Kiwis target Aussie gamers with 'gamified' New Zealand video

Australian gamer Loserfruit plays as hero Skip Hogan in Tourism New Zealand's new campaign.

A new campaign is targeting Australia's massive gaming community by promoting NZ as one big "open-world" game.

Parents can 'relax', violent video games don't impact youth aggression

New research has found there is no strong evidence to suggest violent video games impact players’ aggression in the long ...

The results of a Kiwi-led study "strongly imply" that violent games do not meaningfully increase the aggressiveness of players over time.

Game Ghost of Tsushima desperately wants to be a Samurai epic, but doesn't get there video

Leaves fall from every angle in Tsushima - it's beautiful to behold.

The tale packs in revenge, assassinations and tight combat - but it all feels very familiar.

My son is proof gaming addiction is real video

While not all teenagers who are gamers become addicted, there are many instances where gaming has ruined or dramatically ...

ADVICE: He quickly became angry, rude, non-compliant and manipulative - and left home when I tried to deal with it.

Gamer Minxy on her rise in esports

Minxy has been playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege at a professional level for two years.

When Minxy Dougal started her career, esports organisations wouldn’t recruit women, due to the perceived ‘drama’ they would come with.

Iron Man VR showcases an imperfect future video

Promotional image for Marvel's Iron Man VR.

REVIEW: Marvel and Sony's VR experience nails the sense of flying and shooting with hand-mounted jets, but the story and characters leave a lot to be desired.

Scrabble looks to ban hundreds of words

The words had been pulled from the dictionary, but were allowed in competition.

The N-word and other racial epithets are included on the list likely to be scrapped from competition.

The Sims reality TV competition is coming to TV


TBS will air a four-part competition series, The Sims Spark'd, starting July 17.

Why details matter in The Last of Us Part II video

Anthony Newman admits Naughty Dog's attention to detail can be overwhelming.

"The signature of a Naughty Dog game is going an extra mile or two miles," says co-game creator Anthony Newman.

Last of Us: Part II is a beast of a game

Orphan Ellie has become a formidable 19-year-old in part two of Last of Us.

REVIEW: This year's biggest blockbuster video game is a hate-fuelled revenge mission with high stakes, complex characters and a huge body count.

PlayStation reveals its first black Spider-Man

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Sony has unveiled a first look at some of its planned games for the PlayStation 5.

Why The Last of Us is so dark

The Last of Us Part II is a hell-bent revenge mission based around a bloodthirsty 19-year-old surviving in a ...

A tale of revenge and hate couldn't have been better timed.

Floyd protests postpone PlayStation 5 event video

Fans will have to wait to find out more about PS5.

Sony says with everything going in the US right now, it's not the "time for celebration".

The terrible evil of video games video

Bond, Pixel Bond... the clunky, vintage graphics of Goldeneye 007. 

OPINION: I once lost a year of my life to Goldeneye... let that be a warning to all.

Watch 'Bubble Royale' live on Stuff

Action from Let's Play Live's recent Fortnite event in Brisbane.

Watch live on Friday at 5pm as All Blacks, Warriors, and some well-known Kiwi musicians take on fans in a new local Fortnite tournament.

All Blacks, Warriors join Kiwi Fortnite tournament

Still from Fortnite, one of the world's most popular games.

The ‘Bubble Royale’ will pit New Zealand celebrities and sports stars against other Kiwi online gamers.

Rapper going on 'world tour' inside Fortnite

Travis Scott will head in to the gaming world.

The rapper will perform what Fortnite's makers are calling "an experience" titled "Astronomical," inside of the game.

Selena Gomez is suing gaming company


Selena Gomez sues video game company who created a bug-riddled fashion game that uses the pop star's image, likeness and name.

A day in the life of a censor video

Chief censor David Shanks with some of the guidelines they use at New Zealand's Office of Film, Literature and ...

Chris Schulz visits the Wellington ratings office to find out what the average day looks like for a censor. Warning: It's definitely not normal.

Video game helping virus research

Players of the popular game experienced a pandemic more than a decade ago, now scientists are studying it. (File photo)

Players of the popular game experienced a pandemic more than a decade ago, now scientists are studying it.

The best travel board games video

The Quest for El Dorado is one of many popular travel-themed board games.

They allow us to embark on imaginary journeys, or learn about the people and places we dream of visiting.

Find the socialising app for you

Reverend Laura Everett in Boston, USA delivers a sermon for Boston's First Baptist Church.

Isolation is tough, but talking to people through services like Skype, Zoom, Netflix Party, and FaceTime make it easier.

Last of Us Part II delayed again

The Last Of Us Part II has been delayed indefinitely by the coronavirus.

The Last of Us Part II was one of PlayStation's biggest titles of the year - and now has no new release date.

Call of Duty spikes internet use

Around 7pm, popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone released an upgrade. Chorus believed this added ...

More Kiwis than ever are turning to the internet for comfort during lockdown. But they're not all streaming Netflix.

Gamers with isolation advice

Isolating at home is not something new for avid gamers.

OPINION: As the world adjusts to loneliness in a pandemic, one group could be a source of wisdom.

Gaming expo E3 cancelled

Los Angeles' Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming industry's largest event in North America, is the latest ...

The event was due to be a big one this year, with the launch of new games and a new XBox console.

NFL, 2K Sports plan new videogames

NFL football will be receiving the 2K treatment under a new deal with the Californian game-makers.

The NFL is extending its gaming partnerships.

Are gaming loot boxes a gamble? video

Research has found a link between loot boxes in popular video games and problem gambling.

Loot boxes in video games, often accessible to kids, are prohibited in some countries under gambling laws. But not in New Zealand.

The path to an esports career

A League of Legends College Cup was launched in 2019, but American teams have bigger hopes for school-age esport prospects.

In the US, high schoolers are being eyed for their League of Legends skills and potential.

Watch: Live esports

ACT MP David Seymour.

ACT leader David Seymour among gamers involved in LetsPlay.Live and Heart Foundation's live fundraising event.

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