The Lonely Millennials video

Kate Worboys and Sacha Aislabie miss the good old days when you would roll down to a local pub and make friends.

Tired of sitting at home binge-watching Netflix, two flatmates are hoping to prevent loneliness among their millennial peers.

I've never had sexual pleasure

I can feel something but it's not a good feeling... sometimes it hurts, but most times I feel nothing.

ADVICE: My gynaecologist said I'm OK, but it just feels numb.

We tried 'anti-ageing' face yoga

A Northwestern University study found that women who did face yoga did appear more youthful - but there was also a ...

I contorted my mug in an effort to offset the natural effects of ageing.

Ready for this jelly revival

"It's like we're delighted that there's anything left to enjoy because we've gnawed through every alternative food group."

No longer for kids, designer jelly is bespoke, from what I can tell. It's not a supermarket thing. These are wobbly works of art.

What Nadia Lim misses most

Nadia Lim of My Food Bag photographed with her son Bodhi at home in Grey Lynn for ...

She loves her notepads and her veggie garden, but there's one thing the pregnant chef is really craving.

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The Block to have open homes

Gasps of surprise may well be coming from the fans rather than the teams when they get to see through all the houses on ...

This year Block fans can have a sticky beak at the houses and meet their favourite teams.

At home with Fiona Tomlinson

Fiona's Napier home is shared with her three rescue dogs.

Best kitchen in the country

The right bedside light gallery

love & sex

MAFS stars one year on video

Angel and Brett, the only one of the MAFS NZ couples whose relationship has lasted.

For one couple, it's "been a dream". For the others, not so much.

Men talk to men about being men

What does being a man mean in 2018?

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap.

Sexual encounters of the virtual kind

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap. Exciting or horrifying?

food & wine

An 88-year-old restaurant secret video

Frannis Black says consistency is everything when it comes to making vinaigrettes that build a following.

Frannie Black retired, then got busy making restaurant sauces for the next 28 years.

Happiness on a grand scale

At Happiness, the mains are for sharing, the dining room is huge and the fluffy bao will bring a smile.

Wairakei Resort pastry chef Anu Lakmal has been named New Zealand's top dessert maker for the second year running.

Best pastry chef in NZ, twice

Judges say the country's best desserts are made in Taupō, once again.


A whole new league

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 05: Krystal Rota of the Kiwi Ferns in action during the women's ANZAC Test match between the ...

I wish I'd cottoned on to the notion of the body being a miracle of engineering yonks ago. I'm reminded of this when I watch female elite athletes. Here are women doing stuff WITH their bodies. Not stuff TO them.

The rise of cosmetic footlifts video

Controversial 'Cinderella surgery' is becoming a trend for those tormented by their feet,

Need a new scent for the new season? Check out these newbies.

9 new perfumes for spring

If you're a fan of mandarin, jasmine or musk, you're in luck this season.


My $60 luxury shoe find video

Stuff stylist Karlya Smith (and keen non-golfer) couldn't resist these Bally golf shoes she found in her local ...

Hidden in my favourite second-hand shop was an unlikely style win: a pair of Bally golf shoes. Hear me out.

When footy meets fashion video

The former Warrior carving a name for himself in the world of fashion.

Rita Ora has highs and lows this week, Tyra Banks surprises us in spandex and Bebe Rexha can't pull off bad pleather.

Best & worst dressed celebs gallery

This week, Rita Ora serves up a delight and a dud, Tyra Banks has us on the fence and Bebe Rexha makes us uncomfortable.

well & good

How doctors know you're lying

Patients are less than honest about more than just alcohol.

Patients are less than honest about more than just alcohol.

Can you catch up on sleep? video

If we don't get enough sleep, can we catch up later? Experts are divided.

Lena Dunham poses nude video

'Lesser' trauma can trigger PTSD


This week's top reads

Eileen Myles' Afterglow is that rarest of literary accounts – a work which, in craft and tempo should wow readers, but ...

This week: Boy Erased by Garrard Conley is required reading for all parents, plus Eileen Myles' sci-fi dog memoir Afterglow.

Opposition just because? Yeah, nah

OPINION: I'd love to see our entire government do what they're ostensibly paid to do – move our country forward.

Terminally ill dog ticks off bucket list video

I'm a rebel, I swear


Diamonds from the dearly departed

Funeral directors Alistair Sowman, left, and Barry Holmwood have seen many different types of service over the years.

It's often said that diamonds are forever and a Marlborough funeral home is using cremation ashes to create lasting memorials.

Royal blue diamond sells

A blue diamond given to the queen of Spain over three centuries ago sells for $9.7 million in Geneva.

Pokeno will soon be home to a new whisky distillery after the district council gave it the green light (file photo).

New distillery casts golden glow

Pristine spring water lures whisky distillery to country town and locals couldn't be happier.


Worst wedding gifts ever video

A 10kg box of bacon, and other bizarre wedding gifts people have actually received.

A 10kg box of bacon, a single saucer and other bizarre unwanted wedding gifts.

Marriage problems in Asia

By 2060 there could be 160 men wanting to marry for every 100 women in China and India, which could cause problems.

The finished products will have to be put away for a while until the couple set their wedding date.

Helping couples band together

A Nelson jeweller is ringing in the changes with a new DIY initiative for couples ahead of their nuptials.


C-sections can cause infertility

Catherine Woulfe is raising awareness of the little-known, rare condition that impacted on her fertility for two years.

Catherine Woulfe battled infertility for two years before discovering a defect in her C-section scar was to blame.

My daughter is out of control

Sometimes teenagers need to be told that despite their bad behaviour they can make a fresh start.

The more the merrier or should siblings stay at home?

Can you bring siblings to a party?

Not unlike breastfeeding and circumcision, sibling party-crashers are quite the polarising parenting issue.

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Furry Friday: black cats

When the pupil starts to open, the eye becomes a narrow green ring gleaming from the blackness: Lassie (left) and the ...

It's Black Cat Appreciation Day. Let us again give tribute.

Furry Friday: fire shrines

Snow (left) has brought her young ones Neco, Coco and Narla to the sacred place - and it looks as though she'll defend ...

Cats love to worship the god Heat. The shrines are so comfy...

Furry Friday: at the hearth

The fire is never so exquisite as in the minutes after a bath. This is Otis, drying a chaotic coiffure.

A roaring fire puts the average dog into a zone of toasty bliss.

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