Can you hear Lorde's 'baby tiger' hidden in her song Sober?

Lorde has some secrets hidden in her Sober track.

Lorde has some secrets hidden in her Sober track.

Hidden in Lorde's song Sober is a tiger, mumbled screams and memories of New Zealand.

The singer explained her single during a Song Exploder podcast, where she revealed the existence of a growling tiger hidden at the bridge.

While most of us probably hadn't noticed, but you can hear the tiger 2.35 minutes into the song. "That was just the kind of dramatic flourish we needed," Lorde said.

Sober was released with the singer's Melodrama album in June this year, which was made with US producer Jack Antonoff. Lorde said Antonoff's computer was filled with all kinds of sampled sounds. He just chucked the tiger in and it stuck there, Lorde reported.

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"Please enjoy the tiger's roar at the top of the bridge because it's our baby and we love it," she told the Song Exploder listeners.

Lorde also talked about the stressed instruments and mumbled screams "from detached bodies" that made up Sober. Mostly though, she said Sober was "bratty".

It came to life after a Summer the Kiwi spent back home a few years ago.

"There are just these bratty little 'mehs' in the background," Lorde said of her own sampled vocals embedded throughout Sober.

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Her sampled vocals were singing "ah, midnight, lose my mind" and "ah, when you get to midnight".

The idea of her Melodrama album was that it followed the life of a party, from its start to its peak and then early morning lows.

"Coming into early adulthood and every party felt so monumental," Lorde said.

Most of the ideas, Lorde explained, had been formed in New Zealand. She then made it in the US with Antonoff.

Parties didn't feel so exciting anymore, she added, saying it felt like "her research trip" partying in New Zealand had ended.

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