A brief history of KFC's Double Down video

The original KFC Double Down.

12:45 PM  KFC's limited edition meal has spawned a variety of spin-offs worldwide.

Lipstick: Go nude this winter video

MAC senior artist Kiekie Stanners says she always recommends trying nude lipsticks on the lips before you head to the ...

Find the right shade to suit your skin tone.

By the slice is twice as nice

Tommy Millions' Press Hall location.

REVIEW: Tommy Millions' three Wellington kiosks turn out New York-style pizza that's light of crust and hefty of flavour.

Chefs swap kitchens for farms

London-based chef John Skotidas was excited to take a selfie with a sheep while visiting New Zealand.

Ten top international chefs have travelled to the Otago high country to learn more about the produce they're cooking with.

Kawa offers family friendly dining

Kawa Cafe's Organic Cajun Chicken Open Sandwich ($20) was simple, authentic and very filling.

REVIEW: This is definitely the place for you if you want a relaxed brunch with kids in Christchurch.

love & sex

Wedding canned over sick dog

A man has called off his wedding, saying his fiancée almost killed their dog.

Their dog drunk alcohol at her bachelorette party, so he called off the wedding.

He doesn't like me using porn

ADVICE: I see no problem with working up to sex with some pornography. But my husband says I'm cheating on him.

Lady Kitty Spencer, 28, has just gone public with her romance with her 60-year-old boyfriend.

Downsides of dating younger video

OPINION: Good luck to Lady Kitty Spencer, 28, and her 60-year-old boyfriend - they're going to need it.

food & wine

Recipe: La Zeppa's Bloody Mary

La Zeppa's Loaded Bloody Mary.

It's the drink you love, but with added fried chicken and bacon.

New Brighton's Karma cafe experience

This seaside suburb cafe provides a unique behind-the-scenes service for all customers.

Dixon St's El Barrio offers a Latino experience in the heart of Wellington.

El Barrio's colourful opening

The new Wellington eaterie announced its arrival with a four-day musical extravaganza.


In pics - Beard championships video

There are 16 categories in the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

The international World Beard and Moustache Championships have taken place in Belgium.

The thrill of covering-up

There is plenty of choice to aid good layering, but it's true that a lack of editing could take you to frumpy-town

Even the Mother of Dragons herself found that episode hard to watch.

The week in celeb Instagrams

This week, Emilia Clarke gets a shock, Selena Gomez is a fan of Cannes and the Beckham boys hit the pitch.

well & good

What is vitiligo? video

Winnie Harlow is a Canadian fashion model and public spokesperson on the skin-condition vitiligo.

It's not "serious" or life-threatening in any way, but can be very very distressing for those who suffer from it.

Can you boost your brain? video

You can indeed boost your brain processing power - but it's really not very good for you.

Stopped from going blind

Now is the sweet spot for flu jab video


Family found 33 years later

Steve Hydes was dubbed 'Gary Gatwick' after he was abandoned in a restroom at Gatwick Airport in 1986.

A baby was mysteriously abandoned in a London airport bathroom in 1986. Now he knows some of the truth.

Proposed gay capital 'homophobic'

Town needs to overcome homophobia first before becoming a mecca for the rainbow community, says transgender resident.

DNA test reveals WWII love story

Kiwi's role in royal wedding video


Budgeting lessons from Louboutin

A Christian Louboutin shoe is an extravagance for an individual ratepayer, but we expect better of a council spending ...

OPINION: Council attitude to financial restraint is much like mine when I'm buying Louboutins.

Diamonds from the dearly departed

It's often said that diamonds are forever and a Marlborough funeral home is using cremation ashes to create lasting memorials.

Medals for effort: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

A postcard from the royal OE

OPINION: Dear Granny, the Kiwis went mad for us. Weird, eh? Love, Harry.


When your wedding day 'sucks' video

What happens if your 'perfect' day isn't so perfect after all? (File photo)

Brides are brainwashed into thinking it has to be the "perfect" day. But things don't always turn out that way.

Meghan's ex marries heiress

The former husband of Meghan Markle remarries almost a year after his ex-wife became royalty.

The newlyweds: Thomas Kingston and Lady Gabriella Windsor.

Third royal wedding within a year video

The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Harry were all smiles at the latest Windsor wedding.


Graduation day emotions

It was fun to be a graduate for a minute, before mum life put me back in my place.

That brief moment of letting myself enjoy my achievement, well, it was fun while it lasted.

New royal baby pictures released

Kensington Palace also said that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped The Duchess gather moss, leaves and twigs for it.

The parents forgot they were now a family of four.

Parents forget baby in Hamburg taxi

It's a new parents' nightmare. Thankfully the little one made it home safe.


Jamie Oliver's failed NZ plans

What happened to Jamie Oliver's plans of opening an Auckland restaurant?

special offers

Furry Friday: lazy days

Splendour among the petals - and a suitably splendid name. Champion Flurmonz Chandler arranges himself for a viewing.

Cats are monarchs of the garden and lords of the sunny spot on the carpet.

Furry Friday: autumn stars

The beautiful, lived-in, 10-year-old Kelpie face of Sika is one of the best sights of the week.

Soft, mild and calm - these dogs are a lot like the season.

Furry Friday: cat bellies

Finally, Maverick is scarcely big enough to possess a belly, but look closely - it's there, just behind a set of ...

Smooth or shaggy, wide or wiry, a cat's belly is irresistible.

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