Fringe Festival 2013

The Whales

Whale performance dominates

The NZ Fringe Festival 2013 Awards were held yesterday afternoon. Judges said they were impressed with the level of audience interaction, social awareness, clever lo-tech production design and the massive use of cardboard in the past few weeks.

Review: Gizza Hoon

Gizza Hoon Inspired by the YouTube generation and late-night Courtenay Place antics, Gizza Hoon explores the relationship between commercial pop and young Kiwis' social interaction. It's funny, frenetic and in your face.

Review: Dance, but not as we know it

Footnote To attempt this kind of work in a theatre the size of the Opera House is brave and risky.

Two shows, two flavours

title of show The highs and lows of script writing has been the subject matter of many plays over the years - but not often musicals.

Comedy review: All Star Micetro

all star micetro The Trans-Tasman rivalry between Kiwis and our kangaroo-hosting cousins has extended to all forms of competition, whether it’s on a rugby field, Olympic podium, and now, the stage.

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