Perfumes to wear while you hide from the cold

"Can I just say, we both smell fantastic?"

"Can I just say, we both smell fantastic?"

We're in that patch of winter when it seems like warmer weather will never come. This is life now and we'd better accept it. 

To that end, why not try and get a little enthusiastic about the cold? It's a tough ask, but some romantic, luxurious perfumes might help. 


Some smoky, rich perfumes might make you a little bit less miserable about the cold.

Some smoky, rich perfumes might make you a little bit less miserable about the cold.

This Kiwi brand specialises in the kind of scents that make people ask what you're wearing. Tobacco Night has notes of sage, coriander, elemi, amber and musk, but what that means is it smells like candlelight and red wine. 

It's a unisex scent, and is sexy as hell regardless of your gender. Better yet, you can buy a 5ml bottle for $40 and try it on. Since it's an absolute parfum you only need a tiny bit. That 5ml will last you. 

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​If Tobacco Night is what you want to wear while making your move on someone, Biblioteque is what you wear while curled up with something to read. As the name suggests, the fragrance smells like a library full of aged books. 

Think leather, vanilla, and wood, with some peach and plum for balance. At $247 for 100ml, it's not cheap. We'd recommend popping into Mecca Cosmetica for a try before you opt in. 


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What could be cosier than smelling like an open fire? The whole point of Demeter is fragrances that smell exactly like one thing (Gin & Tonic is another favourite), so you know Fireplace does exactly what it says on the tin. 

The brand says it's "exactly like your sweater after sitting for hours in front of a wood fire." US$32 for 100ml


This the the last word in grown-up perfumes. Spicy, dark and sensual, it's a bit overpowering for some, but those who love it really love it. 

Light, crisp scents are for summer. This is what you want to wear in a tiny, gloomy bar when you're out too late on a weeknight. $200 for 50ml

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