Unfair demands on building owners

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: Building owners are stuck in a bind. Many can't afford earthquake strengthening their buildings, but are not allowed to have them removed.

Main parties to share spotlight

Key Cunliffe

OPINION: Before year's end, each of the three main parties can expect a spin in the political spotlight.

Bright signs for Wellington sport

Brad Shields

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: These are surprisingly good times for Wellington sport.

Voters smarter this time

Local Body Elections

OPINION: Election day in local government may not be until October 12, but mayoral races in our two largest cities already seem done and dusted.

Pity the poor candidates

Local Body Elections

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: Spare a thought for our local body election candidates.

Cup overshadows health

Porirua Union Health

OPINION: America's Cup hoopla has overshadowed the plight of community health clinics, which serve low-income people.

Downstage's sad demise


The Wellingtonian

OPINION: Wellingtonians will be shocked to hear of the demise of Downstage.

Timely promotion for Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

OPINION: New Labour leader David Cunliffe will have several opportunities to present himself as an alternative Prime Minister.

Runway needs rethink

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: On the face of it, the decision to extend the Wellington airport runway seems a no brainer - make the runway longer, more international planes can land, more big business can come to the city.

Are the polls to be believed?


OPINION: Polls have become the drug of choice in political life, but how believable are they?

Robertson is the man

Grant Robertson

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: The odds on Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson becoming leader of the Labour Party are much higher than they were when he missed out in December 2011.

Punters being kept in the dark

Sky City

OPINION: While the Labour's Got Talent show rolls on, other political stories are being relegated to the shadows.

Editorial: Capacity has matured

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: After a sometimes troubled childhood, Wellington's water services company seems to be knuckling down.

Is Cunliffe the answer after all?

David Cunliffe

OPINION: While Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe are both excellent speakers, Cunliffe scores more hits on National, Gordon Campbell writes.

Election race heats up

OPINION: Some juicy battles loom in this year's local body elections.

Paula Bennett's bells and whistles

Paula Bennett

OPINION: If Steven Joyce provides much of the Government's intellectual firepower, Paula Bennett plays a different role for her colleagues.

Time to act over trailer ads

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: As the letters on page 5 illustrate, our readers have strong views on the proliferation of trailer billboards that have sprung up around Wellington.

NZ: 100 per cent vulnerable


OPINION: Parenthood is anxiety-inducing enough, without asking parents to play Russian roulette with what they're feeding their babies.

Kevin Lavery's words of wisdom

Kevin Lavery

The Wellingtonian

OPINION: Let's hope Wellington City Council chief executive Kevin Lavery's pointed criticisms the other day are not ignored.

Real culprits dodging culpability

beehive parliament

OPINION: The public service owes an increasing amount of allegiance to the ministers of the day, but there's a sniff of scandal the ethos of the old public service kicks in.

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