PlayStation announces dozens of major new games at E3 showcase event

Sony used its annual E3 showcase briefing to officially unveil a raft of new games for its flagship PlayStation 4 console.

After Xbox stole the headlines by announcing the world's most powerful console at their E3 conference on Monday, the pressure was on PlayStation to come up with something big at their own briefing, and it's fair to say they delivered, with some huge, never-before-seen games, the return of some old favourites and more than a few jaw-dropping surprises.

While Microsoft's event involved a lot of talking heads and specially invited guests, PlayStation took an entirely different approach, letting the games do the talking, apart from a few brief on-stage introductions from PlayStation President Shawn Layden.

​That's not to say there wasn't a whole heap of razzle dazzle though. Opening with a live Indian sitar band and a dancing waterfall, the show also featured zombies dangling from the rafters, pyrotechnics and fake snowflakes falling on the audience at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium.

Sony's E3 briefing featured plenty of on-stage theatrics but ket the focus firmly on its stellar line-up of games.

Sony's E3 briefing featured plenty of on-stage theatrics but ket the focus firmly on its stellar line-up of games.

It was the games that people came to see though, here's a brief rundown of six of the most interesting, impressive and downright stunning titles we got to see at Sony's showcase.


E3 shows almost always finish with something big, and by showing us nine minutes of gameplay from Insomniac's forthcoming Spider-Man PlayStation exclusive, Sony ensured that we all left the theatre talking about Marvel's web-slinger.

Graphically, it looks stunning, with incredible lighting effects, super-smooth animation and plenty of cool fighting moves. 

From what we saw of it, the game looks like it will feature a lot of an Assassin's Creed style stealth action, with Spidey swinging from high vantage points, stalking his enemies before taking them out swiftly and silently.

Combat looks to have borrowed heavily from the Batman Arkham games, with Spider-Man taking on groups of bad guys by parrying, blocking and spinning away from attacks coming in from different directions.

The high-octane action was what really stole the show though - a sequence where our hero pursues a helicopter carrying a container over the rooftops of New York city was absolutely stunning - up there with any big-screen set pieces you'd see in a major Marvel movie. The game's scheduled for an early 2018 release.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Hands-down one of the games of the year, and a hit with critics and consumers alike, Guerilla's Horizon Zero Dawn looks certain to have cemented itself as one of the PS4's hottest new franchises.

I had high hopes for a sequel to be announced at E3 and, although this is a DLC expansion rather than a fully-fledged follow-up, it looks very, very impressive - even if it does appear to be more of the same.

Glimpses of new creatures, new weapons and some new abilities for Aloy were teased and there will be a host of new characters to meet and areas to explore. The new pack will be released later this year.

Detroit: Become Human

One of the most interesting games of E3 so far - David Cage's new branching narrative adventure is based around an android uprising in the not-too-distant future.

Artificial intelligence units have been developed as modern-day slave labour, sold to rich families to help make their lives easier.

You play as Markus, an android who leads an AI revolt against their human overlords. The trailer put a major emphasis on the fact that the player will be forced to choose between violent dissention or peaceful protest, creating a unique story for every playthrough depending on your decisions.

Graphically, it was one of the best looking games we saw, with highly detailed and realistic facial animations and running at 4K resolution. No release date was confirmed but this definitely looks like one to look forward to.

God of War

First announced at last year's E3. this was our first proper look at the return of Kratos. This time accompanied by his son Atreus, who is also a playable character in the game.

The new games shifts the focus from Greek mythology to a Norse setting and features more of the same hack-and-slash gameplay the series has become famous for, as well as some seriously super-sized monsters to battle.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Perhaps the weirdest and most quirky game in the showcase was a new title blending superheroes from the Marvel comic book universe with some of Capcom's most famous characters.

Nothing strange about that, you might think - they've been featured in the same fighting games for years. This is something entirely different though, a narrative-driven action adventure game that seems to follow a similar Infinity War storyline to the forthcoming Avengers movie.

Seeing Rocket Racoon and Captain America teaming up with Chun-Li and Megaman did seem a little unusual, but if the script and writing is as good what we saw in the trailer, this could be one to watch. The best part is there's a story demo ready for download on the PlayStation store right now.

PlayStation VR titles

When Sony released their virtual reality add-on last year, there were high hopes that it could be the kind of affordable, user-friendly VR hardware that brought the medium to the masses.

Despite the initial hype and some seriously enjoyable games in the launch line-up, the flood of early titles slowed to a trickle and it seemed that it could be yet another flash in the pan.

Thankfully, Sony hasn't quite given up on VR just yet and they announced a raft of new titles at their briefing, including a bizzare Final Fantasy-themed fishing game, A virtual reality update to Skyrim, No More Heroes and a cutesy mouse game callled Moss. Fingers crossed it will be enough to breathe new life into the peripheral.


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