Game of Thrones goes Beyond the Wall, but some of us will want to come back

As much as we all despise him right now, you have to admit he's pretty boss.

As much as we all despise him right now, you have to admit he's pretty boss.


Game of Thrones just delivered possibly it's most epic, draw-dropping episode of all time. Like seriously. Let's break it down.

The Night King got game

Poor Drogon is a man down.

Poor Drogon is a man down.

We all knew what was going to happen the moment the Night King took hold of that spear.

We all knew, yet we hoped it wouldn't. He aimed, we knew, we hoped. He threw it, with some serious strength, we knew, the hope started to fade.

Then it happened.

We've all missed Tormund.

We've all missed Tormund.

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The world got a little less brighter as the fire burst out of Viserion.

It alway seems so much more when the innocent go. Ok, maybe giant fire breathing dragons aren't the MOST innocent of animals, but it really was heart breaking.

Sansa is running out of people who have her back.

Sansa is running out of people who have her back.

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And Rhaegal too. Viserion was his BFF. They grew up together, always in the shadow of big brother Drogon, and now he's alone.

How ruthless is Arya prepared to get?

How ruthless is Arya prepared to get?

At least until Jon Snow hurries up and finds out the truth. Next episode please!

As for what this means beyond me crying myself to sleep, it means the Night King is hella dangerous. And now he has a dragon. Brilliant. 

A dragon that possibly has the power to burn down the wall. As sad as the situation seems, that is something I really cannot wait for. Again, please happen in the finale!

There's also the question of whether the Night King will be able to ride his new play thing. That would be epic, him coming face to face with Dany.

Also, now that it's a White flyer, will Valyrian steel be able to shatter it? Like just a nick from the cat's paw dagger (the one in Winterfell) could be enough?

Viserion's demise also means that one major theory is now unlikely to be true.

It had long been thought that Tyrion was also a Targaryen, after Mad King Aerys had an affair with Tywin's wife Joanna.

Hints included Tywin's line to him before he dies, "you're no son of mine" and Tyrion's seeming bond with Viserion (RIP) and Rhaegal while they were chained in Meereen.

This meant there would be three riders for the three dragons. But now of course there's only two, meaning that possibility loses all meaning.

Jon will ride the dragon named for his father too. There's so much more epic to come.

Man down! Really, only one?

The Suicide Squad/Band of Brothers/Magnificent Seven (or whatever other pop culture reference you want to make) really should have got more than one episode.

I could have had a whole episode of them just winding each other up before they even got a hint of a wight.

Of course, the Hound and Tormund took the cake.

The wilding's wonderfully tender (in his own special way) words on Brienne were also a treat.

She's a lucky lady, I think?

What really did surprise me is that Tormund survived at all. Apart from his dream to make world-conquering babies, he doesn't really have any other purpose to the show's narrative

The lord of HBO isn't done with you yet, Giantsbane.

In fact the only one we lost was old Thoros of Myr, the character who we really didn't have a huge connection too. Unless you're an alcoholic magician, in which case i'm sorry for your loss.

It did seem to set up for the fact that Beric was definitely on his way out too, but him and flaming sword clearly have something to offer in the wars to come.

And Gendry? Luckily he's not still running for three seasons. But we didn't get to see him wield that warhammer. Yet.

It seems he'll stick around to complicate things for Dany.

The only other major figure to die was Benjen, who conveniently appeared to save Jon, who really needed to sound more surprised that his uncle just randomly showed up after being gone for so long.

This is more than Sibling Rivalry

Arya and Sansa never got on. When they were on the road to King's Landing, they were at odds, and when they got there, they pretty much avoided each other. And now that resentment has come back.

After Sansa learns the true extent of Arya's abilities, she genuinely fears her sister. Should we be afraid too?

Is Arya seriously considering offing Sansa? The passing of the dagger may seem like a peace offering, but it might just be to put Sansa off guard for now.

It doesn't help matters that she sent Brienne to King's Landing to some mysterious meeting.

And that Bran couldn't care less about all of this.

Arya's line about women not being able to decide what they're going to be also really hit home.

Neither of them got what they dreamed of, but they're both here, each with their own destiny in hand.

And all while one man waits.

Petyr, despite his apparent empathy with Sansa, really is loving all this. Chaos is a ladder.

Love is in the air

Amongst all the heartbreak, the show dropped its biggest signs yet that Jon and Dany are gonna get together.

Tyrion just comes straight with it that he thinks Jon loves Dany, and she does very little to rebuff him. Come on Dany, he's not that little.

Then, of course, we skip forward to the oh-so cliche bed scene.

So much tension. Just forget about the incest.

When Dany says the "Now I know" line, she is most likely talking about the army of the dead, but I think she's also indirectly referring to when she saw his scars while he rested.

She knows that he has had the same kind of difficult rise to power that she has, and now fully respects him.

Plus, she was definitely checking out those 'little' muscles.

Then he calls her Dany! Nawwwwww.

Followed by: "then how about my Queen?" Oh stop it, Jon.

Because this is Game of Thrones, not Friends, the will-they-won't-they isn't likely to continue into next season. Get ready for some kissin' next time round.

Seriously though, Jon believes she made the ultimate sacrifice for him, so he does the same.

They're truly allies now.

It's gonna be awkward when Jon finds out he's actually the true heir to the throne.

Extra for experts

*Before the thing that I've decided not to talk about anymore happened, the dragons burning through those wights was just sooooo good

*Tyrion tried to get Dany to listen. He failed again. Jury still out on whether that's a good thing

*I refuse to believe that next week is the final episode

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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