Human Traces: Kiwi sub-Antarctic thriller releases first clip

Kiwi thriller Human Traces will debut at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Kiwis now have their first chance to see footage from upcoming thriller Human Traces.

Set on the sub-Antarctic island Perseverance, Nic Gorman's debut feature focuses on what happens when a mysterious new caretaker joins husband-and-wife scientists on the remote location.  

Shot in the Catlins and on Canterbury's Banks Peninsula in 2015, it stars Sophie Hambleton, Mark Mitchinson and Vinnie Bennett.

Sophie Henderson and Mark Mitchinson star in Human Traces.

Sophie Henderson and Mark Mitchinson star in Human Traces.

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Gorman said production was often disrupted by visiting Otago wildlife.

"We didn't shy away from embracing nature, but it is pretty unpredictable, especially when you are dealing with large sea mammals," he said.

"We were constantly having to work around sea lions and yellow-eyed penguins. When a penguin came along we had to stop filming, drop to the ground and wait for it to pass.

"We had a sea lion wrangler. If one came along during the shoot he would jump down on the ground and bark at them and the sea lion would bark back at them. The dude was more alpha than the sea lion so he would back off."

A sea lion also pulled down their make up tent during production.

"They are a bit like puppies. That was a crazy day. It was a nightmare at the time, but you look back and it was amazing."

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Human Traces will have its world premiere at Christchurch's Isaac Theatre Royal on August 4 as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

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