Furry Friday: Where cats turn up

In search of a remnant of last night's heat, or possibly testing out the properties of ash as a potential bed, Meower ...

7:01 PM  If you share your home with a cat, you share every object in every room.

Pavlova 'diplomatic incident?'

Clarke Gayford may have exposed an international incident.

PM's fiance Clarke Gayford tweets out card in Australian hotel that may be a declaration of war.

Woman's two hearts

Solo mum, Tarsh Love said her children Jamal and Kasey were the main drivers for her recovery.

​Tarsh Love's human heart sits nicely on a shelf in her living room acting as a trophy for what she's overcome.

Sneak peek inside NZ's first Sephora video

Lucy Zee is stoked to see her beauty favourites here in NZ.

The popular beauty retailer will open on Auckland's Queen Street tomorrow, but we got in early.

Harry & Meghan launch foundation

Meghan and Prince Harry now have their own charitable foundation.

After splitting from Kate and Wills at the Royal Foundation, the Sussexes have created their own charity.


Mansions fit for a Bachelorette video

Hurakia Lodge brings the Mid-century style drama.

New Zealand's first Bachelorette deserves a mansion to house her suitors, fit for royalty.

10 life-changing cleaning hacks video

They'll change the way you do housework forever, giving you more time for the things you actually love.

Defining decor items for adults

Historic blacksmith’s shed transformed

love & sex

I've run out of Tinder matches

At the end of the day, meeting a partner is a numbers game and apps like Tinder shouldn't be your only method.

ADVICE: I'm a 29-year-old woman and I desperately want a boyfriend, but I've finished with all the matches in my area.

I want my kids to wait to have sex video

ADVICE: I know it's their choice but I don't want them to make the same mistakes I did.

"To this day, I never use the word 'slut' towards anyone, even as a joke. It makes me feel uncomfortable and dirty." ...

I was slut shamed stuff nation

OPINION: Comments from peers sent me down a horrible path where I stopped valuing myself and started giving in.

food & wine

Nestle invents new, healthy chocolate

The confectionery giant has figured out a way to use leftover material from cocoa plants for sweetening, making their ...

The confectionery giant has figured out a way to use leftover material from cocoa plants for sweetening, making their snacks healthier.

Food chains we want in NZ video

From Belle's Hot Chicken to In-N-Out Burger, these are the overseas foodie favourites we want to see on our shores.

Federated Farmers dairy chairman Chris Lewis says consumers will feel the impact of changes in their pockets.

Food prices tipped to rise

Food will become more expensive due to higher farm environmental costs and lower production.


Dyson's $600 hair dryer is here

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will hit Kiwi stores on July 20.

OPINION: You've got $600. Would you rather fly to Melbourne, or... buy a hair dryer?

Practical Magic still casts a spell video

OPINION: Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are all long, shiny hair and high-waisted jeans.

The results of even a hint of extra care in the lip department are immediately obvious and require very little effort.

Tips for saving your lips video

Many of us are guilty of not giving our lips a heck of a lot of attention.


Tummy rolls boost togs sales video

Acadia swimwear

OPINION: When it comes to shopping for bikinis, it's real women (aka "swimfluencers") who are influencing what we buy.

Handmaiden's all about leather and pleats video

Follow her look and you've got yourself an effortless outfit that says "Hollywood-red-carpet-meets-vintage-cool".

It's preferable you visit physical stores  during sale season, as trying things on is the ultimate decider.

Nailing winter fashion sales

OPINION: Getting the best bargains takes preparation and discipline.

well & good

My mates and the Grim Reaper video

Eugene Bingham, right, and Matt Rayment at the finish line of the WUU2K ultramarathon in Wellington, legs smashed but ...

OPINION: Sure, running is about exercise, but it’s about other things too, including friendship.

My son's house is a mess video

ADVICE: We brought him up to live in a clean environment. How can he live like this?

NZ's most expensive health insurance claims

Influencers praise Instagram change video


Camilla's odd 72nd birthday

Camilla poses with Jack Groves the donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth to celebrate the charity's 50th anniversary.

The Duchess of Cornwall spent her birthday at a donkey sanctuary - and with good reason.

Where Meghan & Kate stand now video

Perhaps a little distance was all the duchesses needed to put those "royal rift" rumours behind them.

Fury over influencer's comments video

The rise of the 'revenge body' video


Cardi B drops $122k on baby bling video

Cardi B likes her bling - and we're guessing her daughter will too.

She's only 10 months old but Kulture already has more diamonds than most of us ever will.

Budgeting lessons from Louboutin

OPINION: Council attitude to financial restraint is much like mine when I'm buying Louboutins.

Bottega Veneta’s chic but subtle woven pattern bags can cost up to  US$14,500.

Link between cost and designer logo video

It seems the super-rich now prefer subtlety over splashy logos on their luxury goods.


Wrong photos as apology

Chicago-based Lavinia and Cade Chudy were in New Zealand during 2018 and early 2019.

First, an Auckland bride received "horrific" blurry images. Now she's got edited photos - but of an unknown couple's nuptials.

Bride's big wedding demand for fiancé

A bride has quit her job to plan her $80,000 wedding, and has told her fiancé to get a second job to pay for it.

Annette Dudley's cakes have won her more honors at the Taranaki Wedding Awards held in New Plymouth on July 13.

Annette takes the cake

A Taranaki baker has taken the cake at the regional wedding awards.


I don't feel guilty about bottlefeeding stuff nation

Maybe I should have tried harder to breastfeed but I don't feel guilty about it. Not then, and not now. (File photo).

OPINION: Maybe I should have tried harder but I didn't want to. Not then, and not now.

Closing in on pipe dream

"If you're the one person who plays the pipes, they're gonna remember you," says a Blenheim-raised bagpiper heading to world championships.

Reminder: Don't assume your smoke alarm is working. Press the test button.

Smoke alarms 101 video

What kind of smoke alarm should you have, and how many?


Living with 102 flatmates

$360pw to share a complex with more than 100 others: The truth about adult dorms from people who live there.

special offers

Furry Friday: cats at home

Bella (left) and Pickles will take any chance to sit pretty.

If you share your home with a cat, you share every object in every room.

Furry Friday: dog grins

Ruby is a gleaming jewel of a dog at any time. She radiates health and happiness.

Do dogs smile? Well, they look as though they do - and that makes us humans smile.

Furry Friday: warming up

The way to get maximum heat on your body is to spread yourself low and wide. Moose here has attained Marmite levels of ...

There's no cosier sight than a pet glorying in the heat provided by its loving human.

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