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Fly 'n' flop: the Kiwi way

When it comes to overseas travel, Kiwis aren't as adventurous as we might seem.

OPINION: Our favourite destinations don't paint us as daring, adventurous travellers. Most of us do not venture past Australia.

The Bain story - one more time

Martin van Beynen, veteran print journo and now a podcaster, has been following the Bain case for 20 years.

Years of investigation culminate in a major new true crime podcast about this country's most controversial murders.

The other grand canyon

The view over Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

Fish River is one of the few canyons on earth fashioned by a combination of tectonic, volcanic and erosional forces.

How do you stop begging? video

Marcus Pohio is homeless and regularly begs on Courtenay Place, in Wellington.

The only thing that will get Marcus Pohio off the street is death. But is public generosity speeding that up?

Welfare system 'cruel and broken'

Metiria Turei's admission has shone a light on the welfare state.

Metiria Turei's WINZ admission is evidence our system "drives people to make terrible choices" - and experts agree.

'Bad mothers' could be just like you

Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

OPINION: Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

Pete's legacy: a haunting new drama

David Lowrey's A Ghost Story was initially inspired by a single image of a ghost.

How one director managed to persuade Oscars' current best actor to spend most of a movie with a sheet over his head.

I almost blew my mum's last wish

In the face of the surgeon's unambiguous advice and the certainty he projected, our own certainty wavered.

No chemo, no invasive procedures! she said. But then a surgeon scared me.

Bob's one last ride

Robert Geary lied about his age to go to war at 17 and served in the army and navy.

A man whose farm was his life got a chance for one last visit before being laid to rest, thanks to last week's storm.

'Kiwi culture' turns deadly video

Making a summer splash at locations such as the Raglan footbridge is seen as a Kiwi tradition but the consequences can ...

Four have suffered the same life-changing injury diving off a wharf; another was killed jumping from a bridge. Now, councils are taking action.

Orphan's life begins at 3

For the past 15 years, Vintiner has been a pupil of Wellington's Mudra Dance Company, a training centre for ...

For 18 years, Kiwi dancer told only her closest friends how she had been abandoned as a 3-year-old outside an Indian police station.

Smells like teen spirit

Teenagers at a dance at Upper Hutt Youth Club during the 1960s.

A new book looks at the development of the New Zealand teenager over the past 150 years.

Leah McFall: My idea of heaven

Last week, I came very, very close to living my dream.

In my 20s, my fantasies were unprintable.

Perks, parties and politics

One lied to keep her benefit, the other says she never did. In a special investigation, we contrast the untold stories of political leaders Paula Bennett and Metiria Turei.

Confessions of a ticket scalper

Promoter Brent Eccles said anyone wanting to profit from ticket resales to Lorde's upcoming Melodrama World Tour 2017 ...

NZ event promoters are fighting back against ticket scalpers. Joining them is a man who was once considered the world's biggest scalper.

Fake News and tinfoil hats

Disgraced British anti-immunisation campaigner, Andrew Wakefield.

OPINION: Fake news and alternative facts are everywhere in my home town.

The making of Jack Bauer video

A shattered Jack Bauer reacts after the finish as he was caught by the peloton just metres short of a famous stage ...

Tracing the career of Tour de France cyclist Jack Bauer back to where it all started - Golden Bay.

Giving kids a sporting chance video

Anaru Williams, 12, went from playing zero sport to playing four. That wouldn't have happened without support from The ...

Thomas Nabbs tried most sports that came his way, and was shocked to discover not everyone had the opportunity.

Millions spent on parking misery

It's fair to say Wilson Parking's become notorious in Christchurch since the earthquakes.

It's fair to say that Wilson Parking has become notorious in Christchurch since the earthquakes.

National Portrait - Robin White: globetrotting artist

Artist Robin White stands still for a moment in her cosy lounge.

Robin White's art reflects her life of transience. 

Momentum with Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters is pulling out all his old trusty policies and tricks in his bid to secure the leverage ...

OPINION: In the dance of the desperates, Winston Peters is whirling the fastest.

Gloves on for gang fight

Te Kai Po Ahuriri will strap on the gloves on Saturday.

Gang chapter leader says he's turned his life around.

How to get over street food fear

The peanuts add some crunch to this papaya and beef salad.

For a non-adventurous eater, a Hanoi street food tour is exhilarating and frightening.

Trailers spoiling movie experience

Trailers used to be the best part of the cinema experience, now they have the potential to be the worst.

OPINION: Why do modern movie trailers insist on giving away the plot and ruining the film?

Doing the dirtiest work

After Disaster owner James Nunes-Vaz has never ever turned down a cleaning  job.

After the police and fire brigade have done their jobs at an emergency scene, the clean-up begins.

The Seven Year Witch

Samantha Robinson's "cinematic qualities" were what persuaded Anna Biller to cast her as The Love Witch.

Finding a witch? No problem. Sourcing someone who could still cut celluloid? That required real magic.

World swamped in plastic video

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at landfill.

There's literally a ton of plastic garbage for every person in the world.

Does Morgan's money plan work?

Gareth Morgan looks longingly at a set of Scrabble pieces spelling out "UBI".

Giving every young person a free $200 a week is economic madness, isn't it? Not necessarily.

Drilling Zealandia, the lost continent

Core samples taken from six sites in the Tasman Sea during the next couple of months are expected to answer many ...

A $120 million drilling programme into the sea floor around New Zealand will help explain how the mostly underwater continent of Zealandia formed.

Dunkirk: Believe the hype

Dunkirk is an audacious, intelligent and near-revolutionary film that will be watched and talked about for decades.

REVIEW: The events of Dunkirk demand an epic and a film-maker who can control one. It found one.

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