The rise of sex therapy video

More couples are going straight to sex therapy to support the relationship (file photo).

8:54 AM  More people are looking for a better connection with their sensual self, they want to get back into their bodies.

SPCA Xmas pets: Rooster Charlie video

Charlie is looking for a nice home in the country.

8:30 AM  He's got some good bunny mates at the SPCA, but this rooster would really prefer a home in the country.

Been 'a hard year to be a man'

"The world isn't safe for men, what with all the women out there who call them out on their behaviour."

8:07 AM  OPINION: "Understand that the world just isn’t safe for you, so practice some common sense and take the necessary precautions."

Being right doesn't keep you safe

Grace Millane is believed to have met through a dating app the man who is accused of murdering her.

7:45 AM  OPINION: I shouldn't have to, but I have rethought dating since Grace Millane's murder.

Beyonce performs at $145m wedding video

Beyonce shared a photo from the service on Instagram.

7:19 AM  Hillary Clinton also on the guest-list for the nuptials of the daughter of India's richest mogul.

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Cute-as cottage sells at auction

The Villa, a 68 square-metre cottage in a meadow in Martinborough was sold under the hammer to a florist, for $531,000.

Everybody wanted the cottage in a meadow, the price soared, but there was one happy buyer.

Kelburn garage went for $115k

It was valued at $50k, but this Kelburn garage, which needs demolishing, sold for $115,000.

Art director's mansion up for sale gallery video

Amazing inner-city renovation gallery video


Recipe: Festive ice cream cake

This festive dessert is a different, and delicious, way to serve traditional Christmas mince.

3 min ago  This easy, no-cook, make-ahead dessert is a godsend for multi-tasking Christmas cooks.

The ethics of festive cheating

"Many experts now believe monogamy is a tighter fit for women. This Christmas give your wife something she really wants. A hall pass."

Gifts are being collected at Bunnings Warehouses for children affected by domestic violence this Christmas. 
L-R Shona ...

Give a gift this Christmas

Reports of domestic violence surges at Christmas time, with woman and children fleeing their homes with nothing. 

love & sex

The ethics of festive cheating

Men should give their wives a "cheat pass" this Christmas, according to author Wednesday Martin.

"Many experts now believe monogamy is a tighter fit for women. This Christmas give your wife something she really wants. A hall pass."

Can't we just make out without sex?

ADVICE: I miss those youthful make-out sessions, when sex wasn't the ultimate destination.

He'd rather watch sport on TV than make love. It's just not attractive.

I'm over his blokiness video

ADVICE: He's an aggressive driver who'd rather watch sport than make love. Is this the end?

food & wine

Raising a beer for a mate

Matt Lang's dad, Bruce, front, lends a hand brewing a memorial beer with Tuatara head brewer Paddy Molloy.

A memorial brew shines a light on a silent killer: cardiac inherited diseases.

Christmas treats galore

In this Christmas In Season, a hospitality allrounder tames the Grinch, taps into a fantastical tale, and promotes a Michael Jackson hit.

Brewtown is preparing for four new businesses to move in before March.

Full house at craft beer hub

Brewing hub at former tyre factory in Upper Hutt brimming with four new businesses set to join the site's three craft breweries.


Diary of The Big Chop

Kate Robertson before and after The Big Chop.

A big cut really is as good as a holiday.

How to nail no-makeup makeup video

There's a reason this easy-to-do look gets trotted out year after year.

"I was obviously bawling my eyes out," Simone Anderson says about the engagement.

Influencer's sponsored engagement ring gallery video

Simone Anderson is engaged, with help from Michael Hill Jeweller.


How to: Hand-me-down style video

WHAT TO WEAR WITH MY MUM'S CORK FAN: Mum's cork fan; Ruby Multi Gem Hoops, $34; Seed Heritage Fiona pom pom clutch, $64; ...

When your mum gives you an accessory you've coveted since you were a child.

Artist's dying wish granted video

A late designer's final work has been finished by her colleague and accepted by Te Papa.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas India Wedding Weekend Details Revealed

Master Priyanka Chopra's style video

Priyanka Chopra, aka Mrs Nick Jonas, is the master of polished looks with a quirky twist.

well & good

Schumer vs Duchess Meghan video

Amy Schumer's pregnancy "rivalry" with the Duchess of Sussex began when the comedian announced that she was going to ...

While the Royal appears relatively unaffected by carrying a child, the comedian's latest video shows she's having a rough time.

Filling up the senses for brain health

Getting baby boomers to learn to play classic rock could help slow the onset of dementia.

Giving golf a bash

Coping with homesickness


Trials of having hot besties

It’s this “pretty privilege” that drives me mad: every time you watch a film or walk into an office, there are people in ...

OPINION: "Pretty privilege" drives her mad, but her gorgeous pal is still an asset, says Liz Hoddard.

The joys of being young again video

OPINION: I have decided that, from now on, I will identify as a young person.

Filling up the senses for brain health

Nothing is rosy in the gardens


A postcard from the royal OE

Medals for effort: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

OPINION: Dear Granny, the Kiwis went mad for us. Weird, eh? Love, Harry.

New distillery casts golden glow

Pristine spring water lures whisky distillery to country town and locals couldn't be happier.

Funeral directors Alistair Sowman, left, and Barry Holmwood have seen many different types of service over the years.

Diamonds from the dearly departed

It's often said that diamonds are forever and a Marlborough funeral home is using cremation ashes to create lasting memorials.


Couple's mid-air engagement video

For the passengers on Air New Zealand flight NZ105 the crew announcement came with a romantic surprise.

Between Auckland and Sydney, Kevin proposed and Katie said yes.

PETA slams Jonas wedding video

An elephant and a horse featured in the couple's extravagant celebrations - and PETA isn't happy about it.

The happy couple: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

See Priyanka Chopra's wedding dress video

Featuring hand-stitched secret messages and one heck of a veil, the actress's Ralph Lauren look was one of a kind.


Sick mum's breast milk plea

Melissa Crockett-Joyoue says her baby Hinemarie is running low on donor breast milk.

A baby with a life-threatening allergy is running out of breast milk after her mum was hospitalised.

Jesse Mulligan: 'I agreed to one child'

When Jesse is with his children in public, he prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

When Leah McFall finally looked up Grey Gardens on the internet, she didn't stop Googling for a week.

Nothing is rosy in the gardens

OPINION: There’s a documentary so famous it has become a cultural reference. But what if it’s passed you by?


SPCA Xmas pets: Rooster Charlie

He's got some good bunny mates at the SPCA, but this rooster would really prefer a home in the country.

Adventure tourism business shows commercialism and conservation can work together.


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Furry Friday: perfect dogs

Alert, friendly and full of energy: Jess is full of doggy spirit.

Dogs are perfect - after all, we made them that way.

Furry Friday: cat tummies

Puku perfection: Xena( left) and Rosie.

A well formed cat tummy is one of life's small wonders.

Furry Friday: graceful pets

Two smilers who alone reward the price of admission: Bear (left) and Luca.

This grassy time of year brings an explosion of pet joy.

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