The Block NZ: The demise of Lisa and Ribz' gold wall

The Gold wall proves to be a big problem for Lisa and Ribz.

RECAP: Welcome back to The Block NZ, and the ongoing saga of Lisa and Ribz's gold wall.

From the second Lisa first dreamed it you could tell this gold wall was going to play a major part in the season, but not even I anticipated the drama continuing into a third week.

To bring you quickly up to speed: two weeks ago, Lisa and Ribz painted a gold feature wall in the living room. The judges had a viscerally negative reaction to it, which only inspired the contrarian couple to double down on their bad choice and extend the gold around the corner and into the entranceway last week.

It's selfie time on The Block.
It's selfie time on The Block.

This week they're re-doing the entranceway, and it's dawned on Lisa that in order to score higher than last week and keep the $10,000 budget rebate, the gold wall has gotta go.

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Her and Ribz go and buy some wallpaper to cover it with, but as soon as they leave Resene, Lisa has another change of heart. "I'm hashtag Lisa's out the gate," she realises. "I have to stay true to me."

The pressure's on.
The pressure's on.

The problem seems to be Lisa and Ribz's intimidating personalities mean people have been lying to their faces the whole time.

"We love it, Shelley loves it, 95 per cent of the people who walk through here love it," Lisa claims.

I mean, I don't know Shelley Ferguson personally, but I find it hard to believe she really loves that gold wall.

The decision is ultimately made by a random lady from an art gallery who takes one look at the gold and practically screams no art of mine shall ever be hung on that disgusting wall.

Problem solved? Certainly not.

The gold is on three faces of the wall, only two of which are in the entranceway.

The third gold face is in the living room, which means a Block Collective must be called for Lisa and Ribz to beg to be allowed to change it. More on that tomorrow night.

For tonight's challenge the teams have been tasked with jazzing up one of the old hospitality lounges at Eden Park with the help of Resene paints and some former Block contestants.

For Mikaere it's a chance to flex his artistic muscle with a mural.

"The basic composition," he explains, "is two arms holding balls, and two hands from young kids holding them." Sorry what.

"Receiving the sporting equipment," clarifies Sophia, which somehow sounds even worse?

Theirs is easily the best wall, and someone has reminded Lisa and Ribz they have that thing where they can steal another team's challenge if they think it'll win.

Ribz, however, declines the opportunity with what might be the most noble thing he's ever said: "morally I can't steal a man's piece of art."

Lisa's determined not to give in.
Lisa's determined not to give in.

Sophia and Mikaere's win should be confirmed later in the week, for now let's see how to re-dos are going.


They're repainted the brick-coloured bricks grey. Not a hell of a lot else to do so Adam tags along to Citta with Stacy and makes a right pest of himself.


Found their dream piece of street art to go in the entranceway opposite the neon Marilyn. "It's got builders, it's got whips, it's got pink hair," Ribz raves. It's perfect.


Ethan has taken his new best friend, builder Leif, to Real Groovy to shop for records to go on the wall of their new improved kid's bedroom.

"I love a good shop," says Leif. Back at the apartment Sam explains why they're building so much storage space into the room: "Everyone's got stuff they need to store, whether it be clothes, books… cool stuff…" Cool stuff!

Nothing like shopping for records on walls.
Nothing like shopping for records on walls.


Like Lisa last week, Sophia is feeling absolutely over it.

"There's just too much work, I just don't care anymore," she says, casting a sad eye around Apartment 4's bomb site of a living room. Nobody in the history of The Block has ever been more relatable than Sophia is in this moment.

Who's won what so far?

Stacy and Adam: $49,000 cash budget, $5,000 Sleepyhead bed, Minus-1 (used), $5,000 of curtains and blinds, $1,250 of art, Small appliance package, $8,000 TV, $5,000 Citta voucher, Undo, minus-1

Lisa and Ribz: $13,000 cash budget, The Safe ($5,000 cash, $5,000 Big Steal, Citta styling session, +2 (used), Undo (used)), $2,500 of art, Undo, +½ (used) , challenge advantage, $4,000 TV, +1 (used), $5,000 of art

Ethan and Sam: $2,000 cash budget, $12,000 Kitchen package, $500 of art, $6,000 TV

Sophia and Mikaere: $12,000 cash budget, $10,000 Citta vouchers, $8,000 Lighting Direct vouchers, $8,000 Farmers vouchers, Samsung Frame TV, +1 (x2, used), $5,000 of tiling labour, $1,250 of art, +½ (used), $12,000 TV