US TV show Preacher threatened with boycott after graphic sex scene with Jesus


Lighbox published the controversial episode of Preacher on Tuesday.

Christians are threatening to boycott a US network after one of its dramas aired a sex scene involving Jesus on the night of the Last Supper.

The show Preacher is under fire for its creators taking things too far.  The latest episode opened with Jesus and a woman having sex, speaking graphically about various acts and showing the couple's various positions in silhouette.

Co-producer of the show Seth Rogen tweeted out ahead of the transmission that he was surprised the network had let them go as far as they did.

US show Preacher is under fire for depicting a graphic sex scene involving Jesus.

US show Preacher is under fire for depicting a graphic sex scene involving Jesus.

"Tonight's episode of #Preacher has some stuff I've been excited to bring to life for years and I'm SHOCKED they let us do it. Please watch," he said. 

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But Catholic League president Bill Donohue is not amused.

In a statement he said, "Depicting Jesus in a grotesque sex scene is an assault on the sensibilities of all Christians, as well as people of good will who are not Christians. We have been treated to this kind of fare from some pay-per-view channels, but we are not accustomed to AMC getting into the mud. If this is a signal of what it aspires to become, we will rally Christians against it."

Preacher is not averse to controversy, with the original graphic novels coming under fire when they were first released.

The drama is based on a comic book about a modern-day Preacher who is losing his faith and encountering many different demonic entities and monsters. It stars Dominic Cooper as the titular Preacher.

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