Sunday Routine: Contemporary dancer Paige Shand

Paige Shand

Paige Shand

Paige Shand is a dancer in New Zealand contemporary dance company, Black Grace.

MY TYPICAL SUNDAY I like to keep my Sundays reasonably relaxed. Being a dancer, it's always good to give my body a day of rest to recover and rejuvenate. I always try to make time to go for a walk to refresh my head or go to the beach to walk the dog or for a swim with my family during summer. The cold water also acts as an ice bath, which is great for recovery! If it's cold or raining I like to have a good stretch or a spa to release tight muscles. 

My weekdays can be very physical, so I like to prep my meals on Sunday so they are easy to prepare after a hard day dancing. I do this by separating my veges and meat into daily portions so I can just pull them out of the freezer that day and cook straight away. It saves a lot of cleaning up and means that no food will go to waste! I definitely enjoy a nice easy takeout meal on a Sunday though, whether it's a curry or a burger. 

Black Grace Dancer Paige Shand
Duncan Cole

Black Grace Dancer Paige Shand

My Sunday routine: Brianne West, founder of Ethique Solid Beauty Bars
My Sunday routine: Soraya Hendesi, founder of Snowberry skincare
My Sunday routine: The Bachelor's Zac Franich


If my body is feeling particularly sore or tight, I always use Sundays to get a massage or sit in a spa. I also like to pamper myself and keep my skin clean and fresh after a week of dancing. My favourite face product is the Ultracalming Cleanser from Dermalogica, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Sometimes I also like to treat myself with an argan oil conditioning hair treatment. 

I love fashion, so always find myself browsing the internet on Designer Wardrobe or Onceit at least a few times on a Sunday.

MY IDEAL SUNDAY would be spent doing some sort of fun activity, a good shopping and pampering session, a romantic dinner with my partner followed by a movie in bed. 


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MY IDEAL SUNDAY soundtrack would be some Fleetwood Mac and Shapeshifter.

PERFECT SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE OR TV SHOW  I always go on the Rotten Tomatoes website, which always has great reviews for movies and series, and choose from there.

FAVE SUNDAY CAFE would be Seashore Cabaret in Petone or Enigma along Courtenay Place.

BEST TIP FOR DEALING WITH THE SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES  Don't dread Monday! Do something you love and are passionate about so when it comes to Sunday night you look forward to the week ahead.

Black Grace performs As Night Falls in New Plymouth 22 June, Wellington 24 June, Nelson 26 June, Christchurch 28 June, Dunedin 30 June, Blenheim 2 July, Gisborne 4 July and Tauranga 6 July. 

 - Sunday Magazine


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