Australian author Clementine Ford to talk about online trolls and abuse in Auckland

Australian author Clementine Ford will speak about her battle with online misogyny in Auckland.

Australian author Clementine Ford will speak about her battle with online misogyny in Auckland.

Best-selling feminist author Clementine Ford will tackle online misogyny at an Auckland event to raise money for a local women's centre.

Ford, regarded as one of Australia's most fearless feminist thinkers and author of Fight Like a Girl, is known for battling against gender inequality through her writing and online community.

She will share her stories of online misogyny and Internet attacks and how she has learnt to combat them in a public event supporting the Auckland Women's Centre on September 13.

Recent research reveals that 72 percent of New Zealand women under the age of 30, and 52 percent of all Kiwi women, have experienced some form of online harassment, ranging from trolling to threats of physical violence, rape and even death.

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On Ford's own Facebook page, she clearly states those following her must "keep it civil".

"Please feel free to disagree with each other, but at least try to imagine that you're in the same room. DO NOT employ slut shaming, racism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism to make your point," she writes.

"Anyone who tells me to "just ignore trolls" or "block them" as if they have a) any idea what it's like to deal with the relentless onslaught of bulls*** that comes here or b) any right to tell a woman how she should and shouldn't respond to harassment will be immediately banned."

One Australian bookshop was the target of online abuse after sharing a Facebook post from Ford, announcing she had signed a deal to write her second book.

"Since you promote misandrist Clementine Ford who hates men, I will never visit this bookshop/cafe ever again," one man wrote.

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"Online misogyny is so prevalent and it is a reflection of the real world misogyny that women in New Zealand and globally, are still having to put up with in 2017,' says Auckland Women's Centre (AWC) spokesperson, Nicola Brebner.

Brebner says evidence suggests trolls tend to target women who speak out in particular.

"Strong women like Clementine Ford who stand up to online misogynists every single day are helping all women in the long run."

Donations raised from the evening will go towards the Auckland Women's Centre, which offers support and referral for emergency housing, women's refuge, rape counselling, and parenting concerns.

Ford recently appeared at the Christchurch Arts Festival.

Clementine Ford
September 13 - Western Springs Community Hall, Auckland.
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