Duncan Garner horrified at being labelled 'racist', 'white supremacist' after immigration column

Duncan Garner has quit Twitter, a site he says is populated by abusers.

Duncan Garner has quit Twitter, a site he says is populated by abusers.

Duncan Garner has faced a torrent of abuse, including being labelled a racist.

Garner announced on Facebook that he was quitting social media outlet Twitter, which he called a "sad little hangout from hell", after a column calling for New Zealand to curb immigation saw him accused of racism.

Garner said he enjoyed online interaction and prided himself on being approachable, but that Twitter had become "angrier" and "more feral" since he joined.

"Twitter here is an angry child full of self-appointed wannabe intellectuals that believe they're truly superior," he said.

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"But many of these people hide cowardly behind anonymity. Gutless. These people are abusers, verbal abusers. So I am out. I will use the extra time on myself and kids. No problem there."

He said that with online bullying rife in New Zealand, some people on Twitter needed to review the way they spoke to others online "before they do some serious damage."

But it was the accusations of racism and white supremacy that had caused Garner to throw in the towel on Twitter, he said.

"Twitter lost me today because twitter and its people have no idea about me and my bi-lingual kohanga and Kura kids, the immigrant neighbourhood I live in and my boy's school where 55 languages are spoken and my wife is dedicated to the mainly immigrant community as a teacher aide - she treats and loves all those kids and new arrivals with total love and warmth."

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Garner also raised the topic on Monday morning's AM Show, which he hosts. 

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