Fringe Festival 2013

Whale performance dominates

Whale Strap

The NZ Fringe Festival 2013 Awards were held yesterday afternoon. Judges said they were impressed with the level of audience interaction, social awareness, clever lo-tech production design and the massive use of cardboard in the past few weeks.

A night out with the YouTube generation

Gizza Hoon

Inspired by the YouTube generation and late-night Courtenay Place antics, Gizza Hoon explores the relationship between commercial pop and young Kiwis' social interaction. It's funny, frenetic and in your face.

Review: Dance, but not as we know it


To attempt this kind of work in a theatre the size of the Opera House is brave and risky.

Fringe guide: Mar 7 - 10

Fringe Festival 2013

The Wellingtonian

Wellington Fringe Festival wraps up this weekend, so get along and check out some of the shows.

Journey of the mind and body


Experimental dance is not as restrictive and baffling as many may think. Performer and choreographer Lisa Densem says people need to open their minds to it.

Two shows with different flavours

title of show

The highs and lows of script writing has been the subject matter of many plays over the years - but not often musicals.

Spotlight on the creative process

title of show

[title of show]'s play about a play about a play is given the style it needs by its cast's excellent performances.

Fringe guide: Feb 28 - Mar 6

Fringe Festival 2013

Welcome to week three of the Wellington Fringe Festival.  Here's what's happening this week.

Comedy review: All Star Micetro

all star micetro

The Trans-Tasman rivalry between Kiwis and our kangaroo-hosting cousins has extended to all forms of competition, whether it’s on a rugby field, Olympic podium, and now, the stage.

Reviews: Madam X and Mister Q | Follow, Follow, Follow


Madam X and Mister Q is one of the more ambitious productions in this year's Fringe Festival.

My brilliant career, revisited

Rochelle Brader

Fame has come knocking once again for one-time Wellington '60s pop sensation Rochelle Vinsen (Rochelle Brader).

Review: The Medicine

The Medicine

Laughter is often the best medicine, and standup comedy show The Medicine has been providing a weekly dose of laughter every Wednesday for a while now.

Authentic drama of two ill-fated Kiwis

A Cry Too Far from Heaven

A Cry too Far From Heaven is an original and innovative work chronicling the experiences of two of Southland's more infamous historical figures.

Exhuming our adolescent shame

Corner Dairy

Fringe play Corner Diary features 15 actors and comedians sharing excerpts of their most cringeworthy adolescent writing.

Review: Trouser-Wearing Characters


Rose Collis starts her show with the song ''Masculine Women, Feminine Men, which is the rooster which is the hen?'

A wheel murder mystery

Wheels of Justice

Fringe Festival is in full swing and reporter Amy Jackman checked out WindyPAE's show Wheels of Justice.

Review: Adam Page

Adam Page

Adam Page first wowed the Fringe as a visitor - but he swiftly fell in love with Wellington.

Fringe programme: February 22 - 28

Fringe Festival 2013

Welcome to week two of the NZ Fringe Festival, which features more than 40 shows and events

Review: Affinity and Minksie and Ron Explore The Gap


Two talky, dense plays: one gripping, the other plot-less and meandering.

Parkour comes to Fringe Festival


Louis Gower has been practising for his debut Fringe Festival performance in Wellington on Saturday.

Simple, quirky romps for Fringe audiences

My Beautiful Diasaster

My Beautiful Disaster and A Play about Space are prime examples of the quirky and the unusual elements of Fringe Fest.

Review: Bond Street Bridge Presents Explorers Club | Antarctica


Sam Prebble serves up a perfect evening of music at the 2013 Fringe Festival.

Review: Ella & Will


This Gothic fairytale, inspired by occultist Aleister Crowley's novel Moonchild, has more problems than you can shake a stick at (or in this case a staff).

Monologues in a dark cocktail bar


It's somewhat fitting The Penis Monologues be told in a dark room where cocktails are served and disco music beats overhead.

All aboard for Fringe

Emily Talyor Fringe

Sword swallowing, bike riding, murder mysteries, pods of whales - this year's Fringe Festival has doubled in size and organisers say it will be weirder and more wonderful than ever.

Fringe programme: February 15-21

Fringe Festival 2013

The NZ Fringe Festival starts this week and features more than 40 shows and events.

Fringe Festival 2013 Programme

fringe str

The 2013 New Zealand Fringe Festival will be a veritable feast of colour and culture. This programme will be your guide to navigating the array of attractions on offer.

The real McCoy of comedy


Fringe Festival trio Spider Dance do improvised comedy, but not in a way Wellington crowds are used to, writes Tom Cardy.

Musician makes song from chocolate factory noise

Chocolate music

Kapiti sonic artist Christine White has taken her love of chocolate to another level.

Picks of the Fringe Festival

Uther Dean

Of the 41 theatre shows in the Fringe Festival, Uther Dean is going to see 38. "The three I am not seeing, I physically cannot see."

Musical up first for Bats new venue

Bats Liar Liar

The doors of the new Bats Theatre will open next week with the first play of this year's Fringe Festival, Little Town Liars.

Exploring the world at Fringe

Sam Prebble

Stories of courage, intense hardship and exploration will be retold during the Wellington Fringe Festival.
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