Urzila Carlson's car rammed by elephant in South Africa

Comedian Urzila Carlson has survived a close call with an angry elephant.

Comedian Urzila Carlson has survived a close call with an angry elephant.

It was Urzila Carlson's first trip to South Africa in 10 years, but some locals weren't pleased to see her.

The Kiwi comedian had a dangerous-looking run in with an elephant while touring Kruger National Park with her wife, Julie.

In a photo posted to her Instagram account, Carlson said the elephant rammed their rental car while they were driving through the famous wildlife reserve.  


So this one time, at @krugernationalpark an elephant rammed our car #WifeNearlyShatHerself #SorryAvis

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"So this one time, at [Kruger National Park] an elephant rammed our car," Carlson said. She hash-tagged the photo #SorryAvis, a reference to their rental car company.

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Carlson arrived in her native South Africa two weeks ago. On Instagram, she said it was her first time back in 10 years.

Elephants can be a real hazard for tourists in Kruger National Park. In 2014, British teacher Sarah Brooks and her fiance Jans de Klerk were nearly killed when a bull elephant flipped their car. 

Brooks was gored in the leg by one of the elephant's tusks as it ripped through the shell of their car.

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Another couple, both British, had their car flipped by an elephant in Kruger National Park in 2012, but they were unhurt.

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