Deeper creek on the way as council moves to start building

Council rivers investigation and planning engineer Jan ven der Vliet points out the planned stormwater upgrade to ...

Council rivers investigation and planning engineer Jan ven der Vliet points out the planned stormwater upgrade to Casey's Creek in Marlborough.

A $2.2-million project to drain stormwater from a new subdivision in Marlborough is one step closer to completion.

The drainage development to expand stormwater capacity in a Blenheim creek will go to tender next month.

The project at Casey's Creek, off Old Renwick Rd, also plans to construct new culverts and bridges to properties, realign the stopbank and enhance the surrounds.

The Marlborough District Council held an open day on Friday to gather resident feedback before the project moved ahead.

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Council rivers investigation and planning engineer Jan ven der Vliet​ said all the right research had gone in to getting the project green-lit.

The widening and deepening of the waterway would be necessary infrastructure once the new subdivision was constructed, he said.

"Without this, we will get a lot of potential surface flooding," he said.

Casey's Creek provided stormwater drainage for the upper catchment of the creek. 

Construction costs were likely to reach $2.2 million, van der Vliet said.

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Changes to the creek would run over 1100 metres and resident driveways would need to be dug up to facilitate the works.

Two to three driveways would be worked on at any one time with residents required to park on the side of the road during construction, van der Vliet said.

"By default, people will get a brand-new driveway," he said.

The Cawthron Institute was commissioned in 2014 to carry out an ecological survey of the creek.

Results found the creek was a habitat for giant kokopu and long-fin eel. Council had made every effort to ensure the marine environment was largely unaffected in the project, van der Vliet said.

"We're very conscious of the area from an ecological point of view, we're trying our best to minimise our impact," he said.

In conjunction with the upgrades, council planned to leave enough space for the prospective construction of a cycleway. 

Meanwhile the side of the road would be replanted with native species to provide a better introduction for motorists entering Blenheim, van der Vliet said.

Council planned to lodge an application for resource consent in late August. Construction would take place from summer and was projected take up to six months.

The Opaoa River stopbank would be reshaped and made higher in 2019, van der Vliet said.

* An earlier version of this story incorrectly used details from the stormwater upgrade at Murphy's Creek. The story has since been updated. 

 - The Marlborough Express


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