Sports awards need attention

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: The Porirua Sports Awards evening should be an occasion to be proud of.

Super-city issue a red herring

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: Porirua needs people who care enough to put up their hands, but focusing too much on amalgamation would be a mistake.

Faulty electronics - what to do

ELEANOR CAVE - Kapi-Mana News

My smartphone is faulty. The retailer agrees it is, but replaces it with a refurbished phone. Do I have to accept that? What are my rights?

Voters smarter this time

OPINION: Election day in local government may not be until October 12, but mayoral races in our two largest cities already seem done and dusted.

Cup overshadows health

Porirua Union Health


OPINION: America's Cup hoopla has overshadowed the plight of community health clinics, which serve low-income people.

Time wake park got green light

wake park

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: The proposed Aotea Lagoon wake park is limping towards the resource consent stage.

Timely promotion for Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

OPINION: New Labour leader David Cunliffe will have several opportunities to present himself as an alternative Prime Minister.

Gang patch ban ill-conceived

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: Mongrel Mob members might be laughing at the new gang patch ban, but taxpayers should not.

Are the polls to be believed?


OPINION: Polls have become the drug of choice in political life.

Why I feel a bit shook up

Touch of Grey

BY KILIAN DE LACY - Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: How are you all feeling after the recent earthquakes? A bit shook up, perhaps?

Alcohol decision a bold one

Russell School principal Sose Annandale

OPINION: The decision to deny the Fantame St bottle shop in Cannons Creek a liquor licence could have far-reaching consequences.

Punters being kept in the dark

Sky City

OPINION: While the Labour's Got Talent show rolls on, other political stories are being relegated to the shadows.

Capacity has matured


Water tanks

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: After a sometimes troubled childhood, Wellington's water services company seems to be knuckling down.

Is Cunliffe the answer after all?

David Cunliffe

OPINION: While Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe are both excellent public speakers, Cunliffe has been better able in the House to score hits on the Government.

Te Papa a feast for all the senses



OPINION: I have been to Te Papa many times, but there is nothing like seeing it fresh through the eyes of a child.

Porirua's election race heats up

Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: It's election time - the silly season began on Friday when aspiring local body politicians finally had to declare their hands.

Paula Bennett's bells and whistles

Paula Bennett

OPINION: If Steven Joyce provides much of the Government's intellectual firepower, Paula Bennett plays a different role for her colleagues.

Local coaching for duo


BY KRIS DANDO - Kapi-Mana News

They might be among the best basketballers in the country, but Jordan Ngatai and Brook Ruscoe still love being put through their paces by their childhood coach.

Why volunteering is good for your family

Parent Talk

ELEANOR CATER - Kapi-Mana News

OPINION: Becoming a parent brings with it considerations you've never had to think of.

Fonterra proves NZ is 100 per cent vulnerable

Talking Politics


OPINION: Years ago, the Health Department explained to the media that its independent testing of health remedies only swung into action when "someone turns green or bits start falling off them".