Survivior NZ: why Leandro didn't mind getting voted out video


Leandro Den Haan has been voted off Survivor and onto an "awesome resort".

Getting voted off Survivor NZ isn't so bad. After exiting the tribe, Leandro Den Haan was granted a nice long holiday.

He's the first member of "the jury", a group of axed contestants in the reality show who get to decide the winner during a live New Zealand-filmed finale set down for July 5.

Den Haan thought he had the game in the bag, he admitted. He thought that he was going to go the whole way with fellow contestants Mike, Jak and Shannon.

Leandro, left, didn't mind getting punted from Survivor.

Leandro, left, didn't mind getting punted from Survivor.

That was right until Shannon voted against him and Mike - leaving their alliance in shreds.

"I was very surprised to be voted off, yup," he said.

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"At the time I wasn't the happiest about what had happened, I kind of had a bit of trust in my alliance and that backfired on me."

But he's had time to reflect and since leaving the game, things have taken a turn for the better.

"I was staying in this awesome resort, eating properly, tried to learn a bit of Spanish and surfed," said Den Haan.

As a result, he bears no grudge.

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"Now that I'm off the game, and I've had a bit of time to digest the whole thing [I don't]. At the time, it was quite hard to work out what was reality and what was part of the game.

"Now that I've had the time... good on her, I have no hard feeling against Shannon."

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