dupa success. The rain stayed away on Saturday evening and there must have been a crowd of 20,000 spread out along the length of Cuba St and intersecting streets. The sound of the combined bands and the orchestra was enough to make your chest vibrate. My wife and I liked Strike the best. A gelato each topped the night off and we arrived home at 10pm and heard the welcome and not unexpected news that Winston had won the Northland by-election.

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