Duncan Garner reveals he'll vote for the first time this election video


On The AM Show, Duncan Garner revealed he would vote for the first time in the coming election.

Broadcaster Duncan Garner has revealed he has never voted.

The AM Show host told listeners and viewers on Thursday morning that he would take to the polls on Saturday for the first time in his life.

Garner said his previous career as a political reporter - he was Three's political editor for a number of years - meant he felt he was "too close to the action" to pick a side.

Duncan Garner says he'll vote this election for the first time in his life.

Duncan Garner says he'll vote this election for the first time in his life.

"I've always been too close to the action because I went to parliament as a 21-year-old, and I decided not to, and that's been my position since 1996," he said. However this year he decided he would vote - but he still wasn't sure which party would get his tick.

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"Am I National, Labour, Greens, NZ First? I'm probably a little bit of each, actually," he said.

He said he thought National had done a good job managing the economy and dealing with the numerous natural disasters during its time in government, but he was concerned about rising inequality and he didn't need a tax cut.

Garner also hinted that at times he felt too disillusioned with politicians to believe in any party's agenda.

"In many ways I've become pretty much disillusioned over the years by politicians and their bloody lies - I get sick of it.

"I think MPs don't tell the truth often enough, and they rely far too heavily these days on these fancy spin doctors, and democracy for you and me I think is worse off."

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Two days out from the election, Garner had "absolutely no idea" who he'd vote for.

"I like a few of them. So I've got to get a spine and a backbone and make up my mind."

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