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Making his mark in the Arctic

Charles Francis Hall, a 38-year-old newspaper publisher from Cincinnati, was obsessed.

Obsessed with finding explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic, Charles Francis Hall went to find them, and found fame.

Tired boot camp plan

The Government wants to set up a 'boot camp' at Waiouru Military Camp on the Central Plateau.

OPINION: National is re-treading the tired boot camp idea - and it won't work, it's never worked, writes Rosemary McLeod.

When 'family first' ends in tragedy

Kathleen Cooper at the High Court in Auckland.

Tough love has ended yet another young life, and now a policy as part of a CYF overhaul has just passed into law.

Who wants to live to be 100?

Felicity Price will return to the pool post op to get a good workout.

OPINION: I consider all the changes I need to make to my life if I'm going to live to a ripe old age.

Trump failed to lead ... I'm not surprised

Trump's slogans from the campaign trail resonated with white supremacists. His comments as president also resonate with them.

OPINION: As an American, I'm both ashamed, although not surprised, by recent events in Charlottesville - and by the president's response.

When single friends fight over a guy

So you stick with your female friends, or compete for an available guy?

Even if the guy isn't our type, it becomes a race because we're taught that being single means there's something wrong with us.

Secret lab in London Monument

A chamber normally off-limits to the public shows that the Monument is a giant telescope.

A chamber normally off-limits to the public shows that the Monument is a giant telescope.

5 offers of marriage, 1 day

Every now and again, you'll find experiences that rattle your brain around your skull and light a little fire in your belly.

OPINION: Every now and again, you'll find experiences that rattle your brain around your skull and light a little fire in your belly.

What we ate in 1987 video

Yum. Magazine styling in 1987.

It was $18k wine, $150 starters, chefs with chauffeurs - and the diners weren't paying, shareholders were.

Inside the meme election

This is a meme.

Stuff investigates: Who runs the meme pages and do they matter?

Samoa on his body video

Witi Ihimaera says native stories are a part of literature and it's now time to write them down.

There is more to indigenous literature than what's on paper, says an award-winning novelist.

From bombings to pancakes

Stepfather Marcel Naenen and Ingrid Vercammen launched Van Dyck Fine Foods, better known as Marcel's Pancakes, in ...

A former freelance reporter tells of terror overseas and how he's come to the sweet life in New Zealand.

The courage to speak up video

McLoon says growing up she always wanted to help people.

At about 17, Taylor McLoon walked off her first job, before becoming a leader in a collective action named the 'McStrike'.

Flats a blot on the Wellington landscape

The rundown Gordon Wilson flats in Wellington.

OPINION: Pull down the Gordon Wilson flats, they are truly an eyesore.

Scribe's troubled past

New Zealand rap artist Scribe is wanted by police.

The singer's tough, from the streets stories were not a hip-hop pose.

Mental health money late on arrival

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has said there is no need for a mental health review.

OPINION: Is the new money towards mental health more than a drop in the bucket?

It's our way or the highway video

19112014. Photo:  
Immigration control; marking by stamping a passport  FFX-Travel

adventure, airport, alien, ...

Only 14 per cent of Kiwis think immigrants should bring their way of life to NZ, but are we really that negative?

Migrating to flee terrorism stuff nation

Fatima Junaid is a doctoral candidate with the Massey Business School. She moved here from Pakistan and struggles to ...

I had to explain to my daughter that in New Zealand school is a safe place. There are no bombers.

The accidental pay gap reveal video

Jacinda Ardern wants to scrap the government's pay equity legislation, saying Labour won't rest until pay equity is achieved.

A mistake meant Jackie McCullough saw she was worth thousands less than a "useless" man. She quit.

Volcanoes under the ice video

The largest volcano range on earth has been discovered,  under Antarctica. (File photo)

Scientists discover 91 new volcanoes under the ice sheets of Antarctica.

A big heart at a small school video

Albury School principal release Di Anderson was surprised to learn she had won the regional Stuff Favourite Teacher award.

They say a school is the heart of the community – and teacher Di Anderson has taken that to heart in a small south Canterbury classroom.

It's not just this campaign that's dirty

Metiria Turei's plan backfired spectacularly, and looks to have ended her political career.

OPINION: Sure, election 2017 has been pretty torrid, but election 2014 got pretty wild, too.

Life with cystic fibrosis

Raupunawaiariki Griffiths, 16, has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, but is still cheerful as she explains ...

There's numerous cons, but the pros are that you get to eat steak and oily chips.

Life is abstract, no doubt about it video

Marlborough artist Sudhir Kumar Duppati gets philosophical on the graffiti wall in Blenheim's town centre.

Layers of experiences that may or may not relate to each other. That's life.

Sending our pristine water overseas

A water plant similar to what Chinese company Nongfu Spring intends to open.

Chinese-owned firm wants to use millions of litres of water a day from a spring near Whakatane.

Death on our rail lines video

Yolanda Kruger said that all train drivers fear hitting people on the tracks and that "some people are so shocked by it ...

In the past seven years there's been a total of 1,519 incidents involving pedestrians and vehicles being hit or nearly-hit by a train.

Pip-squeaky clean apple industry

The apples are beautiful, but UK and European supermarkets now demand they are not picked by exploited migrant workers.

The warning is clear to fruit and vege exporters. Allow worker exploitation, and get blacklisted by overseas supermarkets.

Anger at leech cancer cure claim video

Mehdi Jaffari offers leech therapy from suburban Birkenhead, Auckland.

Medical specialists are slamming a "charlatan" leech therapist who claims his special worms can cure breast cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Ex Kiwi cop turns author

Jane Furlong was 17 when she went missing off Karangahape Rd in 1993.

An ex-cop's debut thriller draws on true stories from New Zealand's grim criminal history.

Alison Mau: Talking is a beautiful thing

When Alison Mau did voluntary literacy work, she discovered that many parents hit their children because that's all they ...

OPINION: Anything that encourages mums and dads to talk to their babies and toddlers is a brilliant idea.

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