Actress Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after Harvey Weinstein allegations

Actor Rose McGowan has had her Twitter account suspended after sending a string of messages about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The Charmed actress, one of the women named in The New York Times expose of Weinstein's reported sexual misconduct, has been attacking those she views as complicit, including The Weinstein Company's board of directors and actor Ben Affleck.

On Thursday, McGowan sent messages to Affleck, writing, "Ben Affleck f... off" and "@benaffleck "GODDAMNIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT" you said that to my face. The press conf (sic) I was made to go to after assault. You lie." 

Actress Rose McGowan is accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Actress Rose McGowan is accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

A short time later the star revealed her Twitter account had been suspended for 12 hours, for violating the social media sites' rules. She uploaded a screenshot with a message from Twitter stating she cannot send tweets or retweets from her account, unless she deletes "tweets that violate our rules", McGowan captioned the image: "Twitter has suspended me. There are powerful forces at work. be my voice. #ROSEARMY."

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The Twitter universe was outraged following McGowan's posts claiming "powerful forces" were at play. Twitter issued a statement on Friday morning explaining the situation. It said the account was locked because she posted a screenshot of someone's private phone number.

"We have been in touch with Ms McGowan's team. We want to explain that her account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a private phone number, which violates our Terms of Service," it said.

Twitter can and does take down individual tweets, but sources who spoke to The New York Times said key decision makers in Twitter were not in the office when McGowan posted the offending tweet. Twitter took down the tweet and unlocked her account.

"We stand with the brave women and men who use Twitter to share their stories, and will work hard every day to improve our processes to protect those voices," it said.

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According to The New York Times's article published last week, Weinstein had reached at least eight settlements over inappropriate behaviour with women, including McGowan. She reportedly received a settlement of US $100,000 from Weinstein over an incident that took place in 1997.

Many other women have since made accusations of sexual harassment against Weinstein.​

New Zealand model Zoe Brock said a naked Weinstein chased her after she turned down his repeated requests for a massage. Brock said she locked herself in a hotel bathroom while he banged on the door.

Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie also made allegations about Weinstein.

In response to the mounting allegations, Weinstein's representative repeated denials regarding allegations of "non-consensual sex" and added: "He will not be available for further comments, as he is taking the time to focus on his family, on getting counselling and rebuilding his life."

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