The women turning to male escorts

Male escort John Oh: "Dating is messy, disappointing, dangerous, and far more miss than hit."

"Dating is messy, disappointing, dangerous, and far more miss than hit."

Why Zambesi is being sold

Elizabeth and Neville Findlay of Zambesi.

The fashion label's owners say they want someone to take their brand offshore.

Dr Libby: The word 'stressed' is overused

Dr Libby Weaver believes it's time to do something about stress.

'I'm so busy… so stressed out… so exhausted.' Does that sound familiar? Dr Libby Weaver believes it's time to do something about it.

Foul-mouthed foodie's following video

Albert Cho at The Green House with their croque monsieur.

Albert Cho struggles to understand why people take his reviews so seriously.

Sorry, but scones are boring

Leah Fall thinks it may be the minimal ingredients in scones that annoys her.

OPINION: Dusty, boring, wilfully austere… don't call the cops, but I've never been one for a scone.


Truth behind 'perfect' home pics video

Jealous of all those perfect spaces you see on Instagram? They may not be so perfect after all.

"What you don't see are the endless piles of laundry, the shoes left for me to pick up and my dog's food scattered everywhere."

Don't discard The Block just yet video

OPINION: Lessons have been learned - here's why we can expect a ripper of a Block NZ next year.

Cottage rebuilt as passive house video

First lady's White House reno upgrade video

love & sex

'We met at a funeral'

There was no great "aha!" moment for Jacky, but she remembers saying to a colleague: "I could marry that guy, he's amazing."

Jacky and Mike James live in Rotorua.

How do I figure out my sexual identity?

ADVICE: I am 29 and male, yet I'm still not sure whether I like men or women.

If you don't like what he wears, there may be a bigger issue at hand.

I hate my boyfriend's style

ADVICE: He seems promising in every way except for one thing - he wears the daggiest clothes.

food & wine

The renegade fighter - now and Zed

Ben Campbell bassist for Zed is now a restaurateur at Ma Maison Restaurant in ...

Zed guitarist Ben Campbell on going from rock star to restaurateur.

Raisin & cinnamon puddings

If you want to serve these individual puddings in teacups, you can temper them to prevent them cracking.

What's the right beverage for a tricky dinner party... or to commiserate a break-up?

BYO etiquette dilemmas solved

What's the right beverage for a tricky dinner party... or to commiserate a break-up?


Rihanna's love for Parris Goebel video

'God gifted genius': Rihanna has heaped praise on choreographer Parris Goebel after their fashion show success.

The Kiwi choreographer helped Rihanna put on the biggest show of New York Fashion Week this year.

Beauty blogger given weeks to live

Samantha Jaelle has shared "a final farewell" on YouTube.

Instagram influencer Sally Jo Hickey talks about the realities of her job.

Life as an influencer

When the clock strikes 11am, the good lighting starts coming in for Sally Jo Hickey to shoot her content for Instagram.


Zambesi owners look to sell video

Liz Findlay is looking to sell Zambesi.

The iconic New Zealand brand could be sold to an offshore owner, with the confirmation its founders are ready to retire.

Keeping what you sew

Sustainable fashion patterns are showing there's more than one way to mix and match your wardrobe.

Actress Jennifer Lopez wears a creation as part of the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 collection, unveiled during the ...

J-Lo back in iconic Versace dress video

Singer/actress stuns Milan Fashion Week in a new version of the dress that nearly broke the internet.

well & good

The power of walking

Dr Tom's walk through a cemetery helped him appreciate the good things in his life rather than the bad.

Walking won't solve all your problems, or reverse tragedy, but it might help with the things you can control.

No iPhone? Never been happier

More people are becoming digital minimalists to improve their mental health.

The power of believing in yourself video

How to help dyslexics be successful video


Meghan & Harry spotted in Rome

Meghan and Harry are said to be enjoying some downtime in Rome while attending a wedding.

The royal couple are enjoying some downtime in Italy while attending fashion designer Misha Nonoo’s wedding.

Disco the cat loves avocados video

Disco will eat anything he can get his paws on - even avocados and cucumber.

Why the grumps hate Greta video

Shocking news for older men


Cardi B drops $122k on baby bling video

Cardi B likes her bling - and we're guessing her daughter will too.

She's only 10 months old but Kulture already has more diamonds than most of us ever will.

Budgeting lessons from Louboutin

OPINION: Council attitude to financial restraint is much like mine when I'm buying Louboutins.

Bottega Veneta’s chic but subtle woven pattern bags can cost up to  US$14,500.

Link between cost and designer logo video

It seems the super-rich now prefer subtlety over splashy logos on their luxury goods.


Honey's wedding brought forward

''Mum’s been holding on for the wedding.''

Sky Sport commentator Honey Hireme has married the love of her life - but for the saddest of reasons, it was hurried along.

Wedding ring's 2000km return trip video

Don Alexander was extremely lucky to have his globetrotting ring returned.

For many of the MAFS brides, it was love at first sight - for their wedding gowns.

How MAFS brides found their gowns

It was a case of love at first sight for most of the Married at First Sight brides and their wedding dresses.


Entertain kids with the basics

SST columnist and How To Dad, Jordan Watson, photographed with his three girls.

OPINION: Three kids and a deserted beach with no toys, books, television or internet. What could go wrong?

How to help dyslexics be successful video

Aside from success, what do Sir Richard Branson and Jamie Oliver have in common? Dyslexia.

Matilda Rice calls son Milo a 'little froggie' in an Instagram video.

Standard newborn life for Art and Matilda

The Bachelor couple talks about losing sleep and "feeding time at the zoo" with baby Milo.

special offers

Furry Friday: pet pals

Chilli and Coco are so close, they nearly achieve fusion.

Pet companionship is wonderful to see, especially when it's long enduring.

Furry Friday: Greyhounds

The handsome grin of Jesse. His ears are in their discreet aerodynamic setting.

It's easy to fall in love with the muscular but gentle magic of Greyhounds.

Furry Friday: ginger jolt

Who is this sleepy, spicy ginger pudding? Everyone knows it's Windy.

Honey-like or fiery? It's hard to describe the hue of a ginger cat, so best just to look.

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