David Tennant vs Zombies

David Tennant has made his way into the Call of Duty franchise, joining actors like Kevin Spacey and Kit Harrington.

Former time lord will hunt undead Nazis in the next blockbuster Call of Duty game.

Atari’s new gaming console

The Ataribox, Atari's first new gaming console in more than 20 years.

The Ataribox is coming, promising classic and current gaming content. But it's not coming soon.

He decides what we watch

Recently appointed chief censor David Shanks is defining the role of censorship in New Zealand.

There was a time when the NZ censor would cut out bits of film and sew it back together. Now the censor is transformed for the digital age.

It's a male Monopoly for Star Wars

Daisy Ridley plays lead chracter Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but her action figures are no where to be seen.

Where is Rey in the Star Wars version of Monopoly? In a galaxy far, far away, apparently.

PlayStation joins the party video

That's You!

PlayLink, the PS4's new multiplayer app, allows gamers to use their phones to compete against each other.

The housing crisis goes virtual

Final Fantasy players are having just as hard a time buying a house as you are in the real world.

The virtual world of Final Fantasy XIV has a housing shortage to rival Auckland's.

Assassin’s Creed on Netflix

Arno Dorian in the action-adventure videogame Assassin's Creed Unity.

It's been a series of games, books, and a film starring Michael Fassbender. Now Assassin's Creed is coming to Netflix as an anime series.

Review: Crash Bandicoot is back

As the series went on the difficulty went down, but more vehicles and gimmicks also made an appearance.

REVIEW: A new Crash Bandicoot collection resurrects his three original adventures with beautiful new visuals.

Skyrim's house of cards

Heroes of Skyrim

A recent expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Legends introduced the Heroes of Skyrim to the CCG smash hit.

Minecraft: The next generation


Already a pop culture phenomenon, a new update for the world's most popular game looks set to take things to the next level.

Game designer's international nomination

Phillips began designing full-time out of his Kapiti home this year, after almost a decade of pursuing it as a hobby in ...

Waikanae designer Shem Phillips' board game is nominated for a prestigious award, considered the pinnacle of success for the industry

Five games we'd play again

Jonah Lomu Rugby is still considered one of the best rugby games ever.

Remember Goldeneye? What about Championship Manager? When are they getting a remake?

Crash Bandicoot - and your childhood - returns

Fans have missed this goofy face.

The original three Crash Bandicoot games have been remade. Get ready for more nostalgia than you can shake a wumpa fruit at.

Doom creator sells original game disks

Doom II: Hell On Earth was first released in 1994.

Set of floppy disks for the classic videogame Doom II fetches more than $4000.

Stopping Pokemon Go cheaters

Pokemon Go cheaters will now face uncertain consequences.

Players caught cheating will apparently find their Pokemon behaving unexpectedly.

The game two decades in the making

The game is included in Nintendo's new mini SNES.

Think the wait for the next Game of Thrones season or the next Avengers film is bad? Be glad you're not waiting 22 years.

NZ bans Japanese fetish game

Criminal Girls: Invite Only has been banned by New Zealand's censorship office.

Whipping teenage girls? Censor says no.

Sonic races onto smartphones

You'll soon be playing Sonic on your phone.

Relive your early 90s childhood with SEGA classics available for ios and android.

Nintendo goes retro

The mini SNES comes with 21 legitimately great games built in.

Classic games Donkey Kong and Super Mario World will be available on retro mini gaming console.

Sailing the Sea of Thieves

Dynamic storms and lighting strikes make navigating the high seas perilous for ships that will quickly sink if they take ...

Stuff shares a bottle of grog with Sea of Thieves designer Ted Timmins to talk about the pirate game's "limitless potential".

Software piracy

Ship-to-ship battles play a big part in the competitive side of a game built with co-operation at its core.

It's not out until next year, but Stuff set sail for high seas adventure at E3 with a hands-on look at Rare's Xbox pirate game.

Forza 7: Hands-on preview

The newest Forza game allows for up to 24 racers to compete online simultaneously on the same server across Xbox and PC.

It's the best-looking console racing game ever made, but how does it play? Stuff takes it for a test drive at E3.

Gaming's future: T-rex possession and hats

Pictured: a virtual Italian plumber possessing a t-rex. What an age we live in!

Nintendo promises moustached dinosaurs and nostalgia to fans, as E3 expo continues in US.

The making of Xbox One X

The Xbox One X runs at 6 teraflops, making it the world's most powerful gaming machine by some margin.

Xbox executive Mike Nichols gives us the inside track on the development of the world's most powerful console.

Dream Pokemon game finally coming

The hype is intensifying for Pokemon fans the world over.

Forget Pokemon Go - the game Poke-maniacs have waited more than 20 years for is finally on its way.

Atari game-changer

Could Atari be about to release a game-changer?

A mysterious Atari video has nostalgic gamers salivating.

Major new PlayStation games unveiled

Sony's E3 briefing featured plenty of on-stage theatrics but ket the focus firmly on its stellar line-up of games.

Sony's E3 conference saw the launch of dozens of huge new titles and more than a few surprises.

Xbox One X: 'It's a monster' video

The Xbox One X will be released on November 7, at a likely price of $749

Microsoft kicked off E3 2017 by unveiling the the world's most powerful console and 42 new games.

XBox chooses Kiwi game builders

Ashen's faceless characters are being built here in New Zealand.

New Zealand is fast becoming a hot-spot for gamers and fantasy artists. Just ask the experts.

Counter Culture launches in Wellington video

Husband and wife team Ahmed Bulbulia and Emma Smart in front of a selection of board games at their new gaming cafe ...

Mecca for board game novices and die hard fans set to open in central Wellington on Thursday.

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