London Grammar: Truth is A Beautiful Thing - or is it just the same ol' thing?

London Grammar, Truth is a Beautiful Thing.

London Grammar, Truth is a Beautiful Thing.

Truth is A Beautiful Thing
London Grammar


REVIEW: Does the sun shine in London? London Grammar have put together a perfect winter album. It's glum, slow and melodramatic.

The band launched with a hard-hitting debut album in 2013. It was a deep and well crafted hour of music. Tracks like Hey Now and Strong made a name for the indie band, attaining radio time across the world. If You Wait's less commercial and drawn out tunes, like Wasting My Young Years, proved their strength as long-lasting and poignant tracks. And so, fans waited.

We waited for four years, until last week. London Grammar's sophomore album, Truth is A Beautiful Thing landed and it delivered more of the same.

British pop trio London Grammar: Dominic 'Dot' Major, Hannah Reid and Dan Rothman.

British pop trio London Grammar: Dominic 'Dot' Major, Hannah Reid and Dan Rothman.

The truth is, the band's second release doesn't land a punch. It's well-crafted musically but fails to deliver variety and lacks any meaning. As you reach the end of their hour-long release, there are no memorable moments.

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It's a fireplace album. Put it on as the fire burns this winter, and leave it playing until Spring breaks – but unlike their debut, don't expect to revisit this album in another four years.

In saying that, the tracks are woven together perfectly. The album flows like a polluted stream, each track delivering a further level of sobriety. Hell To The Liars is the perfect example. It's slow moving, but launches with beautiful lyrics that unfortunately don't last the six minute distance.

In Truth is a Beautiful Thing, the journey truly is the destination because the conclusion feels so hollow. It's a good listen but it leaves you with little. Moody beats and airy keyboards aren't enough to make an album memorable when the songs drag out to repeat the same meaningless words over and over again.

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