Xbox One X:Hands on preview video

Xbox One X

Stuff takes the world's most powerful console for a test drive ahead of its November release.

It's NZ's Pokemon Go video

The main characters from the Curious Critters Club, a new augmented reality game focused on New Zealand stories.

A new augmented reality game encourages children to uncover mythical creatures and New Zealand legends.

Kiwi songstresses kick it for Fifa

Kimbra will release new track Top Of The World on the soundtrack.

Kimbra is launching a new song in one of the year's biggest games, with Lorde's hit Supercut included in Fifa 18 as well.

Play Tekken, win $10,000

New Zealand's Tekken 7 champion will take on a professional from South Korea in a televised event on Monday night.

A Tekken 7 tournament in Auckland tonight has a $10,000 prize pool, and a competitor all the way from South Korea.

Game harder for black characters video

The higher the difficulty setting you select on the new South Park videogame, the darker your skin colour.

Choose the highest difficulty setting on the South Park videogame and you'll automatically play as a black person.

Jesus v Buddha in fighting game

A screen shot from new videogame Fight Of Gods, in which Jesus Christ uses chunks of the cross still nailed to his hands ...

Ever wanted to watch two popular religious figures beat each other up? Well, now you can.

Kiwi gamer wins big video

Timmy Chiew is taking on the world's best and winning.

From Manawatu to Japan, a gamer wins a big international tournament.

Pokemon Go but with zombies?

The Walking Dead: Our World will make a walk to the shops and bone jangling adventure.

Fancy trading in catching cute critters for blowing up a herd of walkers? The Walking Dead's creators at AMC have got you covered.

Mario gets a Rabbid revamp video

Mario x Rabbids

Turning Nintendo's iconic mascot into a turn-based shooter was a risky move for Ubisoft, but it's paid off.

Is this the next Pokemon Go?

Daisy Ridley plays lead chracter Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Get ready to feel the force. Star Wars unveils a massive Last Jedi augmented-reality game.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy video

Uncharted: TLL

Review: Two new leading ladies take centre stage as gaming's most epic adventure series returns.

Virtual F1 drivers champs all go

Nico Rosberg won the Formula One world drivers championship last year, but in future teams may also have a virtual champion.

Formula One will have a virtual world champion as well as a real one after launching eSports series.

Eight great ZX Spectrum games

Knight Lore introduced an extra-dimension to ZX Spectrum gameplay.

From Shockway Rider to Skool Daze - the ZX Spectrum's most addictive games.

AI crushes pro gamers

OpenAI unveiled its bot at an annual Dota 2 tournament where players walk away with millions in prize money.

An artificial intelligence bot has defeated some of the world's most talented players of Dota 2.

Review: Tacoma video

Most of the Tacoma station is covered by the installation's artificial gravity system, but travelling between each ...

Tacoma is an innovative experience in interactive storytelling that you won't forget in a hurry.

Psychics sue Grand Theft Auto

American TV psychic 'Miss Cleo' alongside an image of the character 'Auntie Poulet' from the videogame Grand Theft Auto: ...

The Psychic Readers Network is suing over a 15-year-old videogame. Ironic much?

Review: Splatoon 2 video

Splatoon 2

It might be virtually identical to the original, but Splatoon 2 is so much fun you probably won't care.

Sony hikes price of online gaming

Playing Call of Duty, Destiny and other multiplayer games on PS4 is getting pricier.

Playing online on PS4 is getting more expensive - again - as Sony raises the cost of subscriptions.

A Nazi walks into a milk bar... video

Pictured: man fighting giant Nazi mech.

Upcoming blockbuster game reveals a particularly tense encounter, involving a Nazi and a milkshake.

Dad builds his girl a killer robot

Amanda Carambat's dad just built her the ultimate cosplay suit.

Doting American father arms his video game loving daughter with her very own robot.

Review: Death Squared video

Death Squared

This Aussie-designed puzzler is a slick and stylish game that's right at home on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon No-Go

The world's first Pokemon Go Fest was not as happy-looking a place as this.

The crowd turns ugly at world's first Pokemon Go Fest in the US.

Eight-year-old gets her Rey

Rey has finally been added to Monopoly Star Wars sets sold in the US.

The Force and its director were strong with this one.

Crash Bandicoot's 'lost' level released video

You'll die a lot on Stormy Ascent.

Cut from the original game for being way too difficult, the level Stormy Ascent has finally been released.

David Tennant vs Zombies

David Tennant has made his way into the Call of Duty franchise, joining actors like Kevin Spacey and Kit Harrington.

Former time lord will hunt undead Nazis in the next blockbuster Call of Duty game.

Atari’s new gaming console

The Ataribox, Atari's first new gaming console in more than 20 years.

The Ataribox is coming, promising classic and current gaming content. But it's not coming soon.

He decides what we watch

Recently appointed chief censor David Shanks is defining the role of censorship in New Zealand.

There was a time when the NZ censor would cut out bits of film and sew it back together. Now the censor is transformed for the digital age.

It's a male Monopoly for Star Wars

Daisy Ridley plays lead chracter Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but her action figures are no where to be seen.

Where is Rey in the Star Wars version of Monopoly? In a galaxy far, far away, apparently.

PlayStation joins the party video

That's You!

PlayLink, the PS4's new multiplayer app, allows gamers to use their phones to compete against each other.

The housing crisis goes virtual

Final Fantasy players are having just as hard a time buying a house as you are in the real world.

The virtual world of Final Fantasy XIV has a housing shortage to rival Auckland's.

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