Climate change haiku

Dr Andy Reisinger has written a haiku version of the latest climate change report, for those who don't have the time to ...

The latest climate change report is 560 pages long; a Kiwi scientist has distilled it in a poem.

Tasman Sea warming again

Extreme fire warnings were in place for Canterbury and Marlborough last summer after days of hot weather.

A rare "marine heatwave" played a part in last year's record summer and might be happening again.

Hapū not happy over 'health hazard' houses

The New Plymouth District Council can exercise powers under the Building Act regarding dangerous and unsanitary ...

Derelict houses could put residents and reef in harm's way, says hapū member.

Key climate report blocked

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's special report on what would happen if average global temperatures rise ...

US moves with three other countries to block climate summit endorsing landmark global warming study.

Let's make a difference stuff nation

Want to help the planet? Start my planting trees and growing food. (File photo)

Those first steps to reducing your carbon footprint can be challenging at first. But it can be done.

Stop kicking the can on climate change

New Zealand's agriculture sector has a lot of work to do to help fight climate change.

OPINION: I'm making big changes on my farm to help combat climate change. Will enough other people bother?

NZ's hidden climate killer

In New Zealand, synthetic nitrogen fertiliser has been the driving force behind the growing dairy herd.

OPINION: Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser has been the driving force behind NZ's bloated dairy herd.

Use less carbon and be wealthier

The less time you spend in a car, the happier, and wealthier, you become.

OPINION: Changing your habits to cut your carbon emissions could make you wealthier.

NZ is one of the worst

Cows are a big contributor to New Zealand's carbon footprint.

New Zealand - on a per capita basis - is among the world's worst contributors to climate change.

Only science may rescue South Dunedin

South Dunedin is one of the country's most vulnerable built-up areas when it comes to flooding.

Rain running off Dunedin's hills is one of the biggest issues behind South Dunedin's flooding problems.

An inheritance washed away video

Two homes, on privately owned land, are at threat due to ongoing erosion along the north Taranaki coastline.

It was part of his inheritance. Now the sea is set to take it.

The ingredients of a mass extinction

Some 250 million years ago, about 90 per cent of sea life and 70 per cent of land life went extinct in what is now ...

Scientists know what killed most life on Earth 250m years ago and say we're on the same path.

Be climate change #influencers stuff nation

The way I’ve lived from the 60s to now has proved to be an unsustainable lifestyle that won’t even survive the life span ...

You don't need to preach about your eco-friendly changes, but every small thing can make a difference.

Actions not matching words on CO2

Rising demand for oil to fuel transport is another cause of the increase in emissions.

CO2 emissions are rising again, despite promised reductions.

Clear and present danger

HMNZS Wellington, an offshore patrol vessel in the Ross Sea.

Conflict, extreme weather and disaster: the military is on the front line of climate change.

Climate change hypocrite? stuff nation

We buy our cars second hand and our average time of ownership is over ten years. Am I still guilty? (File photo)

I compost, walk and recycle, but I also fly overseas and drive. I think I'm a fence-sitting hypocrite.

Greenland ice melt: 'terrible news'

Melting in Greenland - the world's second largest ice sheet behind Antarctica - was estimated to add more water to ...

Climate talks get a shock: signs of a slowing of the melt have proved illusory.

Farmers up to methane challenge

Methane emissions will need to drop significantly for global warming to be limited to 1.5C, which could have ...

OPINION: NZ can meet climate targets, with help from politicians and scientists.

How green is green enough?

The launch of New Zealand Green Investment Finance, with a $100 million capital contribution from the Government, ...

ANALYSIS: New climate fund faces making a profit from investing in things which others refuse to touch.

Helping understand Christchurch's flood risk

Better wind data from Bromley could help the Christchurch City Council's understanding of future city flooding. In July ...

Readings from the Avon-Heathcote Estuary may improve understanding of future flooding risks from storm surges, high tides and extreme weather.

Situation normal: Extreme weather video

Damage on Takaka Hill road from ex-cyclone Gita.

Extreme weather frequency is creating "here we go again" fatigue, concerning forecasters.

Govt's climate cash

James Shaw visited Antarctica last month to see the effects of climate change first hand.

A $100 million fund will invest in companies with greenhouse gas busting ideas that will turn a profit.

Heat means snakes in the bed

A north Queensland man found himself with a strange bedfellow over the weekend, with an unknown snake biting him a ...

Finding a snake in your bed could be a consequence of climate change, Australians told.

Some rare good climate news

Meridian Energy's power station at West Arm, Lake Manapouri.

National hydro-power generation could increase as a result of climate change. Our grapes may benefit too.

Vanuatu v the developed world

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister, Ralph Regenvanu, announced his government is considering legal action against the world's ...

OPINION: Vanuatu announced legal action against major fossil fuel companies and developed countries.

Time to get real over climate change

Dr Bronwyn Hayward, of the University of Canterbury, says limiting global warming to 1.5C will require "life-altering" ...

NZ officials need to get their heads out of the clouds on climate change, academic says.

Australia, climate change hero

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 29:  Elon Musk during his presenation at the  Tesla Powerpack Launch Event at Hornsdale ...

Australia's fuelling China's race to become a green superpower, and NZ has a role too.

Saving the world for your kids stuff nation

As parents, leaving our children clean water and a secure planet should be a given. (File photo)

Parents say they'll do anything for their kids, but they haven't made any sacrifices for the sake of the environment.

Attenborough: End of our world video

Natural historian Sir David Attenborough listens to speeches during the opening of COP24 UN Climate Change Conference ...

Civilisation and the natural world are on the brink of collapse, Sir David tells UN.

Making sense of farm emissions


A new tool tells farmers if their animals are burping the carbon equivalent of a drive to Auckland or a flight to London.

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