Viarni: 'We are happy and relieved'

Viarni Bright and Zac Franich were happy they no longer had to keep their relationship a secret.

The Bachelor New Zealand's Zac Franich and Viarni Bright confirmed they are still together.

Bachelor NZ 'twisted experience' video

Lily McManus-Semchyshyn was left hurt when Zac told her he could not continue.

Bachelor runner-up Lily McManus calls the show a "twisted experience" after the final episode ended.

And the winner is... video

Viarni said she was looking forward to being a normal couple, walking down the street holding hands.

The winner of the Bachelor New Zealand 2017 and Zac's heart is Viarni Bright. 

It's decision time, Zac

The final two - Lily McManus-Semchyshyn and Viarni Bright.

This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for: The Bachelor chooses his belle. Join Steve Kilgallon and Glenn McConnell for the most momentous TV moment of the year.

Bachelor finale: Need to know

The final two: Best mates Viarni and Lily.

Been living under a rock, or just being forced to watch tonight's final? Here's what you need to know.

Bach: I promise I won't do a Jordan video

Zac Franich says there will be no repeat of last year's Bachelor debacle.

Although he can't reveal his chosen woman, Zac Franich says they'll last longer than 48 hours.

Bachelor: I needed help video


The bachelor says breaking up with women every week took an emotional toll - and he needed to call in the professionals.

Bach in 'daily contact' with winner

Bachelor Zac Franich looks forward to introducing his new mystery girl to the world.

Bachelor Zac Franich opens up on life after The Bachelor, dealing with fans, and how he eats his kiwifruit.

Bach NZ: Dream date night

Bachelor screenshot showing Claudia in unusual headwear.

Someone's going home tonight on the Bachelor, but who will it be?

The Bachelor's 'sweaty hands'

The Bachelor NZ's Viarni has been named the winner of the competition and Zac's heart.

Bachelor NZ contestants talk about Zac Franich and their experiences on the reality show.

Bachelor gained 8kg on show

Zac's main goal this year is losing the 8kg he put on while filming The Bachelor.

Zac Franich has plenty of take-aways from experience on The Bachelor. Now he needs to stay off them.

Three admits 'monumental' Bachelor error

Three's accidental leaking of an Bachelor elimination interview was a real head-scratcher.

Three accidentally posts video revealing who the next eliminated bachelorette is.

The Bachelor's one true love

The Bachelor NZ's Zac Franich with Chief, the dog he has owned for five years.

No spoilers, but Zac Franich says he's really happy where the show ended up, and that the winner shares his true passion.

In real life, it could've worked video

Hannah and Zac shared a kiss during a boxing date.

Hannah was refused a rose last night, but says her relationship with Zac could have worked in other circumstances.

Just a bunch of dates on boats

No longer will Zac have to wear a suit on a hot Thai night.

Tonight was the night of lasts: last single date, last group date and last cocktail party.

Being on the Bach felt 'unnatural'

Whales-Martin became the first girl to leave the competition by choice.

He put all his feelings on the table. She wasn't able to do the same.

Bach NZ recap: Things get chilly

The Thailand hangover continues.

The battle for the bachelor is heating up. How do we know? The challenges are getting cray-cray.

Bach: Zac the untidy Kiwi

Despite saying she couldn't continue on, Bel is continuing on.

We started with a suspense-filled montage and it was just all too intense.

Bachelor tensions reignited

Season two's bachelor Jordan Mauger sits beside competition winner Fleur Verhoeven, who he broke up with after the show ...

Ex-bachelorette Fleur Verhoeven has hit out at the former bachelor, saying he was a "coward" for staying with her.

Live chat with The Bachelor

Zac Franich, The Bachelor 2017.

The nation's most eligible bloke will be live here from 9.30am. Zac Franich will answer your questions live.

A rose tattoo for Zac?

Walking arm-in-arm down Bangkok's Koh San Road was Ally's favourite moment with Zac.

Where would jilted Bachelorette Ally put the tattoo though?

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