Alice Brine's stars of early 2000 Home and Away: Where are they now? (part two) video

The early 2000s cast of Home and Away.

The early 2000s cast of Home and Away.

OPINION: As a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed coming home from school, putting the TV on, and just staring at the bags under Irene from Home and Away's eyeballs for like half an hour.

That's why last week I decided to write a detailed investigation into what happened to all the stars of early 2000's Home and Away.

If you missed out on Part One, you can read it here.

Tammin Sursock today.
Imeh Akpanudosen

Tammin Sursock today.

On Thursday, rather than write an unrelated intro like I normally do, I'm just going to dive straight into the story for you so here it is:

Alice Brine's stars of early 2000 Home and Away: Where are they now?
Alice Brine scoffs at The Great British Bake Off
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Happily stranded on UK's Love Island
Survivor: Don't try too hard, that's the Kiwi way

Danni Sutherland / Tammin Sursock

What I remember about her when she was on the show:

* Very heavy, caramel coloured, streaks in her hair.
* The most boring of the Sutherland sisters.
* Wore a lot of peach lipgloss.
* Was sexually assaulted by Shane, and then Shane started dating her younger sister and everyone was fine with it.
* Cried HEAPS.
* Wore a lot of baggy chiffon singlet tops with cowboy belts, and low rider boot-cut jeans.
* Should have been cast on McLeod's Daughters.

What she is doing now in real life:

That scene from Pretty Little Liars.
Eric McCandless

That scene from Pretty Little Liars.

In the summer of 2003, Tammin Sursock released her debut single Pointless Relationship.

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It did pretty well and lasted about a week on the charts, before it flopped. At the time, I even used our dial-up-internet to download the song's coordinates, and save them as a ringtone on my Nokia 3310.

I also remember reading an article about the making of her music video in an issue of Dolly Magazine, that I only bought because it came with a free Banana Lip Smackers. 

In 2008 she landed herself a role on Pretty Little Liars playing the character Jenna, who goes blind after stepping on a stink bomb. LOL.

I found an hilarious scene on Youtube where she wakes up in hospital and for some reason frantically puts her sunglasses on even though it's already dark, and she's already blind. 

It also appears that she's set up some kind of "busy-mummy-who-still-drinks-wine-with-a-good-work- life-marriage-balance" blog, called Bottle and Heels.

Ryan Clark as Sam Marshall.

Ryan Clark as Sam Marshall.

One of the blog posts is titled "Why you are allowed to feel sexy and be a mother." I firmly disagree with that blog post because I believe that as soon as someone has a baby they must immediately turn into an actual pile of flaming, roadside, garbage.

She also has a full on Youtube channel called In Bed with Tammin. I'm not sure what the channel is about though because I genuinely couldn't  bring myself to click play.

Sam Marshall/ Ryan Clark

What I remember of him when he was on the show:

* At age 10, Sam from Home and Away was a huge sexual awakening for me.
* He was the cocky, shark tooth necklace wearing, badboy of my dreams.
* In year six, I had a crush on three boys at Eastern Hutt Primary School. Literally all of them looked and dressed exactly like Sam from Home and Away."
* He never took any shit from Alf.
* Used to help himself to chocky bars from the surf club, without asking.
* He once stormed off on Irene saying,"I'll be in my room, if anyone wants me, tell them to get stuffed." I've had a soft spot for thugs ever since.

What he is doing now in real life:

Ryan Clark today.

Ryan Clark today.

From 2006 to present, Sam has been one of the lifeguards on the show Bondi Rescue. He's now more commonly known by the extremely Australian nickname of 'Whippet.'

I watched an entire interview with him on Youtube and ended up a hot mess. 

Not only did I have to call the fire brigade, I also had to call the ambulance as my ovaries literally burst into flames.

Ryan Clark and his son, living the dream.

Ryan Clark and his son, living the dream.

My favourite quote from this Youtube interview is when he says, "I try to eat healthy but ya know when you've had a few schooners the night before, it's just gotta be Maccas the next day."

You can watch the full interview but I suggest taking yourself outside, in an open area, just incase you physically implode.

Sam is married with kids now and appears to have reached peak Aussie dream.

Christie Hayes as Kirsty Sutherland on Home and Away

Christie Hayes as Kirsty Sutherland on Home and Away

I found a photo of him that perfectly demonstrates this: Out in the ocean, offspring on the surfboard wearing a baby wetsuit, both father and child throwing epic shakas at the camera. Living the dream.

I'm happy that Sam's happy, but have to admit i'm absolutely devastated he's moved on without me

Kirsty Sutherland/ Christie Hayes

What I remember about her when she was on the show:

* Dated her sister's rapist.
* Lied about being pregnant and got caught because her sister saw her taking the pill.
* Always had the noisiest footsteps out of everyone, sounded like she was wearing horse shoes.
* Sulked HEAPS.
* Wore the school uniform more than anyone on the show.
* Good boobs.

What she is doing now in real life:

Jason Smith ad Robbie Hunter on Home and Away.

Jason Smith ad Robbie Hunter on Home and Away.

She got married to a wine broker. (I had to Google what that job was and it IS actually what it sounds like).

She has two kids, one of them named Hendrix, after Jimi Hendrix. She is now is a radio host on Illawarra's number one radio station i98fm. (Go Dragons).

She actually lives and works in Wollongong where both my dad and sister live. Her Instagram is pretty good. She's doin alright.

Robbie Hunter/ Jason Smith

Jason Smith today.

Jason Smith today.

What I remember from him on the show:

* Thin square fake glasses.
* Wore a lot of Jay-Jay's clothing.
* Somewhat asexual in nature.
* Got pregnant with Tasha, whose name was pronounced "Tasha" and not "Tarsha".
* Thin.
* Toothy.

What is he doing now in real life:

He was the red Power Ranger at one point in 2008.

Since then his biggest claim to fame is the fact that he's friends with Chris Lilley in real life.

He's regrammed the same selfie of him and Chris Lilley literally three times in the past 56 weeks.

Ryan Kwantan as Vinnie Patterson on Home and Away.

Ryan Kwantan as Vinnie Patterson on Home and Away.

Before his brief stint with the Power Rangers franchise, Robbie also released a bunch of songs that no one ever heard.

My favourite of his releases is this absolute banger I found on Youtube called Celebrity. it came out in 2011. It's not good.

Vinnie Patterson/ Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse in Tru Blood.

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse in Tru Blood.

What I remember about him when he was on the show:

* Had a really tan face.
* Said G'day a whole heck of a lot.
* Beady eyes.
* Him and Leah used to make out heaps and they would include gross kissing noises.
* Constantly wore his lifeguard uniform, pretty sure he wore it to his own wedding
* Died

What he is doing in real life now:


Blinky Bill: The Movie arrives in New Zealand cinemas on September 24

Vinnie hit the big time in 2008 after landing a major role in the series, True Blood.

He played alongside New Zealand's own Anna Paquin, and they both did fake American accents.

While a lot of people are already aware of this, something not many people know about is that he went on to land the the role of Blinky Bill in the 2017 animated remake of Blinky Bill,The Movie.

Growing up in Canberra from the ages of 2-5, Blinkey Bill was an epic part of my upbringing and I cannot think of a more appropriate actor for the role, than Vinnie from Home and Away.

A true Aussie Legend.

 - Stuff


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