James Franco's The Disaster Artist first look garners rave reviews


First look at the full-length trailer The Disaster Artist starring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

The first trailer for the James Franco helmed film The Disaster Artist is garnering widespread fan acclaim.

It comes after the movie had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival where it has already received positive reviews.

Based on the cult movie from 2003, The Room, the making-of movie The Disaster Artist has earned the blessing of the notorious film's creator Tommy Wiseau. The Room, which Wiseau wrote, self-funded, directed and starred in, was originally released in 2003 for a two-week single theatre run before it was pulled from exhibition. Audiences were underwhelmed, with many asking for refunds, and one critic went as far as calling the movie "the Citizen Kane of bad films".  

In a move echoing the film the film is about, James Franco has directed The Disaster Artist about The Room, a cult movie ...

In a move echoing the film the film is about, James Franco has directed The Disaster Artist about The Room, a cult movie dubbed the worst film ever

The Disaster Artist premiered at a midnight screening before a raucous "Tommy!''-chanting audience at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film, which Franco directed and stars in as Wiseau, chronicles the creation of one of the most famously bad movies ever made.

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But the film became an object of deep affection for moviegoers who cackle through late-night screenings of the film with a host of rituals.

Wiseau told Franco that he was 99.9 per cent pleased with The Disaster Artist. But he's revealed he objects primarily to way Franco depicts him throwing a football, in a nod to one of the key moments from the original 2003 flick.

The Room's notoriety has grown in years, and it's become a cult classic on the New Zealand screening front as well. Regularly weekly screenings were held both in Auckland and Wellington for the film, with audience members actively being encouraged to throw spoons at the film during its screening as a nod and tacit acknowledgement to one of the movie's key scenes.

However The Room has never escaped criticism from the film world, with one critic on film-rating site Rotten Tomatoes saying: "To make a movie that's so bad it's good you need vision, drive, luck and obsessive vanity. Fortuitously, The Room's writer/producer/director/star Tommy Wiseau appears to possess all of these qualities, combined with a total lack of acting talent."

Not so with The Disaster Artist, with the Guardian stating that "James Franco's ode to bad film-making is a riot"

The Disaster Artist has yet to receive a release date in New Zealand.

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