Goldswain dedicated to air rescue service

John Goldswain

John Goldswain was a lifesaver to many through his association with the Life Flight Trust.

An unsung musical hero

johnny cooper

Johnny Cooper, who died this week, was a modest hero of the New Zealand music scene.

Life story: Community-minded 'Nan'

Nan Wright

"Nan" Wright will be remembered as the life and soul of Newtown's Te Ara Hou apartments.

Farm manager had world at his feet

Adam Hill

Adam David Hill, hunter: b Invercargill, May 31, 1988; partner of Christine Pink, 2d; d Longwood Forest, Western Southland, April 13, 2013; aged 25.

Purpose, burgers, and help for kids

Lionel Whitehead

Lionel Whitehead, a small man with a supersized heart, was the "Big Mac" of philanthropy in the Kiwi burger business.

Fearless, dogged fighter for justice

Karpal Singh

Karpal Singh, Malaysia's most prominent lawyer-politician, was an outspoken, fearless advocate for justice and human rights.

A feisty activist with generous heart

Viv to her family and mates - was a woman with a strong sense of natural justice and a delightful black sense of humour.

Druitt a 'consummate volunteer'

Susan Druitt

Susan Druitt made a big impact in the world of volunteering.

Music helped violinist survive 'the horrors'

Clare Galambos Winter

After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust, Clare Galambos Winter built a new life in New Zealand through music.

The Pacific in an outrigger canoe

Taratai ST

When Judy Hill married Jim Siers in 1961 she had no idea what she was getting into.

Councillor with love of airport noise

Leonie Gill

Leonie Gill, as well as being a Wellington city councillor for five terms, was always her own person.

Rugby great's great day behind the mic

Cliff Morgan was a rugby great, but was probably best known to New Zealanders for his commentary of a famous test.

Leader guided views on education for 25 years

Bill Renwick

The discovery of books had come as a revelation to Bill Renwick, and the enormous possibilities that education opened up. In a sense, he was made to teach.

Nurse demonstrated her compassion in service to others

Anwyl Fowler

Two plaques on the walls of Wellington's St John's in the City Church and a lectern on the communion table bear testimony to the fact Anwyl Fowler's long life was anchored near the Dixon St church.

Life spent pursuing social justice

Rosemary Barrington

Energetic, articulate and determined, Rosemary Barrington's career was dedicated to striving for social justice, peace and women's rights.

JP held many roles of selfless service

Shirley Edwin

Shirley Edwin's funeral is said to be one of the biggest tangi held at Whakarongotai Marae since the early 50s.

World was a stage for NZ Players founder

Richard Campion

Life was an exuberant theatrical experience for Richard Campion, so it was only natural he should make it his career.

WWII veteran fought to promote NZ voices

Ray Richards

Ray Richards was an influential publisher who encouraged the writing of many uniquely New Zealand voices, including Barry Crump and Mona Anderson.

Trifecta of friends until the end

Three women

Dolly Wong, Molly Ting and Dorothy Gee were three lifelong friends who all lived in the Shona McFarlane Retirement Village in Avalon before dying within 10 days of each other.

Soup-kitchen star served needy - and God

Sister Felix Breen

Sister Felix Breen will be remembered by many people as a legendary cook at Wellington's soup kitchens, and a kindly presence for those in need.

Devoted nurse and huge contributor to hospice

Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan, who organised the annual Mary Potter Hospice's $2 Christmas raffle for more than 30 years, was a highly qualified nurse who will continue giving to her community long after her death.

Ardent architect helped shape postwar capital

Lewis Martin

When architect Lew Martin went into business in Wellington late in 1954, he found the city only beginning to shrug off its dowdy pre-war face.

Feminist devoted career to boosting women's status

Margaret Shields

Acclaimed for launching the women's movement in New Zealand, Dame Margaret Shields worked tirelessly throughout her career campaigning for women's rights.

Physiotherapist influenced treatment of lower back pain worldwide

Robin McKenzie

Robin McKenize a world renowned physiotherapist, dedicated his life's work to one of mankind's great afflictions - back pain.

Passionate potter's work was 'subtle and refined'


Mirek Smisek's life changed forever at the age of 14, when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia on March, 15, 1939.

Powerful legal mind decoded trials for juries

Robert Chambers

Supreme Court judge Sir Robert Chambers was respected as one of the most powerful intellects in the New Zealand legal system.

Blitz survivor fought for NZ cab drivers

George Tyler

George Tyler, born a cockney in the slums of St Pancras, London, went on to carve out a life for himself as the personable advocate for New Zealand's taxi drivers.

'The Duchess' - journalist and stylish hostess

Juliet Hensley

Juliet Hensley lived a multi-faceted life as a diplomat's wife, a mother of four, a journalist and a public relations practitioner.

Priest's easy manner and style earned respect in Hawke's Bay

Timothy Hannigan

Monsignor Timothy Hannigan married couples, baptised their children and farewelled their grandparents.

Rugby league king left lasting legacy

Bernie Wood

Bernie Wood was formally farewelled by those closest to him at St Barnabas Church in Mana yesterday, but it could be said an ultimate sendoff still awaits him next Saturday.

Creating typefaces for the world

Joe Churchward

Joe Churchward came of age as a font and graphic designer during New Zealand's own era of Mad Men- style advertising.

'Now it's time for me to rest'

Parekura Horomia

On a trip back to Wellington last month, Parekura Horomia sent his secretary out with instructions to come back with lots of beer.

Affable GP pursued healthcare vision

Peter Foley

Peter Foley was an old-school GP, who always had an eye on the bigger picture.

Battle of Britain survivor was one of the few

Alan Gawith

Alan Gawith was one of the last remaining veterans of the Battle of Britain, having served as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force from the beginning to the end of World War II.

Small-business man with immense heart

Antonio Cuccurullo

An era of small independent retailing in Wellington city, now largely eliminated by supermarkets and big barns, was recalled with the passing of Italian immigrant Antonio Cuccurullo.

Life story: Nurse dedicated herself

Sheila Mahoney spent 43 years in nursing, rising to be the nurse manager of Wellington Hospital by the time she retired in 1995.

Air marshal resolute till end in opposing anti-nuclear stance

Pilot Obit

Sir David Ewan Jamieson was a high-profile casualty in the controversy which surrounded the then Labour government's decision to declare New Zealand off-limits to nuclear ship visits in 1984-85.

Leading NZ scientist worked on development of atomic bomb

Robin Williams

Robert Williams was an eminent mathematician and physicist who worked on the US-led Manhattan Project that produced the first atomic bomb and who went on to chair the State Services Commission.

Farmer became Masterton's most successful property developer

Florus Bosch

Florus Bosch was a powerful man. When he was in his prime and running his farm at Kahutara in South Wairarapa, he would carry two calves at a time, one under each arm.

Former Napier MP campaigned for Vietnam veterans


Geoff Braybrooke was a Labour MP who held the Napier seat for 21 years during some of the most turbulent times in the party's history.

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