The robot taking on baristas video

Briggo says it has created a fully automated, robotic brewing machine that that can make 100 cups of coffee in a single hour.

Robotic brewing machine means "no more lines, no more counter confusion, no more misspelled names".

Roast chilli chicken, red slaw and nutty apple crumble

No oats or flour means this nutty apple crumble is gluten free.

Fresh, wholesome, whole food ingredients are the building blocks for these easy and delicious creations.

Weird & wonderful shared plates

Mr Pickles' shared plates are bright with vegetables, cheeses, charcuterie, as well as "weird & wonderful" items.

No "same-old, same-old" to be found on these shared plates.

We are the world

For Jeremy Elwood, Womad was, in turns, cathartic and confronting.

OPINION: After Friday's events, Womad went ahead in the same spirit as ever: diversity, love, tolerance.

Kids know the house is burning

Climate change leaves no time for complacency. That's the urgent message school students want us to hear.

OPINION: We may feel complacent about climate change but the kids get the urgency.


Ron Sang remodel remodelled video

It's hard to believe, but this house dates back to 1958. Architect Ron Sang designed the addition with the living areas ...

Couple pour their hearts into the rebuild of a '50s house, but a job move means they need to sell.

How to: add a room

Your dream home could be right on your very own doorstep.

How to choose a perfect sofa

'Man overboard' house for sale

love & sex

Biggest mistakes made on Tinder

No, women don't want to see your shirtless selfies. Ever.

OPINION: Want more right swipes? Then ditch the dull messages and shirtless selfies.

What my boyfs' bedrooms taught me

I always found the best way to gauge a potential life partner was to take a peek at their bedroom.

Stephanie, Madalaine and Miriam Brosnan say their mother having a different surname to them has had zero impact on their ...

Wrong reason to take husband's name video

OPINION: Many factors influence a woman's decision to change her name after marriage. Convenience shouldn't be one of them.

food & wine

Hunting out Thai ingredients

Thai beef larb lettuce salad sesame rice.

Just where is one supposed to find Galangal in a Kiwi supermarket anyway?

McDonalds makes vegan McNuggets video

While they're currently only being rolled out in Norway, we've rounded up all the best vegan treat options that are available here.

Greek lamb pizzas with whipped feta.

Greek lamb pizzas with whipped feta

Greek spices and whipped feta make these pizzas special.


Best & worst dressed celebs gallery

It was a good week for Amal Clooney and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but not for Lady Gaga.

This week, Amal Clooney has another winner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley brings us joy and Lady Gaga gets it wrong.

Celebs share Miss Crabb memories

The Kiwi label is closing its doors at the end of March, leaving behind a legacy of irreverence and creativity.

2017 Young New Zealander of the Year nominee, Grace Stratton and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

New shopping site for disabled people

A world first, the site shows diverse models and a custom built search based on needs.

well & good

Sarah Gandy's cancer ordeal

Sarah Gandy doesn't want to know what stage her cancer is at, she just wants it cured.

In an act of self-preservation, Sarah hasn't asked doctors what stage her cancer is at. "I don't want to know," she says. "I'm having what's called 'curative' treatment, so that's enough for me."

Vegan YouTuber sorry for eating fish video

The raw vegan influencer was seen eating meat in another vlogger's video - and her fans weren't impressed.

Study links hot tea to cancer video

Running down a dream


A postcard from the royal OE

Medals for effort: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

OPINION: Dear Granny, the Kiwis went mad for us. Weird, eh? Love, Harry.

New distillery casts golden glow

Pristine spring water lures whisky distillery to country town and locals couldn't be happier.

Funeral directors Alistair Sowman, left, and Barry Holmwood have seen many different types of service over the years.

Diamonds from the dearly departed

It's often said that diamonds are forever and a Marlborough funeral home is using cremation ashes to create lasting memorials.


My wedding day disaster stuff nation

The bridal party and the poor little car that couldn't.

OPINION: "Whether we make it to the ceremony is touch and go," said the driver.

What J-Lo's massive diamond is worth video

Jenny from the Block's new rock likely set ARod back anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, experts say.

Jennifer Lopez has given fans a glimpse of ARod's romantic beach proposal.

J-Lo's romantic beach proposal video

As cheating rumours swirl, the star gives fans a glimpse of the moment she said yes.


Who will be royal baby's godparents? video

Friends are 'baffled' by Meghan and Harry's friendship group at the moment.

Everyone from the Clooneys to Princess Eugenie appears to be in with a chance.

'There is a lockdown, I love you'

COMMENT: Children armed themselves with pencils and compasses, thinking they could hear gunmen coming to school.

Charly Draper with her two daughters Annelise and Mackenzie Wigg.

Perinatal depression 'serious issue'

"There is no shame in saying parenting is hard. It is."


Inclusive shopping 'giving confidence'

OPINION: It is immense the difference clothing can have on a person's psychology, that is why inclusive shopping website 'All is for All' is so important.

special offers

Furry Friday: a bit of peace

Cool stares: The breathtaking profiles of Rosie (left) and Sophie.

Pets stand for peace, safety, tenderness, joy and beauty.

Furry Friday: close-ups

Smokey's owner told me: 'We have only had him for one month but he has healed me so much!' Pets do make our lives better.

There's nothing better than a great photo that really captures your pet's character.

Furry Friday: blonde beauties

As cool as Nordic snow: Jaydis holds the same expression whether you're arriving or leaving.

A glamorous tribute to our flaxen-haired four-legged friends.

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