House prices and child poverty some of the concerns for voters in Mana Electorate


The Mana electorate has been a long-time Labour stronghold reaching from Porirua to Paekakariki.

The issues concerning residents are as varied as the 13 towns within it. 

Locals in Porirua, Titahi Bay and Whitby shared what they believed were the most important issues concerning the Mana region.

Child poverty and housing prices some of the concerns for voters in the Mana electorate.

Child poverty and housing prices some of the concerns for voters in the Mana electorate.

On the streets of Whitby, residents raised concerns over affordable housing.

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Euon Murrell in mayoral campaign limbo, one candidate for Porirua

Average house prices increased in Whitby by 23 percent in the past four years.

Meanwhile, people in Titahi Bay were also concerned the price of homes.

However, one resident pointed out that Mana was one of the last places people tend to look when buying in the greater Wellington region.

Porirua City residents raised different concerns in their community. Child poverty, access to education and jobs concerned younger voters.

Infometrics stated that Porirua's unemployment rate sat at 6.6 percent as of June 2017, just above the national average of 5 percent.

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Full-time student Luiz Medeiros, 22, said he would like more support for young adults after high school, making sure they were financially stable and equipped for the workforce.

Similarly, Porirua Whānau Centre chief executive Liz Kelly said "It's about a hand up, not out".

The centre, now a registered social housing provider, believes the current government had enabled them to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people, and a strong economy meant local jobs were opening up for local people.

The electorate's Pasifika population makes up 20 pervcent of voters in the region, which is more than three times the national average.

Kris Faafoi continued to represent the electorate after the 2014 election, with more than 50 percent of the vote.

The 2014 election saw more than 36,000 people participate.

There is also an independent and an NAP candidate standing.

  • Story written by students from the Massey University School of Journalism

​The Candidates

Kris Faafoi, Labour Party: MP for Mana 

Age: 42

It has been a privilege to serve as your MP for Mana. I want to continue to serve as your MP because I am committed to improving our local health services, housing availability and education provision through: Continuing to protect on build on services at Kenepuru Hospital and on the Kapiti Coast. Building more state homes and helping first home buyers into the market by building affordable homes Meeting growing population pressures by increasing funding to schools and ending school donations. Reversing the loss of forty local frontline Police Officers over the last nine years.

Jan Logie, Green Party: List MP

Age: 47

I should be your local list MP because I'm committed to ending poverty, cleaning up our waterways and taking action on climate change. In my six years in parliament I've advocated for our local democracy and communities, in particular. For an opposition MP I've been unusually successful getting unanimous support for consideration of legislation to protect victims of domestic violence, funding for essential social services, and even international attention to human rights abuses. Party vote Green to get me back.

Euon Murrell, National Party: Director of Esplanade Realty

Age: 69

Lived in the Mana electorate for 45 years with strong community ties through community work, a successful small business owner. A Porirua City Councillor for 12 years including a term as Deputy Mayor. Has strong interests in housing quality, affordability and believes health services should be close as possible to local communities. He believes it is time Mana is represented by a "true local" who "hasn't just moved here to become the MP".  

Shan Ng, ACT Party: Commercial Specialist / Non-practising lawyer 

Age: 42

Being an Asian immigrant woman, I'd like to encourage more of [people like] me to come forward to contribute to public life. My aim is to seek party votes as every ACT party vote counts towards electing a strong team of ACT top list candidates instead of National's bottom list candidates. A stronger ACT will support National, keeping Winston away while ensuring they address tough issues, like solving housing and land supply crisis and crime.

Kelleigh Sheffield-Cranstoun, United Future: Lead Maternity Care Midwife 

Age: 39

I work with families from a range of incomes, cultures, and life stages. What is compelling is that everyone, regardless of background, seeks dignity, fairness, and opportunity. I bring an ability to listen to people and think about how to best empower them with opportunities to help themselves. If we care and invest in the wellbeing of people, the flow on effect to society is immeasurable. This is how we can continue making NZ a great place to raise families.


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