Goat on the loose near SH2 causes traffic disruption north of Wellington

Aerial footage of the goat being pursued by police.

It could be one of the most Kiwi road hazards you will ever see.

What was initially classified by police as a "blockage/breakdown" on State Highway 2 north of Wellington, between Ngauranga and Petone, on Tuesday afternoon turned out to be a goat.

Or, as one caller to police described it: "A large white thing with horns."

The offending goat, on the side of SH2, north of Wellington.
The offending goat, on the side of SH2, north of Wellington.

The goat was spotted in a northbound lane about 2.20pm, although it was not in the path of traffic, police said.

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A spokesperson said the goat was recently shorn, suggesting it was a domestic animal.

A goat wanders down the side of SH2, with police hot in pursuit, after the animal disrupted traffic on the highway.

Police were at the scene, but it was not immediately clear what they could do, the spokesperson said.

Tasering was not an option.

The goat's presence was enough to see traffic warning signs displayed across the Wellington Urban Motorway.

As odd as it sounds, Tuesday's incident was not the first time NZ Police have had to tangle with a traffic-disrupting goat.

Police famously tasered a rampaging goat in an Oamaru garage in 2016 after it had earlier been reported to have been disrupting traffic on SH1 and was cornered in a garage by a small dog.