Five risk factors for depression

Diet has the strongest association with depression, says Dr Joanna Dipnall.

An Australian study has found that while each of the components heighten the risk of depression, one in particular has the highest association.

Grandma turned gym junkie

Helen Crewe, 79, has proven age is no limit to turning life around after shedding 20kg.

No-nonsense 79-year-old proves age is no limit to turning life around after shedding 20kg.

How to get glowing skin

Beauty writer Sarah Simpson's best-kept secrets for getting a youthful glow.

Short of getting pregnant, there's a few ways to get that 'lit from within' glow.

Kate dances with Paddington video

Bet you never thought you'd see the Duchess of Cambridge dancing with Paddington Bear at a train station.

Here's a sight you don't see every day - a Duchess dancing with a bear at a train station.

'Schoolgirl hair' is hot right now

Schoolgirl hair was all the rage at Versace's recent Spring/Summer show in Milan.

It's practical and perfect for busy women on the go. But can we please call it something else?

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The Big Apple's priciest rental

The light-filled 444 square metre apartment takes up the entire 39th floor of the hotel.

This plush pad costs an eye-watering $696,000 a month.

DIY and shoddy jobs - a warning

Labour Weekend looms, but weekend warrirors are being warned about the hidden costs of shoddy workmanship.

Spot the ball, get the house

Glam, not garish, Halloween gallery

love & sex

How do I get my wife back?

I left my wife for a younger woman, but after six months with her, I regret it.

ADVICE: Even if your wife says yes, it'll be a long crawl home.

The problem with bromances

Researchers warn that the rise of close male friendships is hurting men's relationships with women.

How do we enjoy intimacy again, when we've both lost our mojo?

Our sex drive struggle

Psychologist Robyn Salisbury helps a reader with a relationship dilemma. 

food & wine

Does fine dining have a future?

Last month, Michael Meredith announced he would close his renowned fine dining restaurant Merediths before Christmas.

In the last month, two fine dining restaurants announced closures. Is the fancy service style on the decline?

Fish balls packed with flavour

These flavoursome smoked fish balls make great party food.

Chilled cucumber and avocado soup.

Chill out with this soup

Want something refreshing, quick and perfect for the warmer months? Try chilled cucumber soup.


Beauty must-have: The eyeshadow palette

YSL 10 Colour Palette in Nu, $150; Maybelline The Blushed Nudes, $32; Bareminerals Bare Naturals, $71; MAC Girls in ...

Handy and practical with every shade lovingly locked into one travel-friendly slab.

I have Lena Dunham's skin condition

OPINION: Why are we expected to have perfect skin once we hit adulthood?

With a bit of shimmer to add dimension, you're left with a look that's flattering but interesting.

Give red eye makeup a crack

How to nail the red eyeshadow trend, while avoiding the hayfever look.


Wear 'Gen Z yellow'

Pare-back a sunny tone with nude accessories. Denim also works particularly well.

There's nothing mellow about this season's zesty hue.

The best ways to wear velvet

Soft and luxurious, this feel-good fabric has made a triumphant return.

Finish with a pair of her signature oversized sunglasses and a top knot bun and you're good to go.

Get Nicole Richie's luxe look

 Test the waters on this season's golden hues with a chic slip-and-tee combo.

well & good

The art of slowing down

When we take our foot off the accelerator and create some space in our lives, our body has a chance to catch up.

Do you just feel more comfortable being busy? Here's how to avoid the habit of perpetual "doing".

Is it OK to veg out on weekends?

ADVICE: If you're active Monday to Friday, can the weekends be for bingeing?

Managing social anxiety

Is this the end of measles?


'Me Too' abuse stories flood in video

Actress Alyssa Milano has sparked a strong response on social media with #metoo.

Thousands of women share their stories of being sexually harassed or abused under #metoo on social media.

No romance in being 14 Hours Homeless

Reporter Richard Mays finds out what it is like to be homeless for all of one night.

Preying on young women nothing new video

We must listen to the victims


Lifestyles of the super-rich kids

Private jets, champagne and more: welcome to the Luxury Kids on Instagram.

From wads of cash to private jets, these youngsters aren't shy about flaunting their lavish lifestyles online.

Super quick topless Lambo

Lamborghini's latest supercar is one of the world's fastest hairdryers.

Special-edition F-Type 400 Sport isn't just for show: chassis has had a real giddy-up.

Something special for F-Type

Don't mind the Lego-alike badging: the 400 Sport might be the best F-Type you can buy.


Introducing Helen and Matt

Helen, Matt and Pippa.

Despite the unpredictable weather and a cyclone threat, the sun came out through the clouds.

Gay wedding filmed in VR

Sydneysiders attend Kiwi same-sex wedding through virtual reality goggles.

Zachary Tomko and Holly O'Neil say they didn't realise there was a restaurant nearby.

Skinny-dippers disrupt wedding

Guests at a scenic US restaurant for a wedding got more of a view than expected.


Wairarapa: home of the good oil

It's olive oil's new international hot spot after dominating NZ awards.


When a dad loses a baby

"We cuddled him for four days and I felt like a father."

Taking his son to the crematorium was the hardest thing the Auckland dad has ever done.

Mums not getting the message

Only a third of Kiwi mums follow correct pregnancy advice on iodine and folic acid.

My dreams of holding that precious child seemed to be slipping further and further away.

Miscarriages made me feel like a failure stuff nation

While I am happy for my pregnant friends and wish them well, on the inside another little part of my heart breaks.

We interviewed Kiwis and found that peace of mind helps calm those inner worries.


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Furry Friday: Screen stars

Ollie is a rescue dog from South Korea, where he spent the first four years of his life in a cage. Now, he loves to ...

Here's an all-widescreen collection of pets, full of spectacle and all in glorious Flufficolor.

Furry Friday: Let me out

Finally, another pair of great friends separated now by the Rainbow Bridge, Josie (left) and Brum. You get the feeling ...

For pets, windows and doors are both an obstacle and a portal to more fun.

Tiny dogs in a tiny house

It's a tiny house with a big couch - which is all Phoebe and Connor need.

OPINION: My dogs have gone from a big suburban home to an off-grid tiny house. What have they gained and lost?

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