Getting my teen to stay a virgin

"Do you have some wise advice on how to convince girls to stay virgins?"

My daughter is 14 and has sexually active friends. How do I get her to save herself for marriage?

What makes a gentleman?

I've put together a list of guiding principles for those of us who aspire to be 'gentlemen' but don't quite know what ...

It’s not tipping your hat or holding doors open. Lee Suckling has some pointers for men who aspire to be gentle.

We try a weird new winter sport

Showshoeing in glorious Queenstown.

Stephen Heard tries a snow sport with a different kind of adrenaline rush.

Sunday routine: Tiffany Jeans

Tiffany Jeans of Curionoir.

Yoga, bircher muesli and family walks in the fresh air are key for this luxury candle brand owner.

Why I minced my words

These are increasingly perilous times for women accustomed to having value outside the home.

These are increasingly perilous times for women accustomed to having value outside the home.

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Be inspired by Prince's purple gallery

Pantone's latest colour, Love Symbol #2, was created in honor of the international icon, Prince.

Looking to update your interiors with a touch of "Love Symbol #2"? Take a look at our gallery.

At my place: Sarah Gandy

Take a look inside the radio host's cosy West Auckland home.

The best plants for bees video

Like Fallingwater - it's Frank's gallery

love & sex

Dating in NZ: Can't buy me love

If nothing else, the dating scene gives photo libraries the excuse to take cheesy stock pics like this one.

OPINION: A new survey reveals the cheapest - and dearest - cities around New Zealand in which to pursue romance...

Creating a vibrant future

The Education Issue: When the option to rebuild the colleges initially emerged, like others in our community, my initial focus was on what we could lose if we moved to another site.

ENT PHOTO SUPPLIED The documentary Asian Men Talk About Sex features the stories of a diverse cast of Asian men living ...

Asian men want to talk about sex video

There's an issue in the media, they reckon, and the best way to solve it is to start talking about sex.

food & wine

A recipe for black magic

Moreish, aromatic and with a lovely fudgy texture, this pinot noir chocolate cake 
with blackberries is a crowd-pleaser.

The dark ingredients in this recipe combine to conjure a cake that is a bewitching balance of tart and sweet.

Top trans-Tasman food fights

They will never take our pies.

If tarts aren't your thing, this recipe can be adapted to make a delicious soup instead.

Smoky & sweet artichoke tart

Jerusalem artichokes have no botanical connection with their globe namesakes. But who cares? Their smoky flavour is a seductive delight.


Tested: Pure Fiji anti-aging wrap

The ingredients for the 75-minute Pure Fiji Guava Anti-Aging Wrap.

A-listers Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Winslet are all Pure Fiji fans.

Beauty brands banking on GoT

Cosplay is a serious business, so it should come as no surprise there is a category of make-up devoted to Game of Thrones.

"All they do is talk about this vagina laser," says Khloe Kardashian of her sisters Kim and Kourtney.

'Beauty' treatment we don't speak about

The Kardashians are said to swear by this non-invasive surgery - but it's surprisingly more about functionality than aesthetics.


Rihanna, our ankles thank you

Cast member Rihanna poses as she arrives for the premiere of the film "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" in ...

The pop star has launched socks with her most iconic outfits on it - and yes, they've already sold out.

NZ Fashion Week's youngest designer

Eleven-year-old hopes her stint at Fashion Week is just the beginning.

Could Mel B, Vanessa Hudgens and Amber Martinez get it anymore wrong?

Best & worst dressed celebs gallery

In this week's fashion roundup, Mel B gets a slow clap for her glittering fail, while Queen Rania does timeless elegance.

well & good

How preservatives make you fat

Preservatives in processed foods interfere with our hormones, disrupting the process that tells us when we're full.

Preservatives interfere with our hormones, disrupting the process that tells us when we're full.

Men who eat this smell hotter

What we eat doesn't simply determine our internal health, it may determine our sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex.

David Downs goes 'platinum'

Danger of leaving bottles in car video


Win for gender diversity

Ben Brockwell-Jones, 11, wants to change his birth certificate to show his gender as male.

Social advocates call on government to allow people to choose gender identity rather than prove it in the courts.

Holidays with other people's kids

OPINION: After 13 years of tagging along on getaways with other people's kids, I have a few tips to consider before jetting off.

Friendship at first sight is real

Brosnan hails 'luck of the Irish'


$12m worth of Kiwi Aston Martins video

Red Bull Special Edition Vantage V8: at $199,000, one of the most affordable cars featured here.

Past and future classics came out for Aston Martin's Auckland grand opening.

Timely release from Porsche

New timepiece has an engine that's pure Porsche.

Nothing beats the M760Li to 100kmh in BMW's road-car lineup. Few cars as expensive either: $347,000.

Fastest BMW is a limo video

New model puts the M-touch into luxury 7-series - with extreme results.


Introducing Laura and Antony

Stuff Nation Image

The guests had no idea what surprises were in store for them at this 'secret' venue wedding.

Wedding crashers fess up video

Couple says sorry for crashing a wedding, but the bride takes it all in her stride: "Well played, my friends."

Mary Grams had given on up finding her ring, until it turned up on a carrot.

Diamond found on the end of carrot

After being lost in a vegetable garden for more than a decade a ring has been discovered on the end of a carrot.


Life as a woman in Afghanistan

Paula Penfold goes to a land where women are subservient, controlled and, on the streets, almost invisible.


Left in the dark about vaccines

A new Growing Up in New Zealand report has shown less than half of pregnant women were given information about ...

A lack of information is discouraging many pregnant Kiwi women from immunising their children.

Weirdest stuff at the Baby Show

Fancy a picture of the Lion King painted on your pregnant belly?

Going on holiday with your friends or family member's kids can be challenging. And rewarding.

Holidays with other people's kids

OPINION: After 13 years of tagging along on getaways with other people's kids, I have a few tips to consider before jetting off.

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Furry Friday: Spying eyes

Once you're seen by Teetoe, you stay seen.

All around you, during every waking hour and in various places, your pets are spying on you.

Furry Friday: The 'floofs'

Furriest among equals: Sadie (left) and Archer are pros when it comes to posing.

This collection of readers' pet photos is a tribute to those longer-than-smooth coats. But beware: puns lie ahead.

When pets help you cope

It's an unfamiliar yard, but Connor's relaxed in it so long as there's sun and company.

OPINION: My dogs' resilience during this bumpy time has been inspiring.

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