Low-cut tops for female staff

A disgruntled staff member posted photos of the male and female uniforms to show how different they looked on Instagram.

"If you don't feel comfortable in the uniform then you are welcome to find employment elsewhere."

What is NZ's favourite cake?

Banana cake is high on many people's top cake lists.

Brits love the lemon drizzle cake. Scarlett Johansson loves our chocolate cake. But what cake do we love best?

Sinead Dates: Lessons from Pride & Prejudice

Sinead Dates turns to the classic romances for some inspiration.

OPINION: Stuff dating columnist and millennial singleton Sinead Corcoran looks to The Great Romance Classics for inspiration for her own love life.

Hannah Laity's Kiwi bridesmaids dresses video

Hannah Laity celebrating with friends a few nights before her wedding to Beauden Barrett.

Bridesmaids Claire Moros and Arabella Nelson wore custom-made bridesmaids dresses from Liam.

Hannah Laity's wedding dress video

Hannah Laity

The bride, who married Beauden Barrett on Saturday, opted for an Australian label for her wedding gown.


Peek inside 'landlocked bach' video

Paul Crewther's derelict bach on 6.2ha at Towai is described as '16 acres of paradise', except there's no road into paradise.

There's been no legal access to the property for years, but a recent death may mean that could all change.

A couple nailing staycations

This duo are melding beach and city together flawlessly in their Auckland family home.

Ultimate blended family life gallery video

How might the royals renovate?


I hope 2019 is really dull

You might smile like this if you had a blank cheque to spend on your wedding day.

OPINION: As right-wing populists rise, cars burn and migrant children die elsewhere in the world, New Zealand is the Headspace app in nation form, with sheep and decent coffee.

Why do we kiss on New Year’s Eve?

What will you do to begin 2019 on a good note?

Not for me the traditional promises to drink less or exercise more.

Dissolve the resolve

OPINION: Not for me the promises to drink less or exercise more. I pledge to declare my gratitude.

love & sex

I thought abuse was my fault video

Writer and teacher, Jessie Tu, believes women from diverse backgrounds need to be supported to speak up about violence.

OPINION: I'd failed to secure the affections of a sane, kind, human being. Was I someone who lacked sanity and kindness?

How to win a marital argument video

OPINION: Yes, we know we've already said that five times. We're just saying it better and better each time.

One of the biggest influences on a woman's life will be her partner.

Talk to your daughter about partner choice

OPINION: We shouldn't leave partner choice to chance and just hope that our girls dodge the inequality bullet.

food & wine

Small wineries to feel the squeeze video


New Zealand is known for its wine but Kiwis are drinking less of it and that could hit smaller producers in the pocket.

Go Greek and used dried oregano

Mediterranean types aren’t too good for dried herbs and nor should we be.

Self-styled "domestic goddess" and food writer Nigella Lawson is in New Zealand ahead of her new stage shows.

Nigella Lawson in NZ

Sauvignon blanc, fresh oysters and "fush & chups" - foodie hits Waiheke Island.


Korean women winning at skincare video

South Korean actress-singer Seo Hyun-jin is clearly doing something right with her skin.

In terms of beauty, where Korea goes, the rest of us tend to follow.

Wrinkle and fancy free

"I have not been the best at looking after my skin. I worship the sun - tanning is my favourite past time."

New innovations in fake tan mean it's easier and more effective than ever to get golden without baking in the sun.

Tan-spiration for fake tan haters

There's just been so much darn mess, maintenance and propensity for mishap - until now.


The week in celeb Instagrams

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are big fans of Mary Poppins (aka Emily Blunt).

This week, J-Lo keeps it real, Ryan Reynolds is intimidated by Mary Poppins and Ellie Goulding admits defeat.

Asymmetrical jeans are a thing

We're not even a quarter of the way through the year and 2019's fashion game has peaked (but not in a good way).

At Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show in September 2018 fashion, a diverse procession of women representing different age ...

The future of fashion video

Fourth-wave feminism, sustainability and socially conscious consumers will all loom large in fashion in 2019.

well & good

The hitchhiking councillor video

Dunedin City Councillor Aaron Hawkins.

A Dunedin City councillor hitchhikes to work most days instead of driving after he nearly died in a crash.

What your hair says about your health

Hair can provide quite an insight into our general state of health and well-being.

Kiwi kids learning through yoga video

'Diet' is the dirty word we need


Why Americans don't get Brits video

The Brits speak in coded manner to match their stereotypical national characteristics of excessive formality and ...

OPINION: Harsh but true: a poll shows half of Americans wouldn't be able to tell that a Brit is calling them an idiot.

Posh will feel 'left out' of Spice Girls video

Victoria Beckham says it will be hard to see the girl group hit the stage again without her.

2019: The outlook for wāhine

The clip that stole my summer


A postcard from the royal OE

Medals for effort: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

OPINION: Dear Granny, the Kiwis went mad for us. Weird, eh? Love, Harry.

New distillery casts golden glow

Pristine spring water lures whisky distillery to country town and locals couldn't be happier.

Funeral directors Alistair Sowman, left, and Barry Holmwood have seen many different types of service over the years.

Diamonds from the dearly departed

It's often said that diamonds are forever and a Marlborough funeral home is using cremation ashes to create lasting memorials.


Can you return a ring if she says no?

January tends to see a flurry of ring returns.

A horse head-shaped diamond engagement ring didn't make the proposal cut this summer.

The sweetest bridal bouquet

In addition to the adorable, whimsical photos the candy floss will create, it's also significantly cheaper.

The ring, given to her by her boyfriend of 10 years, was a family heirloom, but nothing like the "blingy" ring she asked for.

Engagement ring not 'blingy' enough

The ring, given to her by her boyfriend of 10 years, was a family heirloom, but nothing like what she asked for.


Shiloh leaves Ange for Brad video

Brad Pitt is said to be thrilled that Shiloh has moved in with him.

Following her parents' bitter divorce, the 12 year old has moved out of Angelina Jolie's house and into Brad Pitt's place.

Don't stay together 'for the kids' video

OPINION: At 9 years old, I begged my hopelessly mismatched parents to get divorced. They ignored me.

Birthday parties aren't just expensive for the birthday family, they're expensive for guests, too.

'Fiver Parties': Rude or brilliant?

OPINION: Some might think it's crass to ask for cash but others say this kids' party trend is a godsend.


At home: The Casketeers

The Casketeers live in a whanau and music-filled Auckland home.

special offers

Furry Friday: cats on the go

Meower is the cover cat and star of today's collection - she appears three times, due to her exceptionally inquisitive ...

A house cat shuns your puny human concept of ownership. All things are its territory.

Furry Friday: partners

The closeness of kittenhood: Rose and Riley (left); Delilah and Boston.

Whether at play or at rest, a pairing of pets is eminently watchable.

Furry Friday: newbies

Coco is slowly growing a sharper outline, but for the moment she's a pretty smudge.

At the start of a year, baby pets remind us of hope and growth to come.

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