Timely promotion for Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

OPINION: New Labour leader David Cunliffe will have several opportunities to present himself as an alternative Prime Minister.

Editorial: Lessons to be learned from pool

RANDALL WALKER - Kapiti Observer

Congratulations to the council for overcoming the obstacles to build and open a new aquatic centre. The project had its complications.

Consents don't make highway

Kapiti Observer

It is curious that Jenny Rowan (Expressway appeals fail to sway court, August 22) regards certainty over the Kapiti expressway as some kind of solution for affected landowners.

Was Cunliffe the answer?

GORDON CAMPBELL - Kapiti Observer

Politics being what it is, the next leader of Her Majesty's Opposition may not be chosen on the basis of a clear-sighted, altruistic assessment of which contender would be best for the party, and the nation.

Time to extend Ihakara St

Kapiti Observer

Adam Ford's letter about the Kapiti Rd woes was most timely and appropriate.

Land revalue to save 'red faces'

Kapiti Observer

Your article (Land value boost could be worth $300m to council) said ''Kapiti's council is set for a $300 million asset boost by re-valuing the land under its roads''. This is nothing less than cooking the books after the mayor and her councillors have drained away ratepayers' money with unnecessary and unaffordable projects.

Former councillors deserve mention

Kapiti Observer

I visited the Coastlands Aquatic Centre and stood in awe while viewing the translucent roof and curved wooden trusses.

Paula Bennett's bells and whistles

Paula Bennett


OPINION: If Steven Joyce provides much of the Government's intellectual firepower, Paula Bennett plays a different role for her colleagues.

NZ: 100 per cent vulnerable


OPINION: Parenthood is anxiety-inducing enough, without asking parents to play Russian roulette with what they're feeding their babies.

Voters smarter this time

OPINION: Election day in local government may not be until October 12, but mayoral races in our two largest cities already seem done and dusted.

Cup overshadows health

Porirua Union Health

OPINION: America's Cup hoopla has overshadowed the plight of community health clinics, which serve low-income people.

Is Cunliffe the answer after all?

David Cunliffe

OPINION: While Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe are both excellent public speakers, Cunliffe has been better able in the House to score hits on the Government.

Real culprits dodging culpability

beehive parliament

OPINION: The public service owes an increasing amount of allegiance to the ministers of the day, but there's a sniff of scandal the ethos of the old public service kicks in.

Labour turns to housing again

House for sale, real estate, property


OPINION: When in doubt, talk about housing.

Friends well versed in park values

Kapiti Observer

It is surprising to learn that Henry Brittain of Kapiti Coast Electric Tramway has such a poor opinion of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park and their chairman John Lancashire (Letters, July 4). The friends are well aware the park is a recreational reserve and fully support the activities listed by Mr Brittain. Junior soccer fields are also being developed by the Kapiti Coast District Council at the Paekakariki end of the park.

Retain trust's original purpose

Kapiti Observer

The recent passing of Alan Hercus brings to mind that it is 22 years since Electra Trust was formed out of the New Zealand Power Board's re-organisation in 1990.

Woodfire smoke bad for health

Kapiti Observer

I empathise with Rosa Toye, regarding Kapiti's smoke-polluted winter air.

The real flaws in the spy bill

Kim Dotcom


OPINION: While Kim Dotcom and John Key clash at the GCSB legislation hearings, other submitters have highlighted flaws in the draft bill.

National's tactics paying off

John Key


OPINION: Seventeen months out from the next election, National has the luxury of contradictory messages about the Opposition's credibility as an alternative government.

Spying legislation goes too far

Talking Politics



OPINION: So far Prime Minister John Key has tried to make changes to spying legislation look like merely a bit of tidy housework, rather than a radical renovation of the premises.

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