CEO told she was 'too big' video

Jamie Kern Lima had a strong message about advertising in the beauty sector.

Told her weight was an issue, the businesswoman had the final say, selling her billion dollar business to L'Oreal.

Mum in coma, unaware of birth

Sarah Hawthorn, 33, was an otherwise healthy and fit woman when she was struck down by the influenza epidemic sweeping ...

An Australian woman who should be cuddling her new baby is fighting for her life.

Playing cancer waiting game

The baton passes from the swedest doctor I've ever met.

David Downs: There are a surprising number of ways to kill time on those boring in-between weeks.

Secrets to a longer, happier life

We all want to live a long, happy life. So what's the secret?

Love, physical activity and a bigger purpose are all key ingredients.

The problem with purses

Canadian author Margaret Atwood got a standing ovation at the Emmys but it was her handbag getting all the attention on ...

Margaret Atwood wasn't willing to leave her bag behind at the Emmys. But what are you meant to do with it?

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Quiz: What's your home team?

Spotlight, The Warehouse, Kmart or H&M: which homestore does your design personality belong to?

Competition is hotting up in Kiwi homewares. It's time you picked a side.

Grand Designs owners sell up video

Grand Designs returns with shock news - family ditches their new villa that doesn't look old enough.

Futuro spaceship sold

It's 'brutal', says Oz block loser

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How food saved Sarah Tuck video

Sarah Tuck shot all the recipes in Coming Unstuck at her home studio, next to her kitchen.

Her sons left home, and then her husband. Sarah Tuck reached an all time low.

Queenstown's pub poll

OPINION: I'm supporting a National/Labour coalition with a side of Greens.

Pukekohe couple Noel and Jeannette Stevens are celebrating 60 years of marriage this month.

Photo sparks 60-year love story

Noel and Jeannette Stevens have lived in the same Pukekohe home for all the 60 years they've been wed.

food & wine

How MPs will celebrate with food

Jacinda Ardern has been beating a track around New Zealand, but is looking forward to a whisky post-election.

Jacinda Ardern will be having a barbie with her partner, and a nip of single malt.

Pasta recipes for spring

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder what tonight's dinner is?

Mia Freeman and Timothy Tracey from Pickle & Pie in Wellington.

Taste of New York in Welly

The owners of the new deli see it as part of a wider rejuvenation of downtown dining.


Why we spend on holiday beauty prep

The cost of looking tan and relaxed before a vacy is significant, is it worth it?

OPINION: We want to look good on holiday, but is $700 worth forking out on for one week of glamour?

Skincare: the bare minimum

Dermatologists say there's really only three things you need to do to care for your skin.

Want to enjoy spring without the puffy eyes? Follow these tips.

3 tips to de-puff your eyes

Want to enjoy spring without the puffy eyes? Follow these tips.


Designer sorry for using fur video

Julien MacDonald says he regrets using fur in previous collections.

British fashion designer Julien MacDonald now says "you don't need to kill animals to wear nice clothes".

Fashion night a sell out gallery

A 400-strong Canterbury crowd kicked off the Ballantynes Fashion Week with a bang.

At least they saw the funny side of the situation...

'No, we're not the bridesmaids'

It's bad enough when one woman has the same dress as you. How about five other women?

well & good

HPV test better than Pap smear

A young lady getting a Cervical Cancer Vaccine at Eastcare Health.

In a study of 5000 women, HPV screening beats Pap smears in detecting cervical cancer.

Bubbly booze can wreck teeth

But having hard cheese can help.

How to treat glandular fever

Eating when you're not hungry?


Three days, three parties

Her family travelled from as far as Kaikohe and Christchurch to celebrate her birthday with her.

One with family, one with friends and one with the rest home to finish off her 109th birthday celebrations.

NZ's first newspaper by the homeless

A formerly homeless trans woman is giving a voice to her community by starting a newspaper.

Crayola, you really blue it video

Trumps' awkward PDA


Something special for F-Type

Special-edition F-Type 400 Sport isn't just for show: chassis has had a real giddy-up.

Don't mind the Lego-alike badging: the 400 Sport might be the best F-Type you can buy.

Bentley's latest luxury coupe video

British brand reveals dramatic third-generation luxury coupe.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster.

Super quick topless Lambo

Lamborghini's latest supercar is one of the world's fastest hairdryers.


Marriage can save your life

Feeling connected to other people mysteriously makes us healthier.

New book reveals the truth behind a healthy long life.

The modern hen do - more class

Penis straws still make an appearance, but the new hens' party is a more low-key affair.

Art Green and Matilda Rice are engaged.

Bachelor Art Green proposes

The original Kiwi Bachelor and Matilda Rice return to Raro - and this time there was a ring.


'Bound together by cancer'

This time last week, cancer patient Chalky Carr had never met Isla Lunn. Now he's raising $100,000 for the 7-year-old.


Mum enraged by raffle request

"This is apparently what teenage girls should be interested in: looking f-ing good and taking selfies," wrote concerned ...

An Auckland mum says a school's request for "teenage girl" raffle prizes sends the wrong message.

'Shock' heart condition for Evie video

​At Jennifer Taylor's 20-week pregnancy scan, she received news no parent ever wants to hear.

Of course they love their grandchild. But do they like his/her name?

1 in 5 hate grandkid's name

Think your parents love the name you picked for your baby? A new survey suggests otherwise.

ASB are helping parents teach their children one big life lesson – understanding money and becoming financially savvy.


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Furry Friday: Spring life

Dodo in full-flow slo-mo.

A lineup of dogs who love what spring brings - especially at the beach or the park.

Furry Friday: Fine faces

Indi is the working definition of the term 'heroic profile'. She's superb.

These are pets whose faces tell of happy lives. And they make you feel good.

Have a coffee, adopt a cat

Tonraq is the Okadas' own cat. He's what's known as a 'foster fail' - a cat whose foster parents simply get too attached ...

Enjoy your coffee in a room full of cats. If you fall in love with one, you can adopt it.

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