MAFS Australia's Sam Ball in a freak accident after filming finished, feared he might die

''I thought, 'I'm done here'. It wasn't good,'' said MAFS Australia's Sam Bell.
''I thought, 'I'm done here'. It wasn't good,'' said MAFS Australia's Sam Bell.

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A shocking accident turned MAFS Australia groom Sam Ball's world upside down last December when he was impaled on a wrought-iron fence after falling from the roof of his house. The gruesome mishap happened just months after filming for Married At First Sight came to an end.

The Sydney tradie was trying to find a way inside after losing his keys, but lost his footing and landed on a 25cm-long spike below. Sam's panicked friends called an ambulance – but he quickly feared the worst.

"I thought I was dead," Sam, 26, told TV WEEK. "Looking at the fear in my friends' eyes and them telling me it was going to be OK… I thought, 'I'm done here'. It wasn't good."

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Fortunately, Ball was able to have a blood transfusion, followed by emergency surgery on his thigh.

He was then bedridden for a week.

"It [the spike] hit the thickest part of my leg," Ball explains. "But if I'd landed any lower on it and penetrated an artery, I would have been dead in three minutes."

Ball was cleared to return to work five weeks later. But he was dealt a further blow when his wound became infected, forcing him to spend another week in hospital in January.

The gym fanatic admits that putting his active lifestyle on hold has been a struggle.

"Maybe it's life's way of telling me to slow down," he says. "It's definitely affecting me. I can't wait to get back [to the gym]."

Sam's wedding to Elizabeth aired last night, with the participant saying he was looking forward to finding 'the one.'

The handsome groom says he's struggled to find the right partner in the past, because he is often misunderstood for a player on the dating scene.

However things didn't get off to the best of starts, with Ball saying after the ceremony that he's "never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past."


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